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When listing items in our Marketplace categories on Trade Me, there’s generally no up-front listing fee – you’ll only have to pay a success fee once your item sells.

However, optional promotional extras are a great way to reach your buyers.

Success fees

A success fee applies if your item sells – see the success fee calculator below to work out what the fee will be. If the sale isn't completed for some reason, you are able to apply for a success fee refund.

Head to the fees and fee calculator page for specific fee pricing.

Withdrawal fees

If you plan on withdrawing your listing before it closes, please bear in mind that you’ll be charged a $3 withdrawal fee, or the applicable success fee if you’ve sold the item.

High volume listing fees

To help sellers maintain a healthy rate of sales on Trade Me, and discourage sellers from crowding categories, we have high volume listing (HVL) fees.




How much are success fees?
Success fees are just 7.9% of the sale price, with a maximum of $249 ($149 for in-trade sellers), and no fees for items that sell for $1.00 or less.

When are success fees charged?
These are charged as soon as your listing closes with a winner. If the sale doesn’t happen to go through, please let us know so we can refund it if necessary.

I relisted my listing and got charged for using a promotional extra again, why?
Listings are free to list, but promotional extras are charged again when you relist or extend your listing. If you’ve accidently put those promotional extras on, please let us know and we can help you out.