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Shipping expectations

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When Kiwi buyers purchase goods from overseas sellers, there’s a chance they will incur import duties when the goods reach home shores. This is a normal part of international trading, but we want to ensure buyers are given adequate notice of this possibility before they choose to buy from you. Nobody likes nasty surprises, especially those accompanied by hefty price tags!

The New Zealand Customs Service operates the What’s My Duty? website, which estimates duties on a wide range of products. As an international seller, this link needs to be included in all of your listings with a sale price over NZD$200, or on all listings if you offer a combined shipping option.

Further information about Customs charges, duties and allowances can be found on the NZ Customs Service’s website.


For bigger sellers, especially international sellers, it is really important to set up fast shipping timeframes and include this info in your listing. The biggest barrier to clinching a sale for overseas product is slow shipping timeframes.