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Searching your products

Searching products

Use the Keyword field to find the products that match some search criteria. Generally searches will match on entire words or words starting with the search terms.

Sceenshot My Products Searching Filter 01

Keyword searches will target the following items:

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Description
  • Code
  • SKU

Multiple search terms - only the products that refer to all the terms specified will be displayed.

Partial matches - You can wildcard your search terms to find the products that have a partial match by appending an asterisk to the end of a term. This will only match on the start of a word. Eg. Red* will find terms like redacted and redfaced, but not terms like predated or sacred.

Phrases - to find exact phrases, you should enclose the phrase to be searched inside quotes. Only products that explicitly match what is inside the quotes will be included. Eg. “Master of puppets” will not find products that only refer to master or puppets or refer to puppet master.

Exclusions - to exclude some terms, precede the word with a hyphen. Eg. Fast -car will find all products that match on fast but not car.

Note, AND, OR and NOT are not relevant for including or excluding products from the search. All searches are essentially AND. Precede a term with a hyphen instead of NOT to exclude it from the search.

Filtering products

Use the filter panel to refine the list of products or to find a specific product. The Keyword field allows you to search by a word, category, or listing ID. The Folder dropdown allows you to find the products with the assigned folder. The Filterdropdown provides a shortlist of common things to filter your products by.

Screenshot My Products Filter Options 02

Any columns in the list of products with underlined header captions can be used to sort the product list.

Navigating products

If you have a lot of products, then at the bottom of the list you will see some page set numbers as well as a Previous and Next link to get you to the next page set of products.

The up and down arrows allow you to quickly go to the top or bottom of the page.