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Location: Hokianga
Far North
About: Heavenly Inspiratio­ns combined with sincere down to earth insights gleaned from over 6 decades to share with You As I See It Read on....
Services offered: Honest impartial perspectiv­es that get to the heart of the matter. Esoteric and practical advice that encourages transforma­tion in the here and now.
Areas serviced: All areas via email.If you are genuinely seeking guidance and insights, then I would love to combine our energies in a beautiful and positive way.
Availability: You are most welcome to write anytime by Emailing the Provider. Your request is important to me and your request will be respected and confidenti­al.
Each and every person whom seeks my counsel is important to me.

I believe, we all have times when we wonder 'where to now'?

Anytime you feel like a Reading is the RIGHT time, so lets see what wishes to come to the surface

Your personal Reading ($75) will be many, many pages long and emailed back to you, which can be printed out.I am also happy to clarify any points as an after service.

Pivotal points can be sign posts for your way forward and you can be rest assured that I am both genuine and sincere in my desire to be of helpful guidance

I write without word or time limit as I give your request my fullest attention, always desiring to make a positive difference.

My intuitive sensitive guidance can be seen as an art to help identify clearer pathways with renewed clarity.

I work with vast local and international experience, in a sincere and personal way, understanding how valuable it can be to have another insight.

Words are powerful and your Reading will be aimed to help re- empower YOU with your choices!

This is your opportunity to WRITE TO ME OPENLY, FREELY AND IN TOTAL CONFIDENTIALITY so we can combine our energies

My neutral position allows me to work with SPECIFIC situation/s where you wish to gain more clarity and further enhance and increase positive outcomes and direction.

My Readings can be a valuable tool to activate, strengthen and integrate wisdom with honesty and trust in my words of guidance which come very quickly once I begin.

With a unique weave of life coaching and intuitive insightful guidance, in a caring and sensitive manner. I incorporate The Cards or Runes if I am guided to do so.

My Mother and Grandmother were both highly atuned women with esoteric gifts and this was the atmosphere I was raised within.

Empathetic to incoming vibrations allows me to tune into your words

I look forward to our personal Journey of Words

Please email me via the link below:

"As I See It"

Diane ~ "Trust your Instincts"

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I was blown away with the insights gained and the care, energy and time Diane put into the reading. I am so glad I followed my intuition and did this as I got the clarity and help that I had been searching for, which could not have come at a better time. I highly recommend Diane
taylorgabr (43 43 positive feedback) Address Verified Mar 2019  Thu 28 May
'As I See It': From my heart to yours ~ I thank you for 'walking by my spiritual side' for this pivotal part of your journey and placing your trust with me to do my best for you.. I feel peace in my heart and confident that all is as it is meant to be and you will continue to grow from strength to strength.. You deserve peace, joy, progress and happiness.. and I firmly believe the best is to come ~ for the Timing is Right.. Namaste, Diane x
As we go through life's journey we find ourselves waiting.. and waiting..then alas! At a pivotal moment a radiant yet gentle light comes though to guide you along the way.. and what a profound and incredibly gifted guide to have met! A true honor to be able to receive from one with such Wisdom, Knowledge and most importantly Love. I now have a bag of treasures to have with me along my way as a reminder of my personal truths.. Grateful beyond words for the special connection on my path - Hope xxx
snufflaffagus (108 108 positive feedback) Address Verified Nov 2019  Sat 02 May
'As I See It': Dear Hope, I am both humbled and honoured by the beauty of your words ~also, of your generosity of spirit in your acknowledgements. When you came to me, it felt like you invited me to open my personal storehouse,it allowed my words to flow unrestrained, in response to yours.I felt your trust in however this Reading unfolded,without preconceived expectations, for each Reading is unique to the person seeking my guidance's.It was my absolute pleasure to walk by your side for this journey of words x
Beautiful reading that arrived very quickly. Many pages long full of guidance given by Diane. Highly recommend.
hootsmon (332 332 positive feedback)  Sat 11 Apr
'As I See It': Yes, this was a wonderful shared journey of words.... definitely lots to ponder and some deep soul searching on the cards. I have a feeling you are about to do a 180 degree turn in some profound way and I look forward to hearing how this exciting pivotal time is going to reveal itself to you ! May you be supported and Blessed in all you do in every way, every day! Namaste, Diane x
I contacted "As I See It" yesterday feeling very distressed and unable to see a clear way through into the next phase of my life. She worked both intuitively and with her life experience to help me express my feelings and conflicts. I shared as openly as I could with her to get as specific as possible a reading. The reading was amazing, and she has helped me to see and understand what the sticking points were, to feel gratitude for what has been and to move on. Thank you so much Dianne.
kaligirl (108 108 positive feedback)  Wed 01 Apr
'As I See It': As they say, some things are just meant to be. I guided you through some pretty tough issues because I did not have to half guess what they were about.You shared, in trust, openly with me. This meant II could focus on exactly what was required for this pivotal point in your life pathway. I feel honoured that we 'climbed some spiritual mountains' together with an extremely focused journey of words.A fabulous combined energetic exchange.I have every confidence you are on the right track now! xx
A warm and generous spirit. Highly recommend. AAA+++ Thank you.
storm1233 (33 33 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2019  Wed 18 Mar
'As I See It': Thank you for following your instincts and choosing me to walk by your spiritual side for this part of your journey! It is always an Honour to prepare a Reading and I will always write with full focus and heartfelt energy as we are all individuals. Everything we shared is, as always, in total confidentiality As you become more trusting in your journey your pathway/s will become even more Illuminated... go well, my friend, for you deserve to embrace your dreams and turn them into realities !x
Thank you Diane for gently guiding me back to my own innate power. Your beautifully articulated words resonated deeply with my truth. I am truly grateful for your guidance, gentleness, and heartfelt beauty ?
star23 (169 169 positive feedback)  Mon 16 Mar
'As I See It': Thank you from my heart to yours. When special people come into your life it serves also to uplift yours. Your depth and capacity to understand and connect with my words made for a strong and vibrant flow of combined energies bringing forth some much needed self clarity. And now ~ on with the unfolding journey.. Personally I feel quite excited to see how one thing is going to lead to another! May your pathways and those you love, be truly blessed. Namaste, Diane
a truly insightful reading and gave hope and confirmation of direction which was well received. A lovely person who genuinely looks to guide and help those in need. Thank you again Diane
harfy55 (9 9 positive feedback)  Fri 14 Feb
'As I See It': Thank YOU so very much for following your instincts and choosing me to prepare your Reading, which after all is a beautiful blend of two energies working together to strengthen and support Divine Timing. Always my honour and pleasure to work with such genuine and down to earth people whom share from their heart ~ as I also do ~ in total confidentiality. I respect all whom seek my guidance and listen with both an open mind and heart..I will always do my best. Good luck with all x
Had a wonderful reading from Diane. She put in a lot of energy, valuable advice and guidance. She Dedicated a lot of time and effort with me. For that I am grateful for. I had a few decisions to make, with her guidance things started to be a lot clearer. I come away from my reading feeling inspired, energised and more clear minded. Diane, I look forward to catch up with you soon and filling you in on how things go x
natorchick (10 10 positive feedback)  Tue 11 Feb
'As I See It': With utmost respect, I feel honoured to share these words ........."I felt this Aunty vibe coming from you where I could stop in for a tea and, talk freely, without judgement and you hearing me! Reminding me of who I am'" ........ I thank you for in a way,you have encapsulated the 'essence' of how I feel when each and every person comes to me. It IS personal, it IS a shared journey, It is a profound and sacred journey of words and I hold each person special and unique..My heart is warmed! xx
Thank you so much for the beautiful gifts you sent me this morning. I appreciate your kindness in helping me understand what is in front of me. Awesome and sweet.
jannana (724 724 positive feedback) Address Verified Oct 2019  Tue 11 Feb
'As I See It': Always my pleasure to be of helpful guidance for your integration! Thank you for writing to me and now that you have a deeper understanding of what is required, I believe that things will begin to fall into place more naturally and beautifully.. I wish you luck on your unfolding journey.. trust in the processes that reveal themselves to you....x
Thank you so much Diane for sharing the information and greatly appreciated and lots of love to you I will definitely be coming back to you in the future.
jazz260 (33 33 positive feedback)  Sat 25 Jan
'As I See It': Thank you sincerely. There is no doubt this was 'meant to be'.. right from the word go, everything 'felt right'...and just flowed. We both felt this connection, for when the Timing if Right - all else follows. I am just so encouraged you followed your instincts to the point that some of the outcomes even surprised yourself! Where did that strength and line in the sand come from? By now I think we both know those answers.... yes, you are being fully supported .... Trust your journey x
Thank you so much to Diane. She got back to me extremely promptly and was very compassionate in her reading. No judgement for what I told her and complete honesty and kindness in her response. Highly recommended, I got a lot out of the reading. Extremely generous with her time, the volume of information for the money paid was almost embarrassing, must have taken hours and energy. Much appreciated and thank you for sharing your gift x
tmaccount2016 (2 2 positive feedback)  Wed 22 Jan
'As I See It': Thank you so much for your words. Yes, it is true, I give absolutely all I have to each and every person and at times it does go far beyond 'the call of duty' and could almost constitute 2 or 3 separate Readings, however, I cannot 'half give' so I give unconditionally as it comes. I cannot work to 'expectations' - it is what it is, As I See It. At times, when sensitive people have recognized it and are in a position they have made extra koha to acknowledge the time and energy I have placed. xx
Absolutely wonderful! So heartfelt and personal - it was very clear to me that she meant what she said and truly desired to help me. Very honest yet still kind and eye opening reading. I received 22 pages (6500 words) of reading and it was worth so much more than $65!!! After reading it and her responding to every single sentence I wrote in such depth, I felt inspired and clarity on what it was I needed to do and what it was I had been struggling with. Not only that but she follows up as well!!!
stardust850 (9 9 positive feedback)  Sun 19 Jan
'As I See It': Well now, Stardust,what can I say? except thank you so very much for taking on board all the time, energy, shared wisdom and embracing everything I had to give and share in every way I could to try and help you at such a pivotal point in your life. Not all readings are of this length and input, as it could not be sustainable for me, however, I ALWAYS give what I can to those whom have an open mind and a receptive heart, willing to place their trust with me, Now is YOUR time - to embrace~Diane x
Diane is so lovely, sensitive & insightful with a warm & caring nature. Her reading was beautiful & I feel a lot more at ease with my decisions after her reading. Thank you Diane, I’ll keep in touch x
rum_girl (1204 1204 positive feedback) Address Verified Nov 2018  Fri 10 Jan
'As I See It': What a heartfelt and meaningful two way connection this has been! Thank you for being guided to me as such an important time in your life,.. to share this part of your journey - for you to place your trust with me- is special, almost beyond words. Simply put you deserve to have a beautiful life where your dreams become your everyday reality.. My aroha is with you and those you love, every step of the way..... with many Blessings Diane xxx
Thanks to marvellous Diane. I contacted her two years ago. As before, this time, within a short time I received a new extensive reading of my issues that helped me to step fully into the changing me.The link between is time lived, the lessons absorbed and supported energetically. Her readings and suggestions are not stock. She accepts life in it's fullness, she accepts many paths in life, she helps you be your true self. So many thanks. Don't hesitate, book a reading!
kaligirl (108 108 positive feedback)  Sun 29 Dec
'As I See It': Thank you so very much, for your lovely review. It means so much to me. Once again it was just so meaningful, on every level, to take this journey of words with you and to feel the connection, so strongly.,,, the words and energies just flowed so freely and easily. You are also a very gifted lady and this little 'reboot' will see your footsteps firmly, back on track, making your mark in a most meaningful way.. My aroha to you! Diane x
Diane is one of the most amazing Souls I have met. With great humour, guidance, truth Diane reveal a lot to me - a lot of things about myself, that until Diane and I met, no one in this World ever knew - I can highly recommend a visit to Diane. Diane's insights were accurate. I will be forever grateful to have met my Mentor a loving Soul full of inspiration - Diane sees the light, when no one else can - I will be forever grateful God Bless You xx
sheri23 (25 25 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2019  Tue 17 Dec
'As I See It': Humbled and honoured that our pathways met - as they were meant to. A truly profound experience from which we both have gained so much personal validation and opportunity to grow. I thank you for your generosity of spirit in your review, Sheri. We both know that this is a very pivotal and special rerouting time for self and soul and how it all unfolds will all come down to Divine Timing. At times, de construction comes before re construction. This is truly from the foundations UP!!! Blessings x
Dianes reading was really wonderful and I absolutely appreciate the time and effort she put into it, it is very informative and a wonderful read to help me to remember to stay calm and carry on ;) I will definately be looking back to it and reading over it again in times of need. She completely understood me, where my life was at and where it was headed. Thank you again
natj87 (11 11 positive feedback)  Thu 12 Dec
'As I See It': I thank you so very much for the wonderful review. I just love combining my energies with such beautiful, genuine people, such as yourself! Those whom are willing to follow their instincts and place their trust with me that I will do my absolute best to ensure each and every Reading is special, individual and important - not only to you but for myself, also. I read Your Words, I Listen with my Heart, I absorb, I allow the written words to flow as they will, always wanting to do my best .Aroha, x
Thank you ???? Diane for the reading. I found Diane was able to pick up what I was going through and also guided me with care and connected with my energy.
sheena04 (141 141 positive feedback)  Tue 15 Oct
'As I See It': Sheena, it was an absolute privilege and honour to work with you and from my heart I wish you the absolute best in every way, every day ~for surely you deserve all your dreams and hopes to manifest in a way that will bring you joy, progress and fulfillment. Keep trusting in the unfolding processes that will guide your footsteps... with much aroha, Diane x
Beautiful,i really appreciate another reading,i was stuck somewhere which was really difficult to get out from ,but after having her guidance and information i have moved forward,she has a really lovely way of explaination.Will always go back if i will have difficulties.Thank you so much for your time and your lovely words.5 *****
kanchan786 (39 39 positive feedback)  Thu 19 Sep
'As I See It': Thank you so very much.Every now and again special people come into your life whom really make a difference and uplift your spirits and further validate, even your own journey I never place myself above another,for I value walking side by side in an energetic journey of words which will help further unlock your own Inner Spiritual Warrior and help strengthen your own ways forward to a happier and more stronger platform.To offer guidance in a sincere and personal way is an honour and a privilege.
As everything was happening so quickly i decided to seek further guidance for second followup mini reading,m so excited and so glad that you came in my life.Highly recommended.5 star xoxo
kanchan786 (39 39 positive feedback)  Sat 10 Aug
'As I See It': Thank you so very much - I know in my heart that this connection was meant to be..sensitive timing is everything in life and when you tune in with your Higher Self and acknowledge your own Inner Truths and action them, then, I believe you are placing your footsteps in the right direction for this takes both clarity and courge. You have both in abundance.. Go well, and I look forward to our future Journey of Words......which can often be the key to further enlightenment x.
Awesome reader, has won my heart very accurate and very intelligent. Very good advice will recommend 5stars. Xoxo
kanchan786 (39 39 positive feedback)  Thu 18 Jul
'As I See It': Kanchana... I thank you for your beautiful review..and would like to say YOU are a Star, too, so never forget that. Beauty surrounds you, inside and out.... just keep radiating that essence and you will find your way to your Highest and Best, for Fairy tales CAN come true and the Prince and Princess DO live happily ever after... I wish you well with every step of your unfolding journey xxxxx Diane, thank you for being guided my way. This has been really, really special for both of us xxxx
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