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Pricing and Ping

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Pricing for business sellers is tailored to the seller. Please see our basic pricing for an overview.

If you are a large retailer or an experienced international marketplace seller, please get in touch with us to discuss what your pricing options may be.


When you create a listing, you can add Ping as a payment option. If a buyer pays with Ping, their money will instantly appear in your Ping balance. Note that there is a transaction fee of 1.95% (1.65% for Top Sellers).

You can choose to leave the buyer’s money in your Ping balance to pay for Trade Me purchases, or transfer it to your bank account.

Learn more about selling with Ping.

Payment frequency

  • From your Ping account we’ll make payments into your bank account each business day if you have a New Zealand bank account registered to Ping.
  • If you have an international bank account registered to Ping, we’ll pay into the international account on the first Friday of every month.


We offer an invoicing service to international sellers. This means you’re not required to credit your Trade Me account when success fees are charged, and makes account payments easier to track.

We send invoices at the beginning of each calendar month, and remittance is due by the 20th of the month. We accept direct deposit and all major credit card transactions.


Success fee refund requests can be submitted for any purchases that are unsuccessful. We require the purchase numbers, date and reason for refund on all refund applications before they can be reviewed. The net value of any refunds will be deducted from your invoice.