Astrologer/Palmistry & Holistic Counsellor Q.B.E.

Listing #: 633749853
Business name: Emerging Angels Limited
Location: Long Bay
North Shore City
About: Hello my name is Kath Tutill and I am the President of The Astrology Foundation Inc. Auckland. I offer Consultati­ons to help guide you through Life.
Services offered: I can work clairvoyantly, but love the fact ASTROLOGY is the 'blueprint' of your Life from the moment you take your first breath. Birthchart incl.
Areas serviced: I have a room in Birkenhead point if you need a one-on-one Consultation; otherwise I can mail/courier you any 'Profile/Birth Charts' throughout NZ.
Availability: I have a loyal client base that is constantly growing. I work within the Mind/Body/­Spirit Festival environmen­t, so please email for my availabili­ty.
"A possibility was born the day you were born, and it will live as long as you live..."

Astrology is a Science involving the transiting energies of the planets. The Moon in particular has a strong pull on all of us, along with the changing tides... We are simply bodies of water with emotions that ebb & flow with the energies around us.

The Sun is your Mana or Spirit... The Moon rules your Emotions... Jupiter expands... Saturn controls routines & hardwork... Venus is Love & Beauty... Mars sparks Action... and Mercury is all about how we communicate with others.

WHO ARE YOU?? What stage of your Life are you @... I can help your direction in Life, and provide you with the necessary skills to move forward with more personal insight into 'why' things are the way they are! I can provide you with supportive timeframes by Reading your BirthChart... The current transiting planets have the ability to 'trigger' your own Birth Chart - which is why some of us are experiencing 'challenges' in certain areas of our Lives. Date of Birth is needed (Time of Birth if known); along with which Country you were born in.

Synastry Astrology is one of my passions, and I am studying more with Medical Astrology...Are you two SOUL-Mates? In todays high pressure Life it is important to nurture all your Relationships, and I can help you if you are experiencing any 'obstacles' within your Relationship. Or I can look into a Parent/teenager situation; A workmate? Same sex Unions... I have a mixed client base and a natural empathic nature to help you overcome most challenges Life will throw at You. I recently had a Client ask me to 'Profile' her Partner 2 weeks before they were due to walk down the aisle! Luckily for her; they were very well suited & had even shared a Past Life together...

Counseling is a natural companion with Astrology as everyone needs someone to listen to them... Astrology is an alternative form of psychology.

I am Certified Advanced in Palmistry. AFI Website::

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During a turbulent time in my life when I was struggling to find direction, I was feeling as though things were not going to change for the better. On first meeting Kathryn, she immediately put me at ease, I found her to be very engaging. I would describe Kathryn as having an extraordinary natural talent. Best of all she keeps it simple and easy to understand so that it ‘just makes sense’. It was because of Kathryn that I now have strong interest in spirituality. Mr J.
bager (36 36 positive feedback) Address Verified Jan 2019  Sun 29 Apr
I initially contacted Katherine when facing a very difficult medical situation. I had to undergo a medical procedure and wanted to maximise my chances of success. Katherine went above and beyond to help, me not only to ascertain dates but also assisted me to deal with some other issues surrounding the procedure. I found her to be very kind, caring and professional but most importantly to me, she was very honest and direct. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance.
chrisrory (132 132 positive feedback) Address Verified Apr 2018  Fri 20 Dec
Thank you so very much for a wonderful enlightening session. I left you feeling like a new woman and the actual session was for my daughter. Such an easy, empathetic, wise and comforting energy. I really am beyond grateful for your support and guidance. Thank you!
troll_baby (52 52 positive feedback)  Tue 10 Sep
I found Kath at a time when I really needed some guidance and understanding of what was happening in my life. Her skills of astrology, clairvoyance and palmistry combine to give you a full picture of why things are the way they are. I've found her naturally empathetic and giving nature to be very healing for me. Thanks so much Kath! Luv Denise x
dee653 (0 0 positive feedback)  Wed 04 Sep
I love Kath! She is very talented and passionate about what she does! She is approachable, caring and very helpful and puts in so much time and effort! I am so very grateful for meeting Kath and what she has done for me! :D
jules951 (67 67 positive feedback) Address Verified Dec 2019  Sat 14 Jul
Kath's work is amazing. She puts time, effort, soul & compassion into her work. Not only does she offer her an extremely high level of accuracy with her astrology, she uses her intuition to help guide you along your path. Thank you for your wisdom, clarity & insight Kathryn. Blessings Karen
pommie_chick1 (71 71 positive feedback)  Wed 23 May
Kath is an amazing person to be around - she is very inspiring with her vast knowledge of Astrology - She regularly updates me on my daily chart information and holds all the information in her mind which I find astounding... A genuine and most of all very mature person with a high degree of wisdom and integrity... I would recommend her to anyone... Edward James Tagg (International Psychic Clairvoyant Medium, Healer and Teacher)
edwardtagg (81 81 positive feedback)  Sat 07 Jan
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