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Frequently asked questions

Why didn't my product relist when my listing closed or sold?

  • insufficient account funds
  • out of stock
  • the product has been deactivated
  • there is only one item in stock and this has been assigned to an open FPO
  • your listing is a MQL and all the remaining stock has been assigned to an open FPO
  • the product has been flagged with a listing failure and needs attention.

Why are some of my products immediately activated and some aren't when I create products from my current, sold or unsold listings?

When you create a product from a current listing, the product will be automatically activated and linked to the current listing. Where you have created a product from a sold or unsold listing, the product will be inactive and you will need to activate the product yourself.

If I have an activated product that is set to send an FPO, will it still send an FPO if I deactivate the product before it closes?

When your listing closes, if your product has been deactivated, no fixed price offer will be sent out. No new listing will be created.

In My Trade Me there is a little 'MP' icon beside all my listings. What does this mean?

The MP icon indicates that the listing was created from a product. Clicking on the icon will display the product in edit mode.

When I create products based on my current, sold or unsold listings, it shows more listings than what is displayed in My Trade Me. Is it broken?

No. We display all of your listings from the last six weeks, regardless of whether you deleted or withdrew them from Trade Me.

I imported a product file and my current listings were not updated?

The current listings can take up to five minutes to update, since we check and update your listings on a five minute poll cycle.

It is also not possible to update listings, if for example bids already exist.

I imported a product file and now all the line breaks in my listings have been lost. What can I do?

When you edit listing content in the .csv file you should do so in Excel. The reason for this is if you cut and paste your edits from another program into your .csv file, any formatting may not be picked up by Excel.

For example, if a blank line (created with a carriage return) is pasted from another programme into Excel it may not be picked up by Excel. To fix this, edit your file in Excel and use Alt + Enter to create a line break. This will then be picked up correctly as a new line when the .csv file is uploaded.

Make your changes in the .csv file and then re-import.

What is the best way to mass update my products?

There are at least two ways to bulk update your products.

1. Export and re-import.

You can export your products to a file using the Export button. Make your changes in the .csv file. Then import via the Import link.

You can re-import as many times as you like without having to delete your products each time. When re-importing your products will simply be updated.

2. Bulk Edit options button.

From your Product list, select the products to be updated. Hit the Edit button and from the dropdown you can select one of several mass update options. This will open another panel where you can set your changes. Then simply select the Update product button to apply the change(s) to all the selected products.

I withdrew my live listing, but it keeps relisting. How can I stop this?

Before you withdraw a live listing from the site, you must deactivate the corresponding product template first. As My Products is a tool that ensures you always automatically relist (if you have stock available), this is exactly what it will do if the template is still active when you withdraw a listing.

Therefore, if you don’t want something up on the site, you have to first deactivate the template in My Products, then withdraw the live listing. It will then stop relisting, until you go back in and reactivate the product template.