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Combined shipping – FAQs

What is combined shipping on Trade Me?

You can create an item or price threshold across all or some of your listings. If the buyer reaches that threshold on the listings that you have included in your combined shipping offer, they will get free shipping.

As an example, if you specify an item threshold and set it to 3, then buyers must purchase 3 items from you using Trade Me's Shopping Cart to qualify for free shipping.

Only listings that have a Buy Now with Pay Now or Ping as a payment option are available for combined shipping.

Why should I create a combined shipping offer with free shipping?

We’ve launched combined promotional free shipping first because there is overwhelming evidence that free shipping increases sales because buyers love it. We recommend you take advantage of this very simple set up.

Here is what the market says:

  • 58% of buyers said that they would add more items to their cart to qualify for free shipping.*
  • 57% of businesses use a free shipping threshold model because purchase levels help guarantee retailers a return on investment from offering free shipping.**
  • 44% of customers abandon shopping carts because of shipping costs.***

Who can create a combined shipping offer?

Tradevine sellers as well as sellers who use the new My Products are currently able to create a combined shipping offer.

Does it cost anything to set up combined shipping?

No, it is free.

What type of listing can be included in a combined shipping offer?

All listings that have Buy Now and Pay Now or Ping as an option will be included. If you have ‘Pick up only’ listings, they must be excluded from your offer.

Are multiple-quantity listings included as part of combined shipping offers?

Yes they are. For example, if your threshold is 5 items, then 1 MQL in the Cart where the buyer has specified a quantity of 5, will qualify for free shipping.

How do buyers qualify for combined shipping?

Any buyer can qualify for combined shipping if they meet a seller’s threshold. To qualify for free shipping, all items must be purchased from the buyer’s Shopping Cart. To add items to your Cart, simply hit the ‘Add to Cart’ button on any listing with Buy Now and Pay Now or Ping.

Can I exclude listings from my combined shipping offer?

Yes you can. For sellers who are using the new My Products, this can be done individually or via bulk edit.

How will I be able to see a successful combined shipping order?

My Products sellers will be able to see this in their ‘Sold items’. From here you will see an OrderID for each Cart purchase that has combined shipping. The OrderID starts with a ‘C’ and by clicking on this you will be able to see all of the listings that come under this combined shipping purchase.

My Products sellers will also be able to see in their sales confirmation emails that a listing is part of a combined shipping order.

Tradevine sellers will find this information on their Tradevine account.

How do I set up combined shipping?

A seller can set up combined shipping by clicking on Settings within the new My Products.

It is very easy to set up. Simply choose whether you wish to set a price or item threshold and specify a value for that threshold. Once you check the box and save your settings, you are good to go.


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** Stitch labs research – Shopify, July 2014

*** Forrester, 2011