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Business name: Astroplus.­
Location: Napier South
Hawke's Bay
About: Christina is an experienced intuitive astrologer, author, radio host & healer who answers life questions with guidance, wisdom & spiritual connection
Services offered: Knowledge & insight into the following: Business, Career, Finance, Relationships, Elective Surgery, Fertility, Health/Ayurvedic Life, Soul Direction
Areas serviced: Hawkes Bay person to person. Nationwi­de/International via skype, phone and email
Availability: Appointmen­t arranged on contact with client Monday to Saturday 10-5pm.
Astrology is the art of timing.
Your horoscope is your personal GPS that guides you in life.

Every event happens in a specific time & place. That instance in time holds meaning to that event & the people involved.

Everything in life works with the ebb and flow of energy from the Universe & all the earthly & heavenly bodies reside within you.

These energies interact meaningfully with your personal energy. This triggers your birth chart to reveal the events in all areas of life.

Receiving insight into your horoscope will reveal the blueprint of your individual plan of life. It opens windows to deeper understanding of your psyche & the effect external energies, forces & personalities have on you.

With this knowledge comes the wisdom to assist you in making the best possible choices to serve you at your time of searching or conflict.

Astrology is this unraveling of the wonders of your birth chart to show the potential it holds for you: your own embedded treasure map: it awakens you to the present, & prepares you for the future.

‘Nicholas Culpeper (1616-1654) the famous herbalist and physician used astrology alongside his herbal medicines.
"Only astrologers are fit to study medicine and a medical man without astrology is like a lamp without oil." ’

Interview By Womens Weekly August 2016

one simple clear question $25.00
two questions $40.00

Email session $140.00

60 min session $120.00
90 min session $160.00
All health sessions $185.00

Also available via email
Sun sign medical astrology NZ$19.00
Personal Love Profile NZ$70.00

payment through Paypal & internet banking. Appointment once payment is confirmed. for regular cosmic updates and tips For FREE seasonal newsletter

New Book
Learn to Self-heal available here on trade me at NZ$30.00 only.
A valuable investment for your health and the health of your family.

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Christina is a terrific astrologist with great passion for what she does. Her readings strike you as deeply accurate and insightful. With Christina you also have the benefit of her knowledge and experience in a range of medical, spiritual and holistic fields and her intuition is spot on. Whatever your goals, an astrology session with Christina is well worth your time, with practical timely advice and a lot of compassion, Christina will be your biggest cheerleader.
mjbarrie (62 62 positive feedback) Address Verified Mar 2018  Fri 27 Mar
AMAZING LIFE CHANGING experience. Christina's knowledge, expertise and intuition shine through with such empowerment and brilliance. This is "top shelf". I now have clarity, perspective, heightened awareness and the focus to activate things. Everything covered resonated on all levels.... to the point where I "landed" with certainty. Her integrity, openness and fluidity is such a rare gift. Self Heal book is the icing on the cake.
rans (686 686 positive feedback) Address Verified Apr 2019  Sun 19 Jan
Wow! This reading I just had was so informative, Christine is just amazingly talented in her craft. I got so much info and intuitive advise and Christine was able to cover so many topics with her charts. She is very good. If you want to understand what lies ahead for you I highly recommend getting an astrology report from Christine. Mania
willowmoon1 (0 0 positive feedback)  Tue 31 Dec
From the outset the communication was very much appreciated. Even before I had committed to anything Christina took the time to find out what I was wanting and explained what she does and offers. The hardest part for me was waiting for the four mini natal charts because I was so excited to be offering my adult kids something they least expected for Christmas. Thrilled by their accuracy and arrived on time. As I type I am eagerly awaiting my own chart. Thank you Christina
heather16 (139 139 positive feedback)  Fri 27 Dec
Christina is great. Straight to the point. Tells you what you need to hear , yes shes friendly too :-)
saby4 (53 53 positive feedback)  Thu 10 Oct
I often consult with Christina whenever I have major decesions to make or in a period of crisis. I find her readings to be informative, accurate and insightful. Christina is very supportive and always explains things thoroughly. I would high recommend her services.
hairdr (0 0 positive feedback) Address Verified Jan 2019  Thu 10 Oct
Had a awesome astrology reading from Christina, she is very accurate, helpful and gave me really useful information. Christina is really easy to talk, I highly recommend her. Frances :)
frany1 (6 6 positive feedback)  Sat 21 Sep
had the most amazing reading from Christina ... everything touched base for me ... i would highly recommend her ... and what a beautiful soul she is ??
jennie_1 (30 30 positive feedback)  Tue 20 Aug
Great lady, great Reads thank u for my latest chart reading for my Mr 6 year old. I feel better equipped with some insight into his chart and how I can better support him in his journey. One Empowered Mumma over here ?? I've loved working with Christina (3x readings so far) I am now learning Astrology from her now and loving every second! Feels so exciting to know that I can learn it and am learning it, these skills are already enriching my life. See u next class ??
shellybaby (79 79 positive feedback)  Wed 14 Aug
Awsome reading. Resonate all. great guidance and advise. Highly recommended.
333jjj (0 0 positive feedback)  Tue 30 Jul
Great reading. Christina answered my questions with great insite. Great with communication around setting up an appointment.
bubbly78 (71 71 positive feedback)  Tue 26 Feb
I loved my astrological reading! Chrystena was so accurate with everything. I would highly recommend her service, and her book to! I will definitely be going back for more readings and advice :-)
jessie861 (89 89 positive feedback)  Sun 20 Jan
Such wisdom and knowledge that Christina brought to my session today. It was like she was reading my life's journey right in front of me as it was so accurate. I left with so much more knowledge about how I can bring even more support to my career, relationships and health just to name a few. Forever grateful for our session!
lisalou6 (233 233 positive feedback)  Wed 16 Jan
I loved my 90minute reading. The time was spent diving very deep with alot of information. I gained alot of clarity and learnings from this experience, I am so happy and excited for my New Growth Journey with these new understandings about myself. Lots of fun, comfortable and a well worth it investment. Thank you
shellybaby (79 79 positive feedback)  Fri 11 Jan
Astrology came into my life when I was grieving for the loss of my father & brother who I missed . In my grief my life started to go wrong & I was really stressed. I lost weight, was not sleeping well, & was hardly eating. My body was in pain. Through Astrology Christina has guided me to a healthier way to sort out troubles in life. Once you understand the meanings & the opportunity Astrology provides, you will feel like a new person & moving forward daily in a positive way.
hairdr (0 0 positive feedback) Address Verified Jan 2019  Mon 07 Jan
I asked Christina to complete astrology charts for my two children. The results were really interesting, as she accurately described their personalities, as well as challenges each child would have to deal with, that have come to pass. The astrology charts have been given a range of ideas as to how to parent my children as individuals. I would recommend Christina's services as a great tool to help you with your journey with your children, or any of your loved ones.
crawford_sells (0 0 positive feedback)  Sun 30 Dec
Christina's reading was pretty much spot on about me. The reading has helped me with decisions by thinking outside the square. I think at same stage on our journey we need a WOF on our life/direction. I think Christina is the right person for it. Amazing!!!
ollie199 (14 14 positive feedback)  Sun 02 Dec
Christina is an amazing teacher and mentor. She has helped me heal and gain knowledge of myself, Through Astrology. I highly recommend her amazing gift to everyone! Thankyou Christina you are truly beautifulx
stella.j (19 19 positive feedback)  Sat 17 Nov
Christina really knows her stuff and gave a very accurate picture of many aspects of my life. Her guidance and insight around timings for my business and professional life were very valuable and I would recommend Christina to anyone seeking clarity.
ruthie-66 (15 15 positive feedback)  Mon 12 Nov
I went and saw Christina back in May and it was awesome! I also got her book Learn to self heal. I was always of the understanding that we are just one star sign, but when I read the others she gave me, based on my chart, I couldn't believe it! It was unbelievably accurate! This book has really helped me change the way I see myself and appreciate myself a lot more! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone on the road to self-discovery!
rockchic9 (16 16 positive feedback) Address Verified Jan 2020  Mon 20 Aug
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