Guided red deer hunts

Listing #: 821045260
Business name: Santo safaris
Location: Porangahau
Central Hawke's Bay
Hawke's Bay
About: Guarantee you a brilliant hunt with great scenery and good laughs
Services offered: Trophy hunts
Areas serviced: Hawkes Bay Area
Availability: All the time when not booked
TROPHY 30 inch plus goats

All prices plus GST

*Trophy hunts up to two days

*Trophy stags 300sci up to 600sci plus available

*30-35inch goats

*Trophy rams

*Guiding fee and accomodation inclusive in price

*Safe environment and hunting with a experienced guides

* Full taxidermy and expediting available

*Rifles available to use:
Call Vinny Santo on 0272361061 or email

*Woman hunts available also- My partner Anita will take any woman hunters

*We have a Facebook page under santo safaris

*We have rifles for use - free of charge

*We want nothing other than you to have a great day!

*We specialise in getting your first Trophy

*We are super friendly and you are part of a team not a client to us.

Kind Regards,
Vinny Santo

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Had such an awesome day with my old man, Vinny and Anita were so good, gave us heaps of knowledge, showed us some mind blowing animals n came home with a heap of meat and a nice head off the buck I got, thanks heaps will definitly be back!
no_name268 (15 15 positive feedback)  Mon 03 Aug
Charlie, my young son, and myself came for our 1st hunt together. With Vinnys amazing skill, knowledge and commitment , we were guided through in the most breath taking block on the most fun off roader ever. Vinny made Charlies 1st hunt a life experience to remember always, with a clean shot and training to make it. I can not recommend this enough, and we will be coming Back. A classic Father and Son moment in time to treasure. Thanks guys.
rintrev (113 113 positive feedback)  Wed 17 Dec
Where to start ... Well what a block the views are spectacular and animal numbers high . My hunt started with nasty weather but Vinny was not phased . I had my closest experience with a hind eyeballing her from 10m ... What a rush . The opportunities on this block are boundless . Super stoked to bag a nice little stag for the freezer . Highly recommend this to anyone with any hunting experience . Thanks again guys for a awesome day . Vinny your experience and patience is 2nd to none .
lallen4 (142 142 positive feedback)  Tue 02 Dec
What a fantastic days hunting with Vinny and Anita. Well worth the 10 or so hours travel from Whangarei for the experience. Both are very amiable and full of knowledge, willing to impart their wealth of experience and create a safe and fun environment. Not only the hunting, but the scenery and Can Am transport was spot on. We also stayed two nights in a comfortable lodge not far from the station. Were able to hang and skin our deer close by before our long trip home. Will be back! Kerry.
kerrance (96 96 positive feedback)  Mon 01 Dec
An amazing experience....recommend to all hunters. A truly committed couple in Vinny and Anita who are passionate and inspirational as well as highly skilled guides. Two deer..spiker and a stag, great weather, great environment and stunning hospitality..what more could we ask for ! We will definitely be back. Thank you and see you soon
tuipup (37 37 positive feedback)  Mon 27 Oct
I have recently returned home after a 2 week hunt in Africa but Vinny managed to top it all in one day!! Warm hospitality, breath taking views, and a super fun ride in the Can-Am! That thing goes up anywhere! I had an absolute blast shooting my first Red deer with Vinny, I can’t wait to go back!
steyn4 (223 223 positive feedback)  Mon 08 Sep
What a mean day out! Thank you so much for the experience Vinny and Anita something i definitely will remember forever, Thanks again,great fun and good day out ! cheers Connor.
ardie6 (27 27 positive feedback)  Tue 19 Aug
Vinny santo: Thank you so much for choosing us for your first stag!! You nailed it like a pro!!! We are so proud to be there for that moment and we were smiling as much as your dad as you made him so proud also!!!! It was a primo stalk to your plateau where your patience paid dividends in the shot you took!!! Absolutely stunning to see it turn perfectly and your reaction was perfect, down it went, smiles for everyone,so that's a definition of perfection mate! Regards Santo Safaris
Had an amazing day out with Vinnie & Anita. Couldn't have asked for a better experience for my partner to line up her first deer. Great property with loads of opportunities. We will be back!
nampala (171 171 positive feedback)  Mon 21 Jul
Vinny santo: Where do I start with this awesome hunt? Should I sneak in a quick who shot the best? Haha you both did awesome with a 550metre shot! The blaser is built for it! And u both hit it one after the other at that range! Awesome shooting and then we get our first sika deer on the block!!!!! Clean thru the neck it didn't even blink before it rolled down the hill!!! Beautiful stalk to it and we saw a couple of stags that I know you are coming back for!!!!! Regards Santo Safaris
wow what an awesome day out for my husbands 50th birthday lots of fun and laughter felt safe and me first shot ever and i got two hind with one bullet Boom cool as Vinnie knows his stuff gutted the animals even carried them up the steep hill -top man, you get carried round in his nifty canam with great views at the top -recommend this to young and old -heaps of animals to aim at so pick up the phone and give him a call or check out his trade me auctions and like his facebook page Santo Safaris
rachybabe1 (470 470 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2017  Mon 21 Jul
Vinny santo: Thank you so much for coming with us! Omg I am actually scared of your shots! They are that precise I'm not going into a war on the other side of you! It was a spectacular day hunting and I had so much fun also! I'm still blown over with that perfect two in one shot! Not wounded both stone dead!!! Please come back as soon as you start getting short of venison or if you want a trophy on the wall!! Kind regards,Vinny Santo
Awesome, awesome. Took my son Max out for his first kill. Great gear, amazing spot with awesome views. Smile from ear to ear, great father son bonding time. You guys rock.
vino881 (311 311 positive feedback) Address Verified Apr 2018  Sun 20 Jul
Vinny santo: It was just as incredible for Anita and I as it was for you! We had a brilliant time and some good laughs! That Polaris hahah how is your windscreen? Hahah and this is what we do it for! And the shot that Max did was flawless then a 620 mtr shot into a target with the blaser 338!!!!, Thank you very much for coming with us! Regards, Vinny & Anita
My brother bought me this for my birthday and I tell you what much better than the socks I got from the Mrs. Awesome day out we saw plenty of deer and had a real good time. Vinny is a great host/guide very friendly and knowledgeable. Cheers mate - Josh
duckster3 (538 538 positive feedback)  Thu 10 Jul
Vinny santo: Hahahhaha but those coloured socks are so cool mate! Mate it was a true honour to take you out for your birthday present and what a brilliant shot 330 metres down a very steep hill! It was incredible and you suited the blaser! You and Olly are welcome to come back at anytime and what a great time I had with you guys- kind regards, Vinny Santo
Thanks for the great experience vinny and dutchy me and dad really enjoyed the block great views and plenty of animals I would recommend this to anyone
concrete12 (267 267 positive feedback)  Mon 07 Jul
Vinny santo: Thanks very much mate hahaha crack me up. DUTCHY and I loved taking you all out for a good hunt! Paul nailed it with top precision! We got to take jake out and get him one next! I really look forward to going with you again as every hunt with you is primo mate!!!! Kind regards, Vinny & Anita
Awesome people, I would thoroughly recommend these guys Vinny and Anita took me and my son out hunting, more than just shooting they show you how to field dress & make it into backpack,lots of deer seen, most easy-going people I have come across, and no matter what your skill level he will put you onto a deer. Thanks guys.
davecalder (653 653 positive feedback)  Mon 16 Jun
Vinny santo: It is so good to hear so positive feedback! We do this to help people in making a thought/dream a reality! We love to please our clients and change there life! It was a honour to take you and lachie out to see some beautiful views! Some big stags! And lots of animals but better than that you got to harvest one and get some really yum venison! You were a crack shot mate 300yards thru the neck! Shot mate it truly was sensational hunting with you.
My daughter and I spent the morning hunting with Vinny. Faultless day!! My daughter got to shoot her first deer. Vinny was an amazing guide and made the day one that we will remember forever. Thanks so much Vinny you are fantastic!! I would suggest this experience for anyone.
manu86 (333 333 positive feedback) Address Verified Jun 2018  Sat 14 Jun
Vinny santo: Mate I tell you and everybody else I speak to it was a honour to help that dream of hers a reality. 240yards thru the neck! She put the pressure on the boys now hahahah! What a awesome hunter she will be! And fancy all those stags!!!! I hope it's a memory that sticks as it will stay a good memory of mine also! Kind regards Vinny Santo
Best day out for a long time. Vinny really knows his stuff his gear is first class and he goes that extra mile too make sure you have the best experience there is too have. I would recommend this for all young & old, weather was perfect, deer were abundant and laughs were a plenty, looking forward to the next trip that 14 pointer might not be so lucky next time - lol (cheers Duncan)
pip178 (83 83 positive feedback) Address Verified Oct 2017  Wed 04 Jun
Vinny santo: See that's the reason there! Like I always say to clients I do this for you! I have been lucky enough to have a life of hunting and knowledge that I can pass on !!!!! You are a sharp hunter tho Duncan and you will get a lot from now on in! Take what I told you and do the opposite! Hahahahah yea rite! But you picked up so much and it showed during your hunt! That's why success come to you! For the record LEAVE the 14 alone hahaha! He has someone's name on him??????????
Awsum day Vinnie!! Top guide,top location.... ist time experience ill never forget! Look forward to good feed venison and look forward to taking out my boy with you to share without doubt another memorable experience.......cheers again mate see you soon........Maynard
ardie6 (27 27 positive feedback)  Tue 03 Jun
Vinny santo: Maynard it was a experience going with you! You are a crack shot 300mtrs downhill straight thru the back of his neck! Shot brother!!!! I truly look forward to going again with you and your son as it's a honour to give experiences that truly change lives! You have gone from a duckshooter to a hunter!! Impressive! Thanks again tho mate
Great hunt Vinnie you certainly know your stuff ,We all had a great day in a safe and controlled environment plenty of animals ,awesome views, and great laughs too . For the record 5 hunters 5 great kills. ps say hello to CLICK for us. Would highly recommend Vinnie and his company to anyone wanting an awesome hunting experience .10/10
pkm4 (2 2 positive feedback)  Tue 03 Jun
Vinny santo: Pete. Thank you very much for hunting with us! You made the team complete! You got the first deer so we were reminded every five mins! But saying all that it was a brilliant head shot! And you learnt a lot and took it all in! It was a honour to take you mate and I look forward to our next hunt! And I can tell it won't be far away! That 12 pointer was looking at you through the scrub! Had your name all over it!! Kind regards,Vinny Santo
Awesome day.... plenty of animals to hunt. Great crew even including the couple of townies. Safe and cautious guiding & advise from Vinny & his trainee Hopefully that 14 pointer will be waiting for me on my next hunt. It was definitely a day for one shoot one kill. Highly recommend Santo-Safaris.10/10 .. Cherz for a great hunt and looking forward to the next
11scotty (92 92 positive feedback)  Mon 02 Jun
Vinny santo: DOCTOR PHIL AKA **CLICK** mate it was a experience hunting with you! Now for the record he gets his name CLICK NOT BECAUSE HE IS SLOW AND TAKES AGES TO UNDERSTAND! But his magic reloads that do not go hahaha! But seriously mate you are welcome any time you want! You are a good hunter and now you have some great venison and good memory's to take home. A lot of fun for all of us! Kind regards, Vinny Santo
What a mint day out! Thank you so much for the experience out the Vinny and Paige. Was definitely something I will remember forever, especially it being my first ever deer! Thanks again, will sure be back sometime!
merwood104 (2 2 positive feedback)  Sat 24 May
Vinny santo: Thank you very much for hunting with us mate it was brilliant to be part of such a experience for you!!! Anita said u will have to shoot your next down hill and carry it up for getting her name wrong hahhaha! Apology accepted that your iPad auto corrected and changed her name!! But it's just another laugh to such a great time with you. Our honour to take you!!!! Kind regards,Vinny Santo
Such an awesome experience, getting my first stag. Makes it even more memorable when you have a great guide and are given such outstanding service. Would most definitely recommend to everyone considering it. So stoked! Cheers Vinny!
nataz.13 (37 37 positive feedback)  Tue 20 May
Vinny santo: Thank you very much it's such a dream to hunt with nice people like you and get that dream of yours- it's a hunt we will never forget also mate! What a primo stalk on to the ridge to get that perfect shot. It was a honour to be involved in such a moment as we are still smiling about it!
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