Clairvoyant Psychic/Tarot Reader/Healer "Annie"

Listing #: 1308435280
Business name: Reiki Relax
Location: Sumner
Christchurch City
About: Spirituall­y guided to Christchur­ch after 27 years in Auckland I know I am here for a reason
Services offered: Readings, Spiritual Guidance, Spiritual Workshops, Healing Sessions, Spiritual Holistic & Wellbeing Expos, Meditation and Life Coaching
Areas serviced: New Zealand and Overseas, worldwide via skype Christch­urch and surroundin­g areas face to face readings
Availability: I am available over the Christmas and New Year Break Appointm­ents by Arrangemen­t - weekdays, some evenings and weekends
In July 2013 my guides told me I would be moving south from Auckland. At the time I had no idea how that would possibly happen but amazingly In February 2014 I relocated to Christchurch, after 27 years in Auckland.

I am attuned to Higher Energies and Higher Consciousness (Source) and I work closely with my guides, the Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters in both readings and healing sessions.

I offer Readings from higher consciousness and sometimes spirit. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant and clairaudient, with readings using some or all of these. Readings are for about an hour and I use a combination of Tarot/Ascended Masters cards combined with Psychic/Clairvoyance/pendulum. Readings cover immediate situations with most being up to 6 - 10 months ahead. I am honest in my readings with you. I tell it like it is. If my guides feel you need telling off, then you probably will be but, on the flip side, if you need a hug you will get one. All readings come from a place of Love and Light - I will tell you 'what you need to hear', sometimes that may not be 'what you want to hear' but I will be open with you.

A lot of my healing works involves reaching to the core of emotional and health issues. Blocked energy traps us emotionally, physically and spiritually and I work with the Angels and Archangels to clear the blockages and cut the cords so that you can move forward in a more positive and healthy way. The effects of this can be life changing. It makes my heart sing to see the transformations take place. A dark veil lifted to allow the light to shine at its' brightest.

Readings in Person or by Skype are available
1 hour reading $80. 1/2 hour $50.
for testimonials and further info

I also run the monthly Spiritual Holistic & Wellbeing Expo at Heaton Intermediate

I look forward to meeting and helping you.

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be nice if you replied to your e mails...
mrspickles (1222 1222 positive feedback)  Sat 02 Feb
Annie Jury: Hi, sorry I have been back and searched my emails but I can't locate one from you. Feel free to contact me on my mobile below. Apologies for any inconvenience.
I am so thankful for the reading Annie. You confirmed a gut feeling and answered the burning questions. I'm looking forward to what the future now holds
james_v8 (11 11 positive feedback)  Sat 22 Sep
Annie Jury: Thank for your visit. Glad to be of help to you.
Annie, thanking you so much for our amazing readings yesterday. It was a powerful experience for the both of us and we left feeling so much more enlightened. Started my Vision board today and feeling very positive and optomistic...Bless you and thanking you again and again
funychewy (46 46 positive feedback)  Mon 26 Feb
Annie Jury: It was lovely to meet you both and so pleased to be of assistance to you both x
Hi Anne, I gave you bad feedback in February, I realized as the year has gone on that you did connect to me more than I realized. Sorry Annie for the negative feedback, I would take it back if I could.
chrism2 (684 684 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2019  Thu 23 Nov
Annie Jury: Hi :-) Thank you, I do appreciate you taking the time to come back to me on here and your confirmation regarding the reading. As we do "see ahead" sometimes it may not seem to "click" at the time, then months later things start to play out. Other times a reading may be more about your current situation and you can connect to it immediately :-) I can only relay what I get through on the day. Many thanks for the sorry. I wish you all the best - love and light
Thank you for your wise counsel Annie. You made me feel at ease and gave me a much needed reality check with my romantic relationships. Thank you for being gentle with me. Hugs, Chloe x
chloeharly (42 42 positive feedback)  Wed 15 Feb
Was really excited to get my reading but came away disappointed. Sorry Annie but i felt that you just didn't connect to me.
chrism2 (684 684 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2019  Mon 13 Feb
Annie Jury: Thanks for the feedback Chris. Every now and again I guess this can happen, to any reader. It's a shame you never mentioned anything on the day but all the best to you
Annie, it was so wonderful to meet you, thank you for making me feel so welcome and for such a detailed and insightful reading with a positive vibe! You and your guides were very kind and patient in answering my many questions. Thank you for giving me the emotional clarity I was looking for and for all your advice to help me move towards my dreams! Love + Light x
luckybean (23 23 positive feedback)  Sun 05 Feb
Annie Jury: Hi Samantha, it was a pleasure. You have a lot going for you. Reach for the stars x
Always good to start the new year off with a reading from Annie. She puts me on the right track. Pleased to get confirmation I am doing things right. Many thanks, Annie
bree6 (1781 1781 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2019  Fri 13 Jan
Annie Jury: You are most welcome :-)
Awesome reading, lovely and friendly lady. I will be returning again, I had such fun and my questions were answered in detailed manner. Thanks Annie!!
helen69 (1866 1866 positive feedback) Address Verified Feb 2019  Thu 12 Jan
Annie Jury: Thank you Helen - it was a lovely connection. Many blessings x
Annie was spot on with tuning in to my worries. Such a great reading that gave reassurance and relief. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xoxoxo Son
lanew (20 20 positive feedback) Address Verified Feb 2018  Mon 11 Jan
Annie Jury: Awww beautiful soul it was a real pleasure meeting and connecting with you and I know it will happen again. Much love sent to you xxx
I was feeling depressed until Annie gave me the self-confidence and positive energy that I needed to continue on. Her readings and messages are very accurate and I am still amazed at how fast some of them came true. One of my tarot readings was "Drink More Water" and that very night a infection started - I really did need to drink more water! I would gladly recommend Annie to anyone and I will definitely go back to her for some help and healing in the future. She is the real deal!
dila13 (6 6 positive feedback)  Mon 11 Jan
Annie Jury: Glad you drank the water!! A pleasure to be able to help you and I look forward to seeing you again, Thank you for taking the time to post a review :-)
Annie gave me a reading when I was having trouble in my life, but after seeing her I was confident an knew what I had to do to put myself on track again.Annie is such a caring person an told me what was needed to be said.I absolutely will be seeing her again and recommend her to all that need direction an being in her presence is even calming itself .Thankyou Anniexx
realhotstuff (85 85 positive feedback) Address Verified Mar 2019  Thu 07 Jan
Annie Jury: Lovely to meet you and thank you for the feedback. We had a lovely session - my guides can be quite direct but it all comes with love So pleased to see you get benefit xxx
I had yet another amazing healing session with Annie today. I highly recommend her for healing, readings and connecting with spirits. She has connected with my Nan whom I was very close too smelling baking which she was known for. I have taken several of my friends to her purely because I trust and respect her so much. Thank you you're are a very special person in my life.
perrims1 (219 219 positive feedback) Address Verified Apr 2018  Wed 30 Dec
Annie Jury: Lovely to see you again today special lady :-) I will never forget your Nan coming through that day and the shortbread smell! Blessings to you xx
Hi, I had a reading earlier in the year from Annie, I went thinking things were going to change for my husbands role, but actually come September it was my role and my health that was in the reading. A great lady with awesome readings and truths.
haylz24 (172 172 positive feedback)  Tue 22 Dec
Annie Jury: Thanks and lovely to connect with you xx
Lovely lady, but when we arrived for our readings we found out that Annie can't talk to spirit and receive messages from them. We were a little disappointed but Annie did refund our money. xxx
sue-corgis (278 278 positive feedback) Address Verified Apr 2018  Tue 15 Dec
Annie Jury: Lovely to meet you the other day - as I said, I do get spirit of passed loved ones through in readings, but not at every reading. Very happy to refund your money and refer you to a psychic medium who was more what you were looking for. Love and Blessings for Christmas and New Year x
I visited Annie a few months ago because I was hoping for insight into a very challenging and stressful time we were going through. Annie was amazing. She mentioned things she could never have known which took me by surprise and I left feeling my positive all would work out. A few months later I was blown away by how accurate she was. Thank you so much Annie, you are truly gifted.
colette_mckee (44 44 positive feedback)  Mon 14 Dec
Annie Jury: Thanks for the feedback Colette - awesome eh!!
I visited Annie today. I went feeling totally low and lost in life. I came out feeling happy, excited and full of life and full of hope. She has been tremendous in her healing and calling the guiding angels for help. I can not express in words how I feel right now. I have spring all around me and light everywhere. I am extremely happy that people like her exist who help make a difference to others lives. Words can not express my sincere gratitude. Rebekah
rebekahh1 (67 67 positive feedback)  Fri 23 Oct
Annie Jury: It was an absolute pleasure to work with you today Rebekah. The hierarchy always support us when we ask for their help and it was awesome to see the change that came over you when I called them in - Much love to you xx
I recently visited Annie for a reading - my first time - and I am so extremely pleased with how it went. Annie to start off with was very warm and welcoming, making me feel at ease and at home. Without going into too much detail, the reading was incredibly accurate and provided so much help in regards to some questions I have had without any prompting. There was laughter, and some tears! I would absolutely recommend Annie to anyone and will be sending some friends her way. Thank you Annie x
kiwiphan (153 153 positive feedback)  Mon 08 Jun
Annie Jury: Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Much love sent to you xx
My first visit with Annie and I will be back for more! A very open, super friendly and down to earth lady who will tell you what you need to know. I didn't have anything specific to ask, I just wanted some sort of reassurance that I am doing what I'm supposed to be doing right now in life. This I didn't say out loud but I got my answers and am super grateful! I also have a few exciting things happening this year and Annie was able to find out what months these would occur. Thanks Annie!
mariadee (140 140 positive feedback) Address Verified Mar 2019  Mon 23 Feb
Annie Jury: You are most welcome. Lovely to connect with you and to be able to help you x
I had a reading on last Friday morning, it was fine and there were maybe two things that showed immediate validation. I'll wait to see what will come from everything else she said. Thank you for your time.
mpgk (110 110 positive feedback)  Tue 03 Feb
Annie Jury: Thanks and Blessings
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