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Trade Me offers a couple of listing tools for sellers, My Products and Tradevine. As well as some direct integrations for your products.

My Products

My Products is Trade Me’s free in-house listing tool, aimed at small-to-medium-sized sellers on the site. It allows you to run your business more smoothly by automatically managing your Trade Me listings, based on the parameters set by you.

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To get started, you begin by creating your products. Products have the same details as a standard Trade Me listing, but also include extra details such as setting the stock level and choosing a SKU that enables you to manage your stock.

Once your products are set up, My Products will ensure there is always a listing running for each product, for as long as stock is available.

In using My Products you’ll also have access to features such as automatically sending out Fixed Price Offers, updating products in bulk, listing footers, and the My Products ‘Sold’ tab.


Tradevine is a multichannel e-commerce solution that integrates with Trade Me and other platforms such as Xero and Shopify, to act as a listing tool and inventory management system.

Tradevine is an ideal solution for online sellers and retailers who wish to sell products in multiple internet marketplaces and have the convenience of managing it all in one place, but can also be a great option for medium-to-large businesses where Trade Me is a main channel.

Tradevine provides a lot of features:

  • Multiple Trade Me accounts
  • Sales orders and purchase orders
  • Shipment packing slips and invoicing
  • Multi-variant listings
  • Multiple warehouses
  • Warehouse user roles
  • Automated feeeback
  • Automated customer reminders
  • Automated fixed price offers
  • Invalid address checking
  • Listing thresholds
  • Automated combined orders from the same buyer
  • Shipping rates templates
  • Dymo label printing
  • Barcode scanning
  • Reporting metrics
  • More, much much more ...

Tradevine has its own comprehensive online Help.

Direct Integrations

Trade Me also has direct integrations available with the following e-commerce providers:

  • ChannelAdvisor
  • Blackpepper
  • Solutionists
  • First Software