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A Trade Me Store is a marketing tool that can be used to boost your presence for a small cost. The great thing about a Trade Me Store is that it helps build trust with buyers – they can see straight away that you’re a professional seller who’s running a business on Trade Me.

What are the benefits of being a Store?

Trade Me Stores provide businesses with a distinctive online presence. With a higher profile on the site, you can capitalise on access to New Zealand's largest online marketplace.

  • You get a direct link from your Trade Me Store to your website, as long as it complies with our Stores terms and conditions.
  • You get your contact details displayed on your profile (but not your listings).
  • You get a Trade Me web address to promote e.g.
  • The cost to have a Store on Trade Me with a company logo displayed is considerably cheaper than any banner advertising on the site.
  • Only Trade Me Stores will be considered for permission to offer drop shipping.
  • You will have exclusive access to was/now pricing, which enables you to run discounts or specials on your products.

What does it look like?

Your Store will have a full-width banner to showcase your brand, as well as a rotating carousel of up to five promotional banners. In the Store help panel, you’ll be able to curate pages for important info such as your contact details and opening hours, shipping and payment information, and returns policies.

The Store banner will also appear on your listing details pages, so that buyers can easily identify that you’re a professional seller on Trade Me.

Buyers will be able to navigate to your Store by clicking on the banner, or your Store logo in the ‘About the seller’ section at the bottom of each listing.

Great – sign me up!

There is a one-off set-up fee of $399(+GST) and an ongoing monthly fee of $79(+GST) for Trade Me Stores.

To become a Store you first need to meet these criteria:

  • Be an existing Trade Me member with a good history and no outstanding warnings.
  • Have at least a 98% positive feedback rating.
  • Have at least 50 trades from selling on your Trade Me account.
  • Generate at least $150 in success fees every month.
  • Have an account name consistent with your business and reflective of your Store name. We can help you change this, provided you meet the other criteria.

To enquire about becoming a Store, send us an email on with your account information. Please make sure you read and understand the Store terms and conditions before applying.

If you meet the criteria, our Stores team will guide you through the whole set-up process and make it super easy. All they’ll need from you is a bit of artwork and your ‘About the Store’ info, and you’re in business!