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Business name: The Snoring Centre
Location: Stanmore Bay
About: Dedicated to discussion of snoring and its medical implicatio­ns and providing simple proven products and processes.
Services offered: OTC devices and custom-mad­e anti-snori­ng devices. Nasal sprays Nose cones Offering educationa­l material for all.
Areas serviced: part of Global network.
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Becoming aware of the process of facial growth and how snoring is generated, what is simple snoring and what is not finding an oral (mouth) device that will reduce or eliminate snoring has as its aim helping those searching for an answer. Snoring is generally not the cause of health issues. But most research indicates about 1:3 have associated apnoea. Apnoea comes in three forms. Something blocks the airway, usually the tongue and/or narrowed throat. This is called obstructive sleep apnoea. Then 'Central' Sleep Apnoea where the brain forgets to tell you to breathe. Add both these and its called Mixed Sleep Apnoea. There is a large body of research into the underlying causes and how these are seen in action. Typically the three areas are metabolic such as seen in diabetes. Also blood that is the blood vessels, heart and tissues affected by blood pressure. This includes heart and brain when blood vessels either block or burst and leak. The third is inflammation. This is the result of cycles of drops in blood oxygen followed by recovery - called 'dipping'. About a decade ago this process and how it produces systemic inflammation was noted in detail. You can Google this. Inflammation is involved in almost all diseases in the human body from Dementia to Breast Cancer. Drs Karen Bonuck and Kathy Freeman showed that babies who snore, mouth-breathe and hold their breath and still do this at 4 years old will almost without exception go on to have learning and behavioural difficulties. Snoring in itself is also a big issue for the family and bed partners.
Try a simple test. Lie on your back and see if you can find a jaw position where the noise level drops or goes., then a mouth-guard type device may be of real help. Try the simple ones first, while most don't help, some will. If these are hopeless then get a custom-made one. Note one person in six (1:6) are made worse when the lower jaw is brought forwards. If noise reduces it may be due to suffocation.

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