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Making your shipping options clear is a great way to help buyers make an informed decision.

Book a courier

We offer a service that lets you book a courier for items you’ve sold and have them picked up from home (or anywhere else you like). It’s super cheap, simple and you can use any old packaging.

How it works:

  1. Add courier quotes to your listings using our handy calculator.
  2. Once an item has sold,  secure it in any old packaging and book a courier from your ‘Sold items’. You don’t even need to print a label.
  3. Once you’ve booked the courier, we'll send tracking information to you and your buyer.
  4. The courier will then pick it up from your address – you don’t even need to be there.

Plus, you can still book a courier after a sale, even if you didn’t include it in your original shipping options.

Free shipping

Free shipping is appealing to buyers, so if you can offer it, it’s a good idea to add this to your listing.  Buyers are able to filter their search results to only include listings with free shipping which will benefit you.

To set up your listing with free shipping, just make sure to tick the ‘free shipping within New Zealand’ option in the Payment & shipping section of the listing process.

Basic shipping

You can manually enter basic shipping options during the listing process. This could include standard post, tracked courier, as well as rural options.

In the main description of your listings you may also wish to include information on how quickly you can post an item after payment has been received, along with the general delivery times.

Note: you can still book a courier from your sold items if you choose to set up shipping this way.

Combined shipping

It’s a good idea to include combined shipping options or any discounts that you may offer if someone buys more than one item from you.

You can include this in your manual shipping options by having a $0 combined option, or if you’re using a listing tool you can offer combined shipping through the Shopping Cart.




Can I send goods overseas?
We only have buyers from NZ and Australia on Trade Me. If someone asks you to ship elsewhere, please get in touch with us.

I sent the item but the buyer hasn't received it yet. What do I do?
The best thing to do is contact the postal company you used to send the item. They’ll have a claim process you can begin and you should keep your buyer in the loop throughout the whole process. We also always encourage sellers to arrange a refund or replacement for buyer if the goods are lost or damaged in the post.

Do I have to pay for return shipping or does the buyer?
If you’re in trade then you will need to pay for return shipping. If you’re not in trade, it needs to be a mutual agreement between you and the buyer.

How do I keep safe while offering pickups?
Have a friend with you, or organise to meet in a public place like a library, café or supermarket carpark.

The buyer organised a time to meet and they haven't shown up, what can I do?
Contact us and we’ll help you get in touch with the buyer so you can complete the trade.