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February 2018 edition

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Welcome to the first Trade Secrets – a newsletter we’ll send quarterly full of important information for professional Trade Me sellers. 

2018 brings an important change to success fees, the introduction of the Gold Trade Rebate, discounts on shipping, and tips to expand your customer base.

Here’s to a successful year ahead!

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Important change to success fees for in-trade sellers

From 14 March 2018, success fees for in-trade sellers will be calculated on the final sales value (the price of the item sold + shipping costs).

We know buyers love free shipping, and our research shows they perceive shipping costs on Trade Me to be expensive. We also see some listings with inflated shipping costs, which results in a poor experience for buyers. Overall, this change should mean more sellers offer free or low-cost shipping and increase their sales.

Check out our seller blog to find out more, or learn how free shipping can work for you. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

In addition, we want to reward our New Zealand-based sellers for improving the buyer experience, and have developed the Gold Trade Rebate, which is detailed below.

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Introducing the Gold Trade Rebate for NZ sellers

We’re rewarding sellers that help us provide the ultimate online shopping experience with our new Gold Trade Rebate. From March 14 2018, a 10% rebate of the success fee on each qualifying trade by New Zealand-based in-trade sellers will be provided.

 The Gold Trade Rebate encourages trades where shoppers feel secure in their purchase through safe payment options with Buyer Protection coverage, and have free and fast delivery experiences. Eligible trades must:

A 10% rebate of the net success fee (calculated after any other discounts have been applied) will be provided for eligible trades.* For full details on how you can start receiving your Gold Trade Rebate, read more on the blog post.

*Gold Trade Rebate terms apply.

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Save even more on shipping

Building on the strong partnership we’ve developed with Fastway Couriers, we’re excited to let you know they have discounted our already reduced ‘book a courier’ rates an additional 10% for all in-trade sellers.

For sellers that use a different courier booking system, Fastway Couriers are happy to discuss a personal solution for your business and can be reached directly on 0800 4 Fastway.

Check out our blog post and learn how to make shipping easy for your business.

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How to grab mobile buyers

With over 50% of Trade Me’s traffic now coming via a mobile device, it’s important to keep up.

Trade Me Stores will soon be available on our iOS App, which will give Stores more exposure, clear professional branding, and extra information for buyers.

If you’re interested in having a Store or need to upgrade your current Store, email

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Simplify with multi-variant listings

Are you selling a product which comes in multiple sizes, colours, or materials?

Group products together to create a single listing with our multi-variant listing tool. It allows buyers to select a variant of that product from a dropdown box, so there’s no more waiting for the buyer to send through the colour they want, or having to create 10 listings when one will do.

Available via Tradevine and our API – check out our blog post for details.