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Post-sale information

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Sold an item? Here’s what to do next.

1. Contact the buyer and arrange payment

Both you and the buyer will be sent each other’s email address. You should contact the buyer as soon as possible to arrange payment and delivery. You can set up payment instructions to automatically send to the buyer after the listing closes.

2. Send the item or arrange pick-up

Once you’ve received payment, you’ll then need to send the item to the buyer’s preferred delivery address. Make sure it is packaged appropriately and is sent via the method the buyer has selected from your shipping options.

3. Place feedback

To place feedback on a buyer, go to the ‘Items I've sold’ page (available from your My Trade Me) and click the 'Place feedback' link next to the listing.

Having trouble?

If you haven’t heard from the buyer:

  • Check your ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ email folders to make sure the buyer’s email isn’t in there.
  • Check your ‘sent’ folder to make sure your email has sent.
  • If you’re still having trouble, please get in touch with us.

If the item is lost in post:

  • As a first port of call, contact the courier or postal service.
  • Please keep the buyer in the loop.
  • Resolve the trade by refunding the buyer or sending a replacement item.

Resolving a trade issue:

  • Check out the Trade Me Code of Conduct for some info about obligations.
  • Try to reach a resolution with the buyer.

If you’re still having trouble, please get in touch with us.




The buyer isn’t replying to my emails what do I do?
We expect buyers and sellers to get in touch with each other within two working days of the listing closing. If it’s been longer than this, pop us an email and we’ll help you out.

How can I apply for a success fee refund?
If your sale doesn’t go through, we’re happy to refund your success fees. Head to the ‘Sellers options’ box on your sold listing and click ‘Request a refund of your success fee’.

The buyer and I have agreed to cancel the trade, what do I do now?
You can go ahead and apply for a success fee refund, and then put out a Fixed Price Offer or relist your item if you’re still keen to sell it. You’ll find these options in the ‘Seller’s options’ box on the listing page.