Seller information centre

Managing your products

You can find a list of your products on the Products list screen. The screen displays some quick information about each product. Selecting the product will open it so you can view and edit the detailed information about the product.

Screenshot My Products Product List 01

You can also hover your mouse over the product's Title to view a summary pop-up.

Sceenshot My Products Product Tip 01

The listing allowance indicator lets you know what your current maximum listing cap is before you incur high volume fees for any additional listings. The indicator also shows you how many listings you currently have listed.

If your products have Gallery Plus, then you can view the number of free Gallery relists by hovering your mouse over the Gallery plus reference.

Creating products

To create a new product you can select the Create a new product button near the top of your list of products. Alternatively, there are two ways to duplicate and modify a product:

  • Open the product to be duplicated and select the Duplicate button.
  • From the Product List select the duplicate icon in the row of the product to be duplicated.

Updating products

If you want to update your products in bulk, then you may want to first consider applying a filter to shortlist the products to be updated. Then select the products you want to update by selecting the tick box next to each product in the list. As soon as any product has been selected you will notice that the action buttons like Activate, Deactivate, Export, Delete and Edit etc are now enabled. The Edit button provides a dropdown list of additional bulk update options.

Bulk updating products

There are several options available for bulk updating your products and these include activating, deactivating and deleting. More options are also available by selecting the Bulk Edit dropdown button.

Sceenshot My Products Bulk Edit 02

You will need to tick select at least one product in the Product list to access either the bulk update buttons or the Bulk Editdropdown button options.

If it helps, you can apply a filter search first to find the products you want to update more easily.

Another option for bulk updating is to export your products and update the products you want to change in the exported file. Then simply re-import the updated file. When exporting, only the products you have selected in the Product list will be exported.

Duplicating products

There are two ways to duplicate a product.

A fast way to create similar products is to open a product and select the Duplicate button. The other way is to select the duplicate icon of the product in the Product List.

When duplicating, the product will be created with the exact same details, but you may want to change the Code that has been auto-generated for you. The SKU does not get duplicated.

Deleting products

You can delete products at any time. From your list of Product list, tick select the products you want to delete and then hit the Delete button. Confirm the prompt and the products will be deleted.

Activating & deactivating products

Products can be activated to list on Trade Me at any time. When products are active and there is sufficient stock, then a listing will be created each time the product either sells or closes.

The following details the reasons why your product may not have automatically listed or relisted:

  • insufficient account funds
  • out of stock
  • the product has been deactivated
  • there is only one item in stock and this has been assigned to an open FPO
  • for a multi-quantity product, all the remaining stock has been assigned to an open FPO
  • the product has been flagged with a listing failure and needs attention.

To activate or deactivate a product, tick select the product in the Product list and then select either the Activate or the Deactivate button.

Activated products will have a Status of either Active, View Listing or Out of Stock.

You can also activate or deactivate a product by opening the product and selecting either of the Activate Auto-Listingoptions near the bottom of the screen.

Finding products

Use the filter panel to refine the list of products or to find a specific product. The Keyword field allows you to search by a word, category, or listing ID. The Folder dropdown allows you to find the products with the assigned folder. The Filter dropdown provides a shortlist of common things to filter your products by.

Sceenshot My Products Searching Filter 01

Any columns in the list of products with underlined header captions can be used to sort the product list.

Navigating products

If you have a lot of products, then at the bottom of the list you will see some page set numbers as well as a Previous and Next link to get you to the next page set of products.

Products folders

Folders allow you to tag your products so that you can find them later. To assign products to a folder, select the products in the list and from the Edit button dropdown select the Move to folder option. From here you can select an existing folder or you can use the Edit link button to edit or create more folders. Use the Update product button to complete the assignment.

Sceenshot My Products Bulk Edit Folders 01

Alternatively, you can also open a product and assign a folder that way.

The Folder dropdown on the Filter panel allows you to find all the products that are assigned to a folder.

Sceenshot My Products Bulk Edit Folders Uncategorised 01

You can find all the products that are not assigned to a folder by filtering on the Uncategorised folder.