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Managing your sales

Managing your sales
Book a courier

Managing your sales

You can find a list of your sold items on the Sold screen. The screen displays each sale in its own sub section with the most recent sales at the top.

Screenshot My Products Sold Item 03

The status bar shows the state and progress of the sale. Items requiring attention or action are displayed in a more prominent blue.

Some of the status items will be automatically updated and some require you to manually select the checkboxes. For example, if the sale was made using Pay Now then the Paid status will be set automatically.

When the Shipped/Collected and the Feedback placed checkboxes have been set, then the sale will be automatically collapsed and a green tick box will highlight that the sale has been completed. You can collapse and expand each sale at your own discretion.

You can manually collapse a sale at any time by selecting the pink up arrow.

A green sales type icon lets you know what type of sale was made, Buy Now, Fixed Price Offer, auction or cart.

Cart sales are displayed as a single sale and include the details of each item in the cart.

The blue pin next to the delivery address lets you view and verify the address in Google Maps.

Selecting the image thumbnail displays a larger image of the product.

The Print packing slip link allows you to display and print a PDF packing slip.

The email icon allows you to email the buyer.

Finding sales

The filter dropdown allows you to quickly find sales that are unpaid, missing payment instructions, have no delivery address or sold within a certain timeframe.

A new sales folder has been created specifically for sales. This allows you to tag and find sales with folder names of your choice.

The keyword search helps you find all the sales that match your keyword search.

Bulk updating sales

You can bulk update notes, feedback, folders and the sale state of multiple sales at once.

Selecting the checkbox to the left of each sale you want to update, will give you access to the bulk update buttons and the bulk edit dropdown.

Book a courier

You won’t need to set up accounts with any of the couriers. This is all taken care of by Trade Me. The courier you book will simply turn up at your specified pick-up address and deliver the parcel for you. You will need to package the parcel yourself before they collect. Your Trade Me account will be debited by the amount of each courier booking.

You can book couriers directly from your Sold page.

Please note if the button is not visible and you are keen to use the feature, then you will need to contact Trade Me to find out what needs to be done to get set up.

Each sale where an address has been provided by the buyer provides a Book courier button. The button is disabled for addresses outside of New Zealand.

Selecting the button presents the Book a courier page. The page consists of 4 sections to complete:

  • Package type and dimensions
  • Pick-up address
  • Delivery address
  • Getting quotes and selecting a courier

Confirm items and package dimensions

This section allows you to specify the package dimensions, the package type and to select a packaging template if you have some set up. You can also print a packing slip.

Sceenshot My Products Book ACourier Dimensions 01

Select either Box or Bag.

Specify pick up date and address

Select the pick up address where you expect the courier to pick up your parcel from.

Sceenshot My Products Book ACourier Pick Up Details 01

Your default address will be used as the standard pick up address. You can optionally change the pick up address to any address that you have already configured in Trade Me.

If you won’t be around when the courier arrives to collect your parcel, then you will need to specify your pick up instructions after selecting the unattended pick up check box.

Please note the pick up dates are based on standard business working hours between Monday to Friday. Today’s availability is unlikely to be an option late in the day, as it is unlikely to allow for the courier to have enough time to collect your parcel.

Confirm delivery address

Providing you have a recognised address from the buyer you should have very little to do, other than optionally enter any specific delivery instructions.

You can change the buyers address at any time by selecting Use different delivery details. You will then need to search for a recognised delivery address.

Select courier option

Sceenshot My Products Book ACourier Get Quotes 01

Providing you have completed all the mandatory fields, you should now be able to get courier quotes by selecting the Get courier quotes button. You can also top up your account from here if you need to by selecting the Top up link.Sceenshot My Products Book ACourier Make Booking 01

Select the quote you prefer. The terms and conditions check box is mandatory if you wish to proceed with the booking. You must choose between printing the shipment label yourself or writing the tracking number on the package.

Then simply select Make Booking to confirm the courier booking. The courier will now be automatically notified to pick up your parcel for delivery.

You will now be taken to the View courier booking page where the details of the booking will be displayed.

View courier booking

You can visit this screen at any time for any of your booked courier deliveries by selecting the View courier booking link on each of your sales on the Sold page.

Sceenshot My Products Book ACourier View Booking 01

The page details the tracking status, the courier and the price, basic information relating to the courier delivery.

You can also print consignment notes or email the courier.