Straight razors and knives sharpening service

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Location: Hillcrest
North Shore City
About: I love straight razor shaving and knives sharpening to razor sharpness
Services offered: Straight razors and knives sharpening
Areas serviced: North Shore
Professional sharpening straight razors and knives, manually not using electromechanical tools. Razor is sharpened manually on high-quality natural (Hatahosi, Escher) Japanese, Belgian and German stones and on Japanese whetstones water stones Naniwa Chosera. The razor passes HHT (Hanging Hair Test) after sharpening and honing on a leather strop. No new razor straight from the factory is truly shave-ready, so honing before use is necessary.
Price of razor sharpening is negotiable from $35, depending on a condition of the blade. See video:
Knife sharpening is done on the device which allows to keep the angle of sharpening with an accuracy of 0.05 degree. Sharpening knife by high-quality whetstones and natural stones (Diamonds, Naniwa Chosera, Arkansas, Washita, Charnley Forest, and many others) are used, depending on steel of the blade.
Price of knife sharpening is negotiable from $20, depending on the type of steel, length and condition of the blade. See video:
Want to have a sharp instrument? Welcome.
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Vadim has done an absolutely outstanding job for me restoring truly neglected set of five kitchen knives to their sharpest ever. He also expertly sharpened a tactical knife to it is original, factory stipulated specifications. In all his communications, Vadim has been prompt, polite and professional. In addition, he had provided a set of helpful instructions on how to look after knives so they remain sharp longer. I do not hesitate to highly recommend Vadim and his work.
galeb01 (58 58 positive feedback) Address Verified Apr 2019  Wed 05 Feb
Vadim: Thank you very much
I asked Vadim to see if he could help save my grandfather's old Kropp razor which I inherited on his passing. It was a bit neglected with some rust forming and in desperate need of some TLC. Vadim did an amazing job of bringing the razor back to life and not only saving this piece of our family history but also getting it to a shaveable state again. Vadim is a great guy, knows his business and is honest about what can and can't be done, I'd highly recommend him. Thanks so much Vadim!
richardmnz (60 60 positive feedback)  Thu 16 Jan
Vadim: Thank you so much Richard
After sharpening my Dovo to pass the SHT Vadim offered to test my Dovo with a shave. Vadim suspected it still might not provide an enjoyable shave. Hiis suspicion was correct. I purchased a vintage Japanese razor that Vadim recommended. That was a great decision as I can now enjoy a razor shave without pain from pulling hairs, which I previously had to endure! My Dovo shaves much better than it did, but it's no comparison to my now favourite Tamahagane razor, thanks Vadim :)
eric54 (71 71 positive feedback)  Mon 13 Jan
Vadim: Thank you Eric
I went to Vadim to have my Dovo razor honed and sharpened. I have been trying to teach myself for a few years with limited success. Vadim was more than happy to share how he does it and he was quickly able to remove a nick (chunk) that I had put in my razor and then bring the edge to splitting hair test standard by using a variety of stones and naguras. I learnt a great deal from Vadim and am very appreciative of that. continued...
eric54 (71 71 positive feedback)  Mon 06 Jan
Vadim: Thank you very much Eric.
WOW my knives have never been so SHARP! I'm a knife collector and very fussy about the knives I collect. I appreciate fine detailing and great craftsmanship. It took me a while to find a knife sharpening Service in New Zealand that I was comfortable to bring some of my knives to. With his detailed sharpening videos on YouTube, it gave me the confidence to bring my knives to him. Vadmin is a true gentleman who in my opinion provides the very best sharping services in N.Z. Five Star Service
scott243 (309 309 positive feedback) Address Verified Jun 2019  Sun 22 Dec
Vadim: Thank you very much Scott. It is very pleasant and comfortable to deal with you.
I brought my blunt antique razor to Vadim in the hope that he could restore it to its original sharpness. I had damaged the edge so was concerned it might be beyond repair. When Vadim had finished he showed me the hanging hair test - excellent. Then with my razor he cut a hair in two ALONG ITS LENGTH FOR ABOUT 4 cm - AMAZING! Vadim then made a Xmas tree by slicing "branches" off the hair while leaving them attached to the "trunk" at one end. I've never seen anything so sharp!!! Thanks Vadim.
radar27 (72 72 positive feedback)  Thu 28 Nov
Vadim: Thank you so much Jim.
Highly recommended service indeed! I've had a hunting knife and a couple of straight razors sharpened by Vadim. Cutting edge on my knife was polished to a mirror-like finish. So were two of my razors. Really good service for the price you pay. Hard to find anything like what he does in Auckland at least. Communication and shipping was on A+ level as well.
gleb1 (3 3 positive feedback)  Sat 08 Jun
Vadim: Thank you Gleb. Very pleasantly. Welcome.
Very impressed. I just received my razor back and couldn’t be happier.
danniide (33 33 positive feedback)  Wed 05 Jun
Vadim: Thank you. Very pleased that you liked how I sharpened the razor.
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