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Once you’ve got the basics of creating great listings sorted, these tips can help you to take things further.

Multiple-quantity listings

MQLs, or multiple-quantity listings, give you the opportunity to list more than one of the same item, within the same listing.

You can easily create an MQL by clicking on ‘Add a quantity to this listing’ during the listing process.

Or, if you’re using My Products, select the ‘List as Buy Now only’ option.

MQLs are Buy Now only, which means quick and easy sales for you. Being able to sell more than one item in a listing also means that you’re able to get more bang for your buck on promotional extra fees.

Another bonus is that each purchase on a multiple-quantity listing will count towards your sales summary, and if there are no sales it will only count as ‘1’ in the number of unsold listings.

Pay Now

Pay Now is our credit/debit card payments system, offered to sellers with a positive feedback rating of more than 10. If your listing offers Pay Now as a payment option, the buyer has the ability to enter their card details to instantly make payment for the purchase.

Payments from buyers will go into your Pay Now account, and from there your Pay Now account balance will be credited into your bank account at the end of each business day. Typically, payments appear in your bank account within three business days.

You can keep track of payments from your Pay Now account ledger, on your My Trade Me page. The ledger shows a history of your payments received, fees, payments made into your bank account, and the balance owing to you. Pay Now fees are deducted from the purchase amount.

Sellers using Pay Now are charged a fee of 1.95% (1.65% for Top Sellers) of each transaction value, which is deducted from your Pay Now account immediately. For example, if your listing sells for a total of $100 (incl. shipping), and your Pay Now fee is 1.95%, we’ll automatically deduct $1.95, and you’ll receive $98.05 into your bank account.

When it comes to people paying you, it’s important to know exactly what the process is and how it works. Please have a read of our frequently asked Pay Now questions for some more info, and Pay Now also has its own set of terms and conditions.

If you’re keen to set Pay Now up and have a feedback rating of 10 or more, you can register straight away.

Combined shipping

If you’re using My Products or Tradevine, you’ll have access to combined shipping. This enables your buyers to qualify for free shipping when purchasing from you through the Shopping Cart.

Combined shipping can be tailored to you, either by setting up a dollar value or a number of items a buyer needs to purchase from you to qualify for free shipping.

Any listing with Buy Now and Pay Now is eligible if you have an offer set up, and if the buyer makes the purchase through the Cart. The buyer simply needs to meet the criteria of your offer, and they’re good to go with free shipping.

Check out our Seller Blog post for more information on Combined Shipping.

Product photography

Making great listings is key, and a big part of this are your product photos. As a professional seller, your photos are even more important.

  • To increase the chances of a sale, make sure your pictures are good quality and easy on the eye, and that they accurately portray your product.
  • Make sure your lighting doesn’t distort the colouring of the item in the image compared to the actual item.
  • Plain backgrounds are best, ideally white.
  • Ensure your picture is sharp and in focus.
  • Make use of having up to 20 free photos on your listing and take pictures of all angles of the product. Also including extra information like labels and accessories is great.
  • Include pictures of any damage.
  • If you use images that aren’t yours, make sure you have permission from the rights holder so you’re not breaching anyone’s copyright.