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Trade Me is NZ’s most popular shopping site*, and with access to over three million buyers, it’s a great place to launch or facilitate your business. Whether you’re selling from your garage, your shop, or out of a big warehouse, Trade Me can offer great opportunities for sellers of all kinds. Check out some testimonials below, and tabs on the left for more info about running your business on Trade Me.

*based on Average Monthly Unique Audience 2014-2015, Nielsen Online Ratings



Trade Me has been a key part of the growth of our business right from the beginning. It has helped give our brand great exposure and enables us to bring our products in front of a large customer base very quickly. Becoming a Store also has meant that our customers can be assured that we are a reputable business and buy from us with confidence.

The extra promotions that the Trade Me Marketplace team have featured us in have been a great bonus for our Store. We have found an increase in sales with these promotions every time. Using Trade Me as one of our selling channels has helped us grow from a small business to a large online retailer.

The support that we receive from our account manager at Trade Me is great and they're always helping us with ideas on how to increase our sales.

Rita SmartFox



I began selling on Trade Me a number of years ago as a means to clearing out some of my children’s old toys and clothes, and found it fabulously easy and convenient – not to mention profitable! Living out in the country at that time meant I had limited opportunities for having a garage sale and Trade Me provided me with an extremely cheap means of getting my toys in front of a huge audience of potential buyers. I saw how I could sell my items for a much higher price through Trade Me than I would be able to ask for at a garage sale, and that my audience of potential customers was immense!

I very quickly saw the potential for a fantastic business opportunity, utilising Trade Me as my sole outlet for sales. What started as a part time hobby has grown into a full time business. I take delight in being my own boss, have incredible flexibility in my working hours and, as long as I have an internet connection, I’m free to work anywhere I please!

I adore Trade Me – I love the fact that my shop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and my potential customers are unlimited by time of day or location.

With my Trade Me iPhone app I have complete freedom. I never miss an opportunity for a sale due to unanswered questions on my auctions, and I must admit that the excitement of checking my Sold Items when out and about never wears thin!

The wonderful team at Trade Me made setting up my Trade Me Store an absolute breeze. Using Tradevine to manage products, auctions and post sales communication and reporting has made the entire selling process a breeze and has saved us countless administration hours. The continued support from Trade Me and Tradevine has proven itself invaluable and their enthusiastic, professional help is always readily accessible. I would highly recommend taking that next step and turning your hobby or traditional retail business into a Trade Me Store.

Occasionally I am asked why I don’t run my own independent website for selling my Lego. My answer is that for a minimal initial outlay and an extremely modest monthly cost I now have access to the incredible marketing power and massive amount of website traffic that comes through Trade Me. The amount of marketing dollars I would have to spend to market my own website in order to independently try to create the profile I have received through Trade Me would be unsustainable. Best of all, I never feel isolated in my business – the friendly and knowledgeable Trade Me support staff are always there to help me build my business every step of the way.

Michelle - John 3.16



As a member since 2007, we have been using Trade Me as an additional tool to help grow our business and reach a wider New Zealand public than we could achieve through standard print media alone. Currently, each of our four separate stores in Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin and Timaru list on the site, giving buyers better pickup options and cheaper shipping depending on their geographic locations.

Our activity on Trade Me has morphed over the years from a tool to clear old, used or shop-soiled stock, to becoming an active retail store to display our entire range of new products. It has helped allow us to expand the range of products that we offer for sale into categories that we never thought to sell in previously.

Listing on the site is an important part of the company’s success. We hope to expand this success in the coming years.

James - Topmaq


Rug Direct

My name is Farah and I am the Director of Rug Direct. I got my start on Trade Me in 2003 when I went online to buy a trampoline…

Since then, I have started my own business from home but due to my success on Trade Me, I soon had to move into my own store! Trade Me has ease of use, is well laid out and allows Trade Me users to see exactly what's for sale. Of course, feedback scores help build up trust between the seller and buyer too, which is great. Now my husband and I are working full time, own a massive showroom in the North Shore, as well as one in Wellington, and are proud to be one of the biggest family-owned stores in Auckland!

We now have an independent website but still use Trade Me, as it is a huge asset to our business. Trade Me does it all, driving traffic to our Store Extra profile and through to our website, and helping us to build stronger business ties with our customers all over NZ.

Thank you Trade Me.

Farah & Bahman – Rug Direct