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Listing #: 1626622971
Business name: Annielise
Location: Whitby
About: I am an Internatio­nal Psychic Medium. Seeing, sensing and communicat­ing with spirit is part of the natural environmen­t to me.
Services offered: Mediumship, Psychic, Spiritual and Oracle readings; Empowerment/Life skills/Confidence building consultations; Workshops/Courses
Areas serviced: During these uncertain times I am still providing readings Wellingt­on region ; World-wide via e-mail, FaceBook, Skype, Viber, Zoom .
Availability: Please contact me to arrange a reading, www.anniel or via this page please leave contact number. or Email me at annielise@­
Have you lost direction or purpose in life. Are there
decisions or choices to be made and you need some advice and guidance to help with them.

Whatever the case, it may be that a reading is what will help you reassert your purpose and define your goals in life.

People contact me for many various reasons. I offer different readings depending on the circumstances of the individual and what they may need or seek at that particular time.

Whilst I am psychic, the emphasis of my work is as a spiritual medium, making connections with, and delivering messages from, those who have passed over. I act as a channel between the Spiritual plane and the Earth plane.

I can bring you messages from spirit which will give you clarity and helpful direction in your daily life.

I use my natural gifts, together with my life experiences and philosophies. My purpose is to advise, guide and help where spirit feels it is needed most.

Using my gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience, together with my personal life experiences and philosophies, I will advise, assist and guide you. I don't claim to have all the answers, or be a fortune teller; my purpose is to help individuals where spirit feels they need it most, and from this the answers will usually come.

I have an honest, direct and positive approach to helping, through my gift of spiritual contact. The wonderful people I have had the privilege to read for over the years have given me immense pleasure. Their positive comments and return visits are evidence of the benefits they receive.
Check out my web page and read my testimonials.

Readings start from 15 minutes and can last up to 90 minutes depending on your preference and the information passed to me from spirit. I also offer card readings; these start as little as $15 for a single card Tarot or Oracle card.

- $30- 15 mins reading
- $50 - 30 mins reading
- $90 - 60 mins reading
- $130 90 mins reading

For further details, contact me at.

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100% from 28 reviews.

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Lovely reading with alot of info and confirmations. Many blessings and will connect again in the future. Thank you
hootsmon (331 331 positive feedback)  Fri 22 May
Annielise: Thank you for your kind and honest review. I look forward to speaking with you again in the near future.
Thank you Annielise. You gave me clarity and peace of mind. Everything you said came about and you made me so very happy. I was worried and concerned about my friends and family and you gave me peace. Especially as I had never used Zoom. It was like you were right there holding my hand. You are an Earth Angel. Thank you thank you thank you. God bless Annielise.
af1010 (16 16 positive feedback)  Wed 13 May
Annielise: Thank you. Annielise
WOW amazing lady, spot on with names & thank god for tissues ,great in sights in upcoming events ..cant wait to see you one day soon ,thank you so very much for all that you much more i could say ,but just wow..your just wonderful..thankyou..
tracey377 (1816 1816 positive feedback)  Thu 30 Jan
Annielise: Thank you Tracey. I am just so happy and pleased that you enjoyed your reading. That it gave you clarity and direction. I try to help anyone who contacts me for a reading. with spirits help the messages do get through and this gives them support and closer. Look forward to catching up with you again at a later date. kind regards Annielise
Annielise has a special gift. I had such an amazing reading with her. Really helped me seek some clarity when I needed some direction. Thank you so much.
annettia (1210 1210 positive feedback)  Wed 29 Jan
Annielise: Thank you Annettia. I am so pleased that your reading gave you direction and clarity that you were looking for. Thank you for your kind and honest review. It helps others. Who might be thinking about getting a reading and would like some guidance. kind regards. Annielise
My first reading with Annielise. She was very easy to talk to, honest , clear and non-judgemental. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading and got a lot out of it. Would love to have another reading in future and already recommended to a friend. Thanks so much Annielise for sharing your gift in such a wonderful manner.
tmaccount2016 (2 2 positive feedback)  Wed 22 Jan
Annielise: I am really pleased to have helped you and assisted you on your pathway. I look forward to hearing from you in the future. Thank you for your excellent review. kind regards Annielise
Annielise is my favourite Psychic Medium. I always go to her whenever I need advice from my loveones. She's very accurate. She gives a fair and reasonable price. She is not too strict with the time. She will explain to you in a simple way to understand it.She's one of the best Psychic Mediums in New Zealand with a fair price. I will contact you again for my 6th monthly reading. Can't wait to hear from you. May God bless you more young lady. Love and light, Lenny from Hamilton xx
faithjoy2 (37 37 positive feedback)  Fri 17 Jan
Annielise: I really enjoy reading for Lenny we have never met in person and yet our skype readings feel like she is in the same room. I look forward to catching up with you again soon. Thank you for your positive kind and honest review. Annielise
Lovely reading the other day with great advice and lots of names offered with direct links - very accurate ??
horatio9 (592 592 positive feedback)  Mon 13 Jan
Annielise: Thank you I really appreciate your feed back. It helps others find the right people for them. I look forward to catching up with you again in the near future. Annielise
Annielise is my go to person when I am feeling confused and needing clarity. She has been so generous. I totally respect her perspective as she always delivers in a way that I feel really seen. She also connects with my mother and checks in with her so it makes me feel like I am connecting again with her for a wee snippet of time on the earth plane.
permoso11 (35 35 positive feedback)  Fri 06 Dec
Annielise: Thank you for your kind and honest review.. Your Mum is a wonderful lady who loved life and just wants you to be happy. She is always at hand watching out for her family. I love her zest for communication she makes me smile and that makes my job a real pleasure. Have a great Christmas Annielise
Annielise has an unbelievable way of connecting with the heart of the matter in her readings in such a pinpointed way. There is no doubting that she is extremely gifted in her connection. It is such a bonus too that is so warm and compassionate. My mind is at ease with a situation and her connecting with a parent that has passed was beautiful x
permoso11 (35 35 positive feedback)  Sat 27 Jul
Annielise: Thank you for your kind and honest review. I am pleased to be able to help you on your journey. Thank you Annielise
I used to go to different mediums every year but since I tried Annielise I stick with her as my permanent Psychic Medium. She's very informative, detailed and straight forward.She does my reading every 6 months... Thank you Annielise I feel so greatful to have you as a medium of communication and a pathway to connect with my loveones from the other side. I emailed you again for my August 2019 appointment. Blessings, Lenny
faithjoy2 (37 37 positive feedback)  Fri 19 Jul
Incredible reading by an incredible woman! Thanks so much for what you do and I will be using your services again. I would recommend to anyone! :)
beaveraldinho (17 17 positive feedback)  Tue 09 Jul
Annielise: I am so pleased that the skype interview went so well. It was also a pleasure to see you again so that we could touch base and confirm direction. You are on the right path. Kind regards. Annielise
Thank you so much Annielise for the amazing reading today I was absolutely blown away at how much you knew without me even suggesting anything truely blessed with an extraordinary gift look forward to future readings with you xx
greex07 (1 1 positive feedback)  Mon 08 Jul
Annielise: Thank you for your kind and honest review. You are an amazing person who has a wonderful future to look forward too. Annielise
I am happy to recommended Annielise I have seen her several times now and each time she has given me information and guidance which has really helped me on my pathway and with family issues.
af1010 (16 16 positive feedback)  Fri 08 Mar
Annielise: Thank you for your kind and honest comments. Annielise
I just wanted to say thank you to amazing Annielise with amazing work and value given me in my life also readings and personal development. She supported me alot through difficult journey. She very gifted and committed to her work making difference in people works with. High recommended.
michelles8 (3 3 positive feedback) Address Verified Jan 2018  Mon 10 Dec
Annielise: Thank you Michelle, It is nice to be recognised for the work I do. I am very thankful to spirit for the love and support they provide to so in turn I can help and direct others to take charge of their own destiny and make decisions that enable them to move on with their lives. I really appreciate your kind words and support. Annielise
Annielise sent me an email reading which I was very happy with. I felt she managed to highlight a particular issue that may have been causing a blockage - so that's my job to resolve it. It was a short term glimpse so I am looking forward to what is coming up soon. A sincere and caring approach to reading so I highly recommend Annielise to anyone who would like some insight into and around their life's journey.
bobandjack (51 51 positive feedback) Address Verified Jun 2019  Sun 11 Nov
Annielise: Thank you for your honest and kind review. I also am so pleased that you are taking control of you journey and that it is you that are making the changes. My aim with spirits help is to give people the tools to take charge of their lives and give them guidence to help them make choices that are positive and helpful. Thank you Kind regards Annielise
I have had my second reading with Annielise. I saw her a few months back and I wanted to see her again to thank her as her directions and advice was so helpful and it gave me closure. She is straight forward and direct. She goes the extra mile to try and help anyone who she comes into contact with. Thank you
af1010 (16 16 positive feedback)  Sat 10 Nov
Annielise: Thank you for your postive review. I was so please to be able to help and assist you with you pathway. Kind Regards Annielise
A wonderful reading. Thank you so much Annielise for your guidance, clarity and advice. Highly recommend and I will definitely be in contact again.
bug75 (16 16 positive feedback)  Wed 07 Nov
Annielise: Thank you. I am pleased I was able to provide information that would help you with your decesions. I work together with spirit to try to guide and yet give you the confidence to be your own person. Yes I am direct and too the point but I am also kind and gentle with a common sense view of the world today and the people who live here.Thank you Annielise
Great reading with lots of information. Supportive and very kind lady. Received reading promptly although was no need :) I highly recommend receiving a reading! :) Thanks again Annielise xx
naz87 (13 13 positive feedback)  Mon 05 Nov
Annielise: Thank you. I really apprechaite that you took the time to leave me positive feed back. I try to help everyone who contacts me. I wish you all the best for the future. Annielise
Annelise is amazing and gifted lady are accurate and very helpful with excellent service . I high recommend her.
michelles8 (3 3 positive feedback) Address Verified Jan 2018  Tue 25 Sep
Annielise: Thank you for your kind and honest review Michelle. I was happy to help you. I wish you well and send blessings to you. Kind regards Annielise
A big thank you to you Annielise. You are such a blessing to me. Annielise is reliable and replies to emails quickly. She's a lovely psychic medium who does not take advantage of clients. She's really good of what shes doing because she is the real deal, Informative and affordable. Thank you so much Annielise. I will definitely contact you again. Bless you, Lenny
faithjoy2 (37 37 positive feedback)  Mon 24 Sep
Annielise: Thank you for your kind and honest review. I am pleased I was able with spirits help to give you some direction and pass on any messages that they have to give. I am the commons sense medium. Many Blessings Annielise
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