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Listing #: 507669331
Business name: Cleone
Location: Oxford
About: Clairsenti­ent healing insight for your unhealed painful inner places. Understand your life challenges and gifts.
Services offered: Soul mirror truth for your journey with channelling via Zen tarot for inspirational, practical & spiritual (non religious) insights.
Areas serviced: Everywhere (via Skype) and face to face in Oxford, Canterbury
Availability: Pretty much any time by mutual arrangemen­t
Born in India, lived in Sri Lanka, UK, Canada and now New Zealand since 1975. Have worked with Zen Tarot for over 25 years .For those who want something deeper than just predictions (which, as you probably know already, may or may not ever happen). I channel from Zen Tarot images, deeply rooted in ancient wisdom, which somehow uncannily reflect back to you your own personal pattern. See why the s*** you went through had to happen and maybe that the person who is your greatest bugbear has been there for a reason.

Believing everything you are told by a "psychic" gives away your power and you can feel great trauma if something wonderful is predicted but then never happens. There is more to life than just being born, getting, spending, and dying and we all came into a human lifetime to learn who we are and why we are here.

Sessions with me work a bit like seeing a counsellor in that we first talk about the issues in your life on which I offer insight from a broad spiritual viewpoint, followed by the Zen tarot casting which always seems to sum up what has been talked about and to offer hope and healing. In New Age terms I can be said to be the "Wounded Healer" after a long and difficult life, but one full of spiritual exploration and growing understanding.. There are no "bad" cards - the only ones with negative energy speak of imagined difficulties - which, once seen, can be talked about for release.

Set aside a morning or afternoon for your session as you will be with me for at least three to four hours, maybe more. I am not offering this service to make money - I have to be available for those who are ready to hear what may come through me - hence the flat rate fee, no matter how long the session takes.

You will find the time flies and you'll leave feeling cared for and lighter.

$100.00 waged
$70.00 unwaged/student/beneficiary/super

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I had an amazing time with Cleo, it was very laid back almost like hanging out with an old friend. She just lets you talk about your current situation and anything else you feel comfortable with. When the time is right she'll read your cards, it was almost like you already knew the answers but the cards just confirmed it. I left feeling so much lighter than when I had arrived. I'll definitely go back for my follow up.
debbieg2407 (12 12 positive feedback)  Sun 08 Jul
I had a brilliant reading with Cleo via SKYPE. During the computer session, I felt Cleo took the time and energy to be with me, fully present. I found through the computer it went very well, cleo connected with me with ease and genuineness, she had so much time and patience with me, the readings gave me great encouragement and has helped me feel very clear and certain with many areas of my life. 100% worth your time and money I can hugely recommend to all AAA++++"
seez1 (213 213 positive feedback)  Thu 05 Jul
I had an amazing reading with Cleo, extremely accurate and although done through skype, was bang on.....Cleo is a very warm and caring individual with tons of passion for what she does. She delves into the many dimensions of a soul, and helps one to make sense of their journey, which i found so invaluable.....she gives of her time freely and very generously, a true light amongst the darkness. ..............................­...................................
princesspumpkin (514 514 positive feedback) Address Verified Dec 2018  Fri 01 Jun
I have nothing but good things to day about Cleone. She welcomes you in and then spends an extraordinary amount of time helping, guiding and giving hope in what was for me a very challenging time. You really end up feeling lighter when you leave and with a sense that she really cares. I would highly recommend.
starr29 (60 60 positive feedback)  Thu 31 May
Thank you for your time Cleone. It was a great session. I appreciated your insight into so many different things. The reading was insightful and accurate and I really enjoyed it. Take care Cleone. X
slick76 (319 319 positive feedback)  Mon 05 Mar
No words can explain the feeling of gratitude that came from a meeting with cleone. Such a lovely lovely lady who was so generous with her time to really listen. A wonderful gifted person who had such an impact on me that day and since. Highly recommended to all.
dreamer60a (43 43 positive feedback)  Tue 23 Jan
I would highly recommend Cleone for her beautiful Inner Light Soul Readings. Extremely generous with her time, clear, insightful guidance. Very caring listener. After coming to a crossroads which was causing me great distress, I have left feeling much lighter with clear direction on what I am now doing. Cleone's guidance has been perfect for me, as I faced a personally challenging time. The readings are full of light and love and very beautifully delivered in a way you can understand. Thank you!
kohekohe8 (132 132 positive feedback) Address Verified Feb 2017  Sun 31 Dec
Where to Start. We started of with a long comfortable chat focusing 100% on spirituality. Cleone herself comes from the same background as me (India). So she is quite familiar with spirituality. I don't often open up with anyone but Cleone definitely knew where I was coming from and she her self is a very spiritual person. After our long talk we moved on to the cards and l can not believe how the cards 100% related to my past and current life, But also how my future was going to unfold. Thankyou
deep66 (10 10 positive feedback)  Wed 13 Dec
Cleone is a lovely, wise and honest lady. Quite the little gem really. She is unbelievably generous with her time. I enjoyed my skype reading which was very accurate and I hope to follow up in a few months time. Have fun finding your filing cabinet :) All the best Cleone.
arabian (403 403 positive feedback) Address Verified Aug 2017  Sat 09 Dec
So understanding and welcoming I felt totally comfortable opening up. Was a great experience and am very glad I found this listing and went. Thank you so much =)
taryn43 (40 40 positive feedback)  Tue 05 Dec
Spent a lovely morning with Cleone. She sets a wonderful atmosphere and provides a warm welcome as a beginning to the session in which I felt comfortable and respected. She is a compassionate and avid listener. The zen tarot was confirmation that I was on the right path and that I had forgotten to trust myself and the universe. Thank you for what you bring to this lifetime.
bluebear2 (425 425 positive feedback)  Tue 28 Nov
I had a reading with Cleone via Skype. What a wonderful experience. She took her time and explained everything with a wonderful mix of kindness and thoughtfulness. At the end of the session I felt that I understand so much more about myself and I can move forward with a new perspective. I will definitely contact Cleone again.
oberonnz (99 99 positive feedback) Address Verified Nov 2017  Tue 21 Nov
This was a second reading and was definitely like catching up with a very supportive friend! Cleone is extraordinary- she has the ability to hone in on areas you didn't realise were important to explore and helps you find ways to move forward. She takes the time to chat, ask questions, share her experiences and gently empower you. If you have the slightest thought you needs some help in any area, I encourage you to follow your voice within and find her, I highly recommend her.
jandrhutt (580 580 positive feedback)  Wed 25 Oct
I just want to send the biggest thank you to you Cle. The whole getting to know one another over a cuppa and a muffin was priceless "That Oneness" then the tarrot card reading, very moving and rewarding experience So thank you again Cle for sharing your knowledge, warmth and your ture love..4hrs later. Arohanui na Tarakoikoia Warekauri
tarakoikoia (56 56 positive feedback)  Mon 18 Sep
What a lovely lady. Cleone was so welcoming and makes me feel so warm in cold and raining morning. She totally understand me and give me a good suggestion. Be happy every day. Worth it and will come back. Thanks Cleone!
liuping (14 14 positive feedback)  Mon 14 Aug
Hi thumbs up to this lovelly lady such a delight and very true to my soul searching thankyou so much for making me feel better within myself it was a pleasure meeting you and will definiately come again I will also go over my readings again to reconnect my soul and to make me feel better thanks again for a lovely reading.AAAA+++ Kim Lingham
trixs43 (138 138 positive feedback)  Fri 30 Jun
Wow today I was speechless. I am so grateful and blessed our paths have crossed. Cleone is amazing, compassionate, knowledgeable, insightful. Three hours felt like one hour.I had Cleone on my watch list for a while and keep wondering if I should talk to her and now I wish I did it sooner. thank you, many blessings to you for your guidance today was extremely accurate. I have never experience what happened today. I definitely will make contact again soon. Blessings xx
pinni2 (25 25 positive feedback)  Tue 20 Jun
Cleo is a lovely, knowledgeable and insightful lady. She gave her time generously and made me feel welcome and at ease. She accurately picked up on areas of my life which I had been suppressing and her words of wisdom have started me on a journey of personal growth. I'm glad I made time to see Cleo, I came away lighter in heart and at peace. I would thoroughly recommend a visit to her.
bristow88 (3 3 positive feedback)  Sat 10 Jun
I had my first ever reading with Cleone this week and it was very interesting. I'm really pleased I did this as I could see why my life has been the way it has been, I realised my traits, strengths and cautions rather than weaknesses so I feel more aware for my path ahead. When we sat for my reading I felt really engaged and excited and I have had lots to think about since. Thank you Cleone
roselover (683 683 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2018  Fri 26 May
My reading with Cleo was very emotional and enlightening. I have gained a lot of knowledge about myself and things I need to do to get on the right path. Thank you Cleo, your company was very peaceful and I felt very safe opening up to you. I felt all my cards were spot on and I could relate to everything you told me. Thank you x
emz33 (149 149 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2017  Mon 08 May
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