Apple MacBook and iMac Upgrade Service to Fast SSD

Listing #: 1335503136
Business name: MacDriveUp­date
Location: Grafton
Auckland City
About: Replace slow Hard Disk Drive with speedy SSD Solid State Drive to speed up your Mac laptop, Mini or iMac
Services offered: Replace your tired, slow Hard Disk with a super-fast SSD Solid State Drive The improvemen­t is instant and makes your older Mac dramatical­ly faster
Areas serviced: Located Auckland City Fringe Close to Southern Motorway Courier to/from all New Zealand
Availability: Service available with one days notice. Upgrade overnight.
Slow Hard Disk Drive in your Mac?

Speed up your iMac, MacBook Pro or Mac Mini with a fast SSD

Does your Mac seem to be running slower than it used to?
Spinning beach-ball or delays starting up or opening Applications?

Has your Hard Disk Drive performance become erratic or has it stopped working altogether?

In many MacBook and iMac models, the old rotating Hard Disk is holding back your Mac

RAM memory / working memory upgrades

Software updates and trouble-shooting, data recovery from damaged Hard Disks,
Battery replacement

I can also clone your Hard Disk Drive containing a Bootcamp partition running Windows, to the new SSD

MacBookPro 2009-15 $100 plus parts
iMac 2007-2015, Mac Mini 2009-2014
$120 plus parts
Includes copying/cloning you data to the new SSD Drive

Customer comments:

"thankyou for your help with upgrading our imac. Before I bought it to you it was running so slow, took ages to boot up.
Now it is lightning fast and if I didn't know better I would think it was a brand new machine. Best money I ever spent and appreciate your fast and friendly service" Ross, December 2017

""Ho Glynn... working good as gold as SSD... Thks yr follow up, nothing but thanks 4ur efforts. Cb" ... Charles December 2017

"Nice one, thanks…Great service, my 2008 iMac is running super-fast now thanks to the SSD upgrade, even managed to retrieve all of my data from the failed drive!" ... Dino, February 2018

"I’m getting my SSD iMac set up, and I’m loving it. It seems very fast, running High Sierra. My wife is impressed too, and wonders whether her new iMac is faster. I don’t really care as I’m happy with this very big step-up"...Paul Feb 2018

"GREAT Service!!. Super Friendly. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!. Thanks again Glynn. So glad I found your services on Trademe, Will contact you in a few weeks about upgrading my Macbook pro. Thanks again. Cheers. A+++" ...Sani Nov 2018

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100% from 18 reviews.

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Best service in town! Fast service and fantastic result. Thanks very much Glynn. I'll be passing your details on to my colleagues
craigos (182 182 positive feedback)  Mon 12 Nov
Glynn: Thank you Craig. I am very pleased that you now have SSD and HDD running in the same MacBook Pro. Best of both worlds - speed and large storage. You were both great to deal with.
Thanks Glynn, Great job ! Very pleased with the fast and professional service upgrading my iMac to having an SSD. Regards Eric
eric.van (503 503 positive feedback) Address Verified Feb 2017  Tue 06 Nov
Glynn: Thanks Eric. You were very good to work with, upgrading your 2015 iMac 27". It will be useful for a long time to come.
Glynn is such a pleasure to deal with - friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and super-fast (my laptop was fixed the same day!). I recommend using his services 110%.
pop_daddy (80 80 positive feedback)  Sat 13 Oct
Glynn: Thank you. Henry was a pleasure to work with. MBPro 2012. Pleased the keyboard was sorted too.
A true professional who knows mac hardware and software inside out. He is my new 3rd line support and hardware support for my macs. Very reasonable pricing too. Happy as. Jake
jakevinson (284 284 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2018  Sat 13 Oct
Glynn: Thank you. Great to see that Mac Mini being useful again and your MBP now fully juiced up. Thank you also for referrals!
This guy is amazing. Not only does my ageing Imac run at warp speed but he received it on Sunday morning and had it ready that afternoon. Easy parking nearby too - highly recommended.
maxmouse51 (15 15 positive feedback)  Thu 04 Oct
Glynn: Thank you. Very satisfying to send another 2010 iMac away faster than when it came in for the upgrade. Tim was great to work with - knew what he wanted and easygoing.
Excellent service provided - Glynn replaced the disk drive and upgraded memory on my old 2012 Macbook Pro - the machine now flies! many thanks Denis
typhoonh (30 30 positive feedback)  Sun 30 Sep
Glynn: Thank you for the opportunity to enable your 2012 MacBook Pro to reach it's potential. I trust that it will be useful for many years to come.
Glynn was absolutely great to work with - quick with communications, helpful, and a quick turnaround. My 9 year old iMac is transformed - amazingly fast now with the 1TB SSD - Wow! Highly recommended!
jeff.wogen (19 19 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2018  Mon 03 Sep
Glynn: I am so pleased that you have been able to keep the large 2TB HDD along with the 1TB SSD installed in the optical bay. Best of both worlds.Enjoy the speed and thanks for the opportunity.
Great service received from Glynn. He upgraded the 250gb SSD in my Macbook 2015 to a 500GB drive. Not only do I have more space but my whole system is running so much swifter. I couldn't recommend him enough. Professional, honest service with a smile!
john246 (373 373 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2018  Sat 04 Aug
Glynn: Thanks John. I am pleased with the speed increase of your Retina MacBook Pro. Enjoy the extra space.
Glynn was very efficient, pleasant to communicate with, only took 24 hours and a big difference in speed, should have had this done months ago ! Very happy with this service. Peter
viz2 (60 60 positive feedback) Address Verified Jan 2018  Fri 27 Jul
Glynn: Thank you very much. So good to see another 2011 15" MBP reaching it's potential!
Glynn upgraded my macbook pro with a SSD which has transformed it. Glynns service was speedy and only too happy to fit in with me. Highly recommend.
strudy1 (23 23 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2017  Thu 26 Jul
Glynn: I am very happy that you are pleased with your speedy "new" MBP 2012. Thanks for the opportunity.
Glynn did an awesome hassle free upgrade to my new 2013 27 inch iMac including the data transfer from my old 2012 21 inch Mac. The difference in speed is incredible, making it a brand new iMac. After data transfer all my installed programs were still working which makes this an awesome service! Thank you so much!
daan_mindy (253 253 positive feedback)  Wed 06 Jun
Glynn: So pleased that the timing worked out to make this very worthwhile upgrade Daan. All the best with your speedy new iMac.
Glynn will remind you of the good service you get in the good old days. He is friendly, trusthworthy, reliable and professional. In this occasion he upgraded our firm's imac's hard drive to an SSD drive. He also manage to clone bootcamp which I was previously told could not be done. I will definitely use his services again in the future.
knguy (6 6 positive feedback)  Tue 05 Jun
Glynn: It was a pleasure, Kaden. I'm glad we could also clone your Bootcamp partition. 2013 21.5" iMac.
My iMac has become my daily productivity driver once again thanks to this upgrade. Glynn is a friendly guy who specialises in this upgrade. Thanks so much.
tataihono (26 26 positive feedback)  Tue 05 Jun
Glynn: Thank you. I am really pleased that your iMac is proving useful again. 2012 27" iMac.
Great service, very helpful and friendly. Pleasure to deal with. Would recommend
nigel101 (345 345 positive feedback) Address Verified Mar 2017  Wed 30 May
Glynn: Thank you. It was a pleasure helping to speed up your 2010 27" iMac with a 1TB SSD.
Excellent service, great to deal with and very pleased with the result; computer now working well, happy customer.
kanga07 (11 11 positive feedback)  Sat 19 May
Glynn: Thank you. Glad to help speed up your 2012 21.5" iMac and make it snappy again.
Absolutely fantastic work, Glynn was vey friendly and professional. I highly recommend and will be happy to conduct further business in the future
spicymchaggis (31 31 positive feedback)  Sat 12 May
Glynn: Thank you. It was a pleasure to add more SSD storage to your MacBook Pro using the optical drive bay caddy.
Fantastic service, Glynn is a pleasure to deal with. Our iMac has gone from being essentially unusable to blazing fast, a simply phenomenal improvement. Fantastic service at a very reasonable price - Glynn is a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend to all! (24 24 positive feedback) Address Verified Oct 2017  Sat 10 Feb
Glynn: Thanks so much, Guy. It was a pleasure to give your Mac a new burst of speed and nice to meet you.
My 2009 MacbookPro's battery would only last about 20 minutes, and the "spinning rainbow wheel of death" was fairly common when opening Photos or iTunes. A new SSD and battery has made my almost-decade-old laptop feel like it did soon after I bought it. Not quite like brand new, but it feels good to know I will get another few years out of old faithful. The service was prompt, super friendly and honest. Thanks Glynn. I don't think the RAM upgrade we talked about is really necessary!
2ndof3 (32 32 positive feedback)  Sat 03 Feb
Glynn: Thanks Travis. It is great to help keep an older Mac being productive. Thanks for your business.
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