Seller information centre


The Settings link gives you access to a screen where you can choose from a few options relating to your sold listings.


Auto-billing allows your Trade Me account to go into debt but continue to list your products. You will need to apply to be approved for auto-billing.

Stock alerts

You can get an email notification when each product runs out of stock.

Sceenshot My Products Settings Email Out Of Stock 01

Note: you will not receive a stock alert email for stock that you adjusted yourself, since you already know about the change in stock.

Low stock levels

When a product's stock level is only one, you can choose to either make a FPO (Fixed price offer) or a new listing.

Sceenshot My Products Settings FPO01

Listing allowance cap

You can choose to limit the number of active listings you have to be capped at your high volume listing allowance. This ensures that you won’t encounter any high volume listing fees on any listings beyond your limit.

Sceenshot My Products Settings Listing Allowance 01

Listings in some categories like DVDs, Blu-ray catalogue listings and 'Pets & animals > Lost & found' don't count toward your high volume listing allowance. You can have an unlimited number of listings in categories that are exempt from the high volume listing allowance.

Fixed price offers

You can opt to exclude watchers and bidders who have either a low feedback rating or are not address verified.

Price promotions

These are only available if you have been authorised by Trade Me to do clearance items. Promotions can only be applied for a maximum of 28 days.

Promotions cannot be applied to auctions. They can be applied to MQL (multi-quantity) listings.

Sceenshot My Products Settingsprice Promotions 01

Combined shipping offer for Shopping Cart

If you have Pay Now or Ping and listings that offer a Buy Now, then you can offer free shipping to your Shopping Cart buyers. You can set a qualifying threshold based on either the value of the Cart or the number of items in the Cart.

Sceenshot My Products Settings Cart 01

Listing footer

You can display footer text at the bottom of each listing. The same footer text will apply to all your listings, however you can select whether or not to display it on each individual product.

Sceenshot My Products Settings Listing Footer 01


You can upgrade to a free 30 day trial of our more powerful Tradevine system. You can also always change back to the free My Products system if you find Tradevine is not for you.