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Far North
About: WHO SHOULD I CHOOSE to share this next part of my journey?Th­ere are things I want to talk over - 35 yrs exp. where to next? another insight READ ON.
Services offered: Honest impartial perspectiv­es that get to the heart of the matter. Esoteric and practical advice that encourages transforma­tion in the here and now.
Areas serviced: All areas via email.If you are genuinely seeking guidance and insights, then I would love to combine our energies in a beautiful and positive way.
Availability: You are most welcome to write anytime by Emailing the Provider. I check my emails daily and will attend to your enquiry promptly, with respect.
We all have times when we wonder 'where to now'? and we all have special gifts.

My intuitive sensitive guidance can be seen as an art to help identify clearer pathways with renewed clarity.

I work with vast local and international experience, in a sincere and personal way, understanding how valuable it can be to have another insight.

Words are powerful and your Reading will be aimed to help re- empower YOU with your choices!

Pivotal points can be sign posts for your way forward and you can be rest assured that I am both genuine and sincere in my desire to be of helpful guidance

My Readings can be a valuable tool to activate, strengthen and integrate wisdom as my neutral position allows for sensitivity and honesty.

I work with SPECIFIC situation/s where you wish to gain more clarity and further enhance and increase positive outcomes and direction.

This is your opportunity to WRITE TO ME OPENLY, FREELY AND IN TOTAL CONFIDENTIALITY so we can work together on the areas that may benefit from my focus and neutral position..

My readings are a weave of life coaching and intuitive insightful guidance, in a caring and sensitive manner. Please read further info on my website before making your decision.

My mother and grandmother were both highly atuned women with esoteric gifts and this was the atmosphere I was raised within.

Your personal Reading ($50) will be many, many pages long, which you can print out, if desired, as I write without word or time limit as I give your request my fullest attention, always desiring to make a positive difference.

Empathetic to incoming vibrations allows me to tune into your words

Each and every person whom seeks my counsel is important to me.

Anytime you feel like a Reading is the RIGHT time, so lets see what wishes to come to the surface

Please email me via the link below:

"As I See It"

In love and light, from Diane

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Thanks for reading! It is very helpful for me. I could understand what I have to do within this year and much clearer. Highly recommend!
haru12 (3 3 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2016  Sun 15 Oct
'As I See It': Thanks so much for the opportunity of working with you. You outlined all that needed my attention in a clear and concise way, so that I was able to give my 100% focus to areas that could benefit from my neutral and sensitive input. for your integration. The essence is of the NOW, to put into action, some very important steps to ensure success in your chosen areas.Good luck with all and thanks for trusting me to do my best.. Genuine people such as yourself make my work fulfilling.Good luck! Diane
There is so much heart and soul in Diane's readings, I get a real feeling of love and warmth when I receive them. Disney's readings are thorough and give you plenty to think about. Thank you, Diane
roshni2 (128 128 positive feedback)  Mon 04 Sep
'As I See It': It is always my desire to ensure that each person feels in their heart that they are writing to someone whom really cares about them as a unique and individual person as I believe it takes courage to take that step to contact a Reader. When there are so many to choose from I ultimately believe it comes down to trusting your gut instinct! I will always do my best to share wisdom & guidance and at times challenge, so that you are able to integrate my words to enhance your own choices! Thank you xx
A really lovely reading with so much love put into it. Thanks so much Diane for your words, thoughts and guidence.
xam32 (97 97 positive feedback)  Mon 31 Jul
'As I See It': Thank you for being guided to me.My position of neutrality allows for my honest and open insightful guidance which can then be integrated with your own thoughts and innermost feelings to help strengthen and empower your thoughts and action through a renewed clarity.Every person is a unique individual, and this is exactly how you will be treated - with respect and in total confidentiality. I am so grateful in my heart that you have felt this energy in love and light - now it is your time x
Diane has a way with words that have a lovely effect with the readings that she does. Diane was there at the right time for me xx
pen72 (379 379 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2016  Mon 10 Jul
'As I See It': It was my honour to be there for you. It is always my desire to be of insightful guidance and to offer the truth of a situation, As I See It, for integration with your own thoughts and feelings. I offer food for thought which I believe does not take away decision making but helps reinforce and re empower what one ultimately knows within. I combine common sense, practical advice and weave it in with the esoteric, allowing space for intuitive writing..Each Reading is held dear to my heart. xx
A beautiful & uplifting reading sent with so much love! Just amazing! Diane you are incredible! Thank you! Highly recommend to all xx
squidigit1 (23 23 positive feedback)  Thu 15 Jun
'As I See It': Thank you so much for your beautiful review! This was a timely inward journey of The Self and the courage to trust your instinctual feelings that guided you to me. It also was one that ultimately was able to provide further self validation and encouragement to continue what you have already begun. By being true to your Self you will find rewards not able to be seen from present perspective but will recognize them, from your Reading, as they unfold! We both learnt so much. Blessings to you! xx
Diane is dedicated, compassionate, caring - with deep aroha in sharing inspirational insights and wisdom in her reading..... Thus providing clarity and awareness with confirmation and guidance on my journey.... T'was a pivotal day...!!! Deep appreciation in the beauty in you and your amazing gift...THANK YOU diane
fussymocha (31 31 positive feedback)  Sat 27 May
'As I See It': And I thank YOU, Diane, for your beautiful words which both honour and validate the unconditional time and heart energy I place with each and every Reading. We all have 'our story' and often we only need to touch base with our own truth and see it laid before us clearly that the Inner Voice can respond in a way which empowers YOU. I am merely the catalyst.This is why I ask 'the higher powers' to guide genuine people to me,those willing to trust.their own instincts with courtesy and respect.xxxx
Thank you so much Diane for this great reading - it is great because you have shown me so much power and wisdom that I can hold with me for the beginning of my new journey... much Love and Gratitude.
2604 (190 190 positive feedback)  Fri 19 May
'As I See It': What a great journey of words we have shared, and yes, so empowering. To work with another whom is already spiritually evolved was an honour and a privilege. We all have our own unique and special gifts and I believe it is important to share both wisdom and knowledge to help further facilitate and validate another on their journey, when the timing is right. I wish you all the best for all to come as you embrace your future footsteps......Thank you for choosing me to prepare your Reading. Diane
Thanks, Diane! I could be very clear and get a lot of advices from you. It was really striked me. Now, I know what I need to do and what the most important is for relationship and my life. Thanks for telling me very honestly. I am really recommended your reading to someone who need.
haru12 (3 3 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2016  Thu 18 May
'As I See It': ..and I thank YOU! At first I thought language may be a barrier to the depth of my words, but you are a star!!! your understanding of the written word is outstanding as you have embraced both the practical and esoteric guidances of your own unique Reading, As I See It. - to be integrated with your own thoughts and feelings and now you have a Plan of Action. I am really impressed with your desire to move forward on every level and this takes determination and courage! Good luck with all xxxxxx
I am genuinely glad I got a reading from Diane, it was sincere, personal, and I liked how I could ask questions. I got a lot out of it, and expect I will in time to come. If you are looking at these reviews deciding if you should get one or not, you likely should. :-)
4meows (244 244 positive feedback)  Mon 01 May
'As I See It': This was a deep and meaningful exchange and it touched on some very sacred and precious memories.To know that our Journey of Words brought some solace and light onto your pathway is incredibly moving and rewarding I wish you all the very best now and always as you move forward, My Readings are aimed at Re Empowerment, not desiring to place myself above another, for ultimately The Answers lie Within and my part, As I See It, is to act as a catalyst to help allow you to unlock your own insights x
Diana was kind enough to do a mini reading for me about my health even though it is not an area she usually goes into! She was very prompt and very kind, and gave me great advices for me to start on a new path! Thank you again Diana for your warmth and guidance! Much love !
solene_b (3 3 positive feedback)  Sun 30 Apr
'As I See It': Dear Solene, thank you so much for your generosity of spirit and your lovely review re 'our journey' of words. It is true that I do not offer guidance in the health or legal sectors, however, there were deeper layers that were addressed in conjunction with an overall 'plan of action'. It proved to be a win win situation, and I am just so pleased that you came to me and to share the energies of your beautiful self. I feel excited and happy about your unfolding future. with much aroha, Diane x
Thanks Diane, for your time and connecting with the universe on my behalf. I found your reading to be very relevant to my life. The things you revealed to me are exactly what I am going through. You have a beautiful gift Diane, and I will be back for another reading, in the future. Thank you. Love and Light Anne-Marie.
buyme02 (670 670 positive feedback) Address Verified Feb 2016  Fri 21 Apr
'As I See It': Dear Anne-marie, thank you for your beautiful review. This means so much to me,to have acknowledged, the time and commitment I place with each and every Reading. Everyone has their own story, their own life path, and sometimes it is not always an easy one. I respect and honour the trust that you have shown me by sharing what is closest to your heart and mind. My desire is to bring about deep level revelations so one can clearly see for themselves where the Light shines on their own path of joy x
My reading with Diane was very thorough, insightful and confirmed a lot things on many levels. Diane is very kind and caring and her guidance is very much appreciated. Many thanks and blessings :0)
vibes (366 366 positive feedback) Address Verified Apr 2016  Sat 01 Apr
'As I See It': Timing is everything - and Divine Timing is sacred, supported and enhanced. This has been a wonderful shared experience, combining our energies to further strengthen and bolster positive ways forward, with a sunny disposition as your companion. Thank you so much for your trust and opening your heart to me in total confidentiality. Clearing old pathways to make way for the new is really something to look forward to ~ all to come, which I know is going to bring joy. Go well my friend xxxx Diane
Thanks Diane for your help. I found what you had to say insightful and practical and I have already started applying ideas we have discussed with good results. I really appreciate how quickly you responded and of course you exceeded my expectations with a very comprehensive reading filled with detail. Thanks once again
mez15 (314 314 positive feedback)  Thu 16 Mar
'As I See It': It has been my absolute pleasure to share this part of your journey with you and I sincerely wish you every success and happiness which you so richly deserve. I simply love working at such a sincere and genuine level, when there is acknowledgement that changes and restructuring need to happen and there is a willingness and desire to implement new strategies to bring in new energies that auger well for fresh New Beginnings. I have every confidence that you will find what you are looking for xx
Thank you so much for your guidence, I am eternally grateful for everything you have done for me and everything you helped me get through and still going through. Your guidence gave me hope that I will be alright and that I can believe in myself again and I can be strong and your words have given me hope I will get through this. You will be in my heart as I make myself whole again
ravygirl (156 156 positive feedback)  Thu 16 Mar
'As I See It': Your beautiful review means so much to me. I felt in my heart that you have been through so much, and you were so open and honest with me which made me feel that I wanted to share whatever 'words of wisdom' and inspiration I could to help you emerge from your chrysalis and take flight on a beautiful path ahead with hope and courage. My sincere desire is that your life will find the joyful and happy pathways you so richly deserve.. go well and may you and your daughter be truly blessed! x Diane
What a Beautiful women! Thank you so much Diane for your words and insights. They truly have helped. Diane has an amazing gift and I feel blessed to have had my third reading from her. I would recommend this amazing lady to everyone who wants to have a reading. Thank you again Diane :)
1cmac (560 560 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2017  Thu 09 Mar
'As I See It': Wow! I was so happy to hear from you C. for a 3rd time Thank you for your trust! These Readings have spanned over a long time parameter and has become akin to old friends even though we have never met, except through our energetic, spiritual connection which has spanned a few very meaningful chapters to date Your strong belief in what you hold true is one that is still unfolding, and what a journey! We can only acknowledge what is in our heart and if it is sourced from goodness, go for it xxx
Thanks for your valuable advice for every aspect of my life,Diane. Your response is very quick and I appreciate your time. Now I have the direction and will follow your advice. The future is so bright. :)?
nz-julian (3 3 positive feedback)  Wed 08 Mar
'As I See It': This was my absolute privilege to work with such an honourable gentleman. This was 'high level' work on some deep matters but it was Julian's willingness to openly share his story by placing his trust with me that we achieved so much towards his own further understanding and re empowerment.My vast life experience combined with hard earned 'wisdom' and practical and esoteric advice make for individual and unique Readings for everyone whom comes to me. I invite genuine people to be guided to me.x
Amazing insightful human being. Diane has given me so many words of wisdom and incredible insight into who I am and what I need to do. Her words cradle with me love but also she gives me the tools and courage to move forward. The messages I have received from the universe after only a few days have been amazing. Her stories and and experiences are incredible have given me courage. We are all connected and It was not a accident I stumbled on Diane when I needed her. Amazing ????????
kaw14 (7 7 positive feedback)  Fri 17 Feb
'As I See It': Goosebumps is what I felt when I read your review, for I could 'feel' the wheels of beautiful fresh inspiration beginning to turn in your life once more.You deserve this and much, much more .I can already feel the re-connection with your own Higher Self and this momentum will gather more strength as you put all those tools into place.Once we can hold the nucleus and seeds of hope and progress, joy and abundance in our sights, and work towards them, then the world CAN and WILL be your oyster x
I cannot recommend Dianne enough. She is caring and warm in her communication. The reading I recieved was lengthy, in-depth and it arrived so promptly. Dianne encouraged as much contact as I needed to until I was satisfied with my understanding of the reading that she provided. I am so impressed with Dianne and the committment she had to providing her wondeful service.
roshni2 (128 128 positive feedback)  Sun 29 Jan
'As I See It': Beautiful. It is because of people like yourself that endorses my commitment to do my absolute best for each and every person whom places their trust with me. I will always do my best in my own way, my own style from vast experience, with my code of honour to treat all with respect as unique individuals. All of us have 'our story'- I will always listen with an open heart. Thank you and many blessings to you, Roshni x
I recently had a reading done by Diane and she is fantastic. Her reading was very honest and caring and full of guidance and I feel more confident now about how to cope and put strategies in place to manage my situation. I highly recommend Diane and I am so pleased I chose her. Thank you x
tenajc55 (5 5 positive feedback) Address Verified Feb 2016  Mon 16 Jan
'As I See It': Thank you so very much. Yes, everything was timely and I have every confidence you are now going to go from strength to strength. Simply put ~ it's your time now to embrace the Goddess within. All to come - Love, laughter and joy as you spread those beautiful wings... go well, my friend and put into action what you know so well is the truth in your heart. My honour to work with you. Diane x
10/10 thanks to Diane for this wonderful insightful experience, the detail that i have been given has far exceeded my wildest dreams her personal care and honesty is truly a blessing. I highly recommend her to anyone that is open to receiving self empowerment she has a true gift. thank you for my understanding! Lacey x
peacho (2 2 positive feedback)  Wed 11 Jan
'As I See It': "when the timing is right, all else follows." it was my absolute pleasure and privilege to work with you at this level, . Your own esoteric knowledge is deep and you ARE wise. sometimes we just need a little nudge to remind us of whom we truly are and what we truly possess. You deserve to be happy on the inside and out and this comes with both knowing and honouring one self.You are definitely at the threshold of incredible breakthroughs. Go well, my friend! and thank YOU, also for your trust.x
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