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Getting your stock onto Trade Me is easy. If you already have an online store you can easily load your inventory on Trade Me using one of our integration partners.


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Trade Runner is a free easy-to-use app that allows you to connect to Trade Me from your e-Commerce system. Trade Runner integrates with BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce.


  • Use Trade Runner to tailor your products for the Trade Me marketplace, including; pricing, product titles and descriptions, without changing any of the products in your e-Commerce store.

  • Trade Runner automatically creates listings on Trade Me and allows you to select which products you’d like to sell.

  • Orders and inventory across Trade Me and your e-Commerce store are kept in sync. When a product sells on Trade Me, your orders are sent back to your e-Commerce system for fulfilment. If you sell out of a product on your website, Trade Me will be alerted and your listing will be pulled.

To use the Trade Runner integration, or to find out more, please email Please note, to use Trade Runner you need to set up a Trade Me business account and Pay Now, Trade Me’s electronic payment system. If you don't have a NZ bank account and would like to use Trade Runner, please contact us.  Trade Runner is a free extension, however, it is a requirement to pay Trade Me fees



Tradevine Dashboard

Tradevine is an online multichannel ecommerce solution with inventory management that is integrated with Trade Me and Shopify. It’s an ideal solution for online sellers and retailers who wish to sell products in multiple internet marketplaces, and want the convenience of managing all of it in one place.

Tradevine automates many of the repetitive tasks that can seriously clog up your day. Sales automatically flow from your sales channels into Tradevine and then onto Xero. Listings, feedback and payment reminder notices are all taken care of. It will even look after your purchasing and sequence purchase orders for approval.

It’s really easy to get on board. All you need to do is sign up, click on the email confirmation and you're all set to go. Tradevine is available through your internet browser so there is no software to install, no messy updates to worry about, and it's available online 24/7 from wherever you might be. Our dedicated support team are there to help with any problems you may encounter along the way.

You can also use Tradevine with the confidence that the software complies with Trade Me’s terms and conditions.

Tradevine communicates with Trade Me using our API, and does not use robots, spiders or scrapers which are prohibited by our privacy policy.

Visit the Tradevine website to learn more.



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ChannelAdvisor is an ecommerce solutions provider that allows sellers to access many different sales channels including Trade Me.

Trade Me and ChannelAdvisor have a direct integration, meaning that if you are already using ChannelAdvisor to sell on a marketplace, integrating with Trade Me will be very simple.

If you are ChannelAdvisor customer and are interested in selling on Trade Me please email us.

Visit ChannelAdvisor if you are interested in learning more.

Other integrators

Trade Me has direct integrations with a number of other ecommerce providers including:

N2 Cropped
N2 erp by First Software
Intelligent Reach

Blackpepper Smaller

Estar Smaller

Solutionists Smaller

Fusion Factory

If you are an ecommerce provider interested in integrating with Trade Me, please email us.


Trade Me has an open API, to help developers build cool things for the good of our members.

For more info please visit our API information site.

We also have an API sandbox which can be used to use Trade Me in a test environment.

Retail feed

We also have a retail feed for approved sellers where you can import listing and images onto Trade Me via csv or xml files via an FTP folder.

For more information on this process and specification documents, please contact us