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Far North
About: Who should I choose to share this next part of my journey? Here for you from Day 1... 35 years exp. Where to next? Another insight.Re­ad on..
Services offered: Honest impartial perspectiv­es that get to the heart of the matter. Esoteric and practical advice that encourages transforma­tion in the here and now.
Areas serviced: All areas via email.If you are genuinely seeking guidance and insights, then I would love to combine our energies in a beautiful and positive way.
Availability: You are most welcome to write anytime by Emailing the Provider. I check my emails daily and will attend to your enquiry promptly, with respect.
We all have times when we wonder 'where to now'? and we all have special gifts.

My intuitive sensitive guidance can be seen as an art to help identify clearer pathways with renewed clarity.

I work with vast local and international experience, in a sincere and personal way, understanding how valuable it can be to have another insight.

Words are powerful and your Reading will be aimed to help re- empower YOU with your choices!

Pivotal points can be sign posts for your way forward and you can be rest assured that I am both genuine and sincere in my desire to be of helpful guidance

My Readings can be a valuable tool to activate, strengthen and integrate wisdom as my neutral position allows for sensitivity and honesty.

I work with SPECIFIC situation/s where you wish to gain more clarity and further enhance and increase positive outcomes and direction.

This is your opportunity to WRITE TO ME OPENLY, FREELY AND IN TOTAL CONFIDENTIALITY so we can work together on the areas that may benefit from my focus and neutral position..

My readings are a weave of life coaching and intuitive insightful guidance, in a caring and sensitive manner.

My mother and grandmother were both highly atuned women with esoteric gifts and this was the atmosphere I was raised within.

Your personal Reading ($65) will be many, many pages long, which you can print out, if desired, as I write without word or time limit as I give your request my fullest attention, always desiring to make a positive difference.

Empathetic to incoming vibrations allows me to tune into your words

Each and every person whom seeks my counsel is important to me.

Anytime you feel like a Reading is the RIGHT time, so lets see what wishes to come to the surface

Please email me via the link below:

"As I See It"

In love and light, from Diane

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Diane is an absolutely lovely lady, who genuinely connects with you to offer beautiful guidance, with so much wisdom & care. She listened to my words without judgement & responded in the most wonderful way. This has given me a lot to think about. Thank you so much for your time & your kindness. I really appreciate it :)
ruthy_ruth (97 97 positive feedback) Address Verified Mar 2019  Mon 17 Jun
'As I See It': At times it can be so frustrating when the 'haze' is just hanging around, creating a fog type smoke screen. However, I firmly believe with a differing view, a differing angle, swoosh, it is like you can clearly see the view and its beauty,with clarity ~ that has, in essence, always been there just waiting for that special moment in time, when ALL is revealed ~ the knowledge becomes available in a way that is the catalyst for change, in the here and now The Winds of Change are in the air.Yes!
Amazing reading and just when I needed some guidance. Always friendly and helpful, an incredible connection and a true blessing. Sorry I took so long to places my feedback, I have been away from the internet. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for something special. Thank you so much for your guidance, it was very much appreciated. Naku naa Bowaka
bowaka74 (76 76 positive feedback)  Sun 05 May
'As I See It': Bowaka, YOU are amazing and a woman whom is an inspiration and a strong leader in your own right. All you need to do is just keep following your footsteps for they are guiding you to that mountain, that you WILL conquer. Rising mists, splashing water,you are indeed a Nature's daughter.. carrying the scrolls for others to read, for you have been given them from one's before and now is your turn to bring them to shore. you will know, what I mean, for what others Seek, you have Already Seen... xx
Diane thank you for the reading. Very quick response. Very detailed, although I didn’t express myself fully and freely, you were still able to connect with me. In depth reading, very encouraging, kind words and very positive. Thank you and warm regards Ekta ????
sheena04 (141 141 positive feedback)  Sun 28 Apr
'As I See It': Thank you so much. I always do my best to ensure that each and every Reading is an individual and personal experience. I want to ensure that you know and feel you have been listened to and heard and I will utilize my many decades of life experience and sensitivity to try and draw forth words of wisdom for your integration and definitely ' food for thought' Soul Food!!. You will know what is right for you - so yes, my Readings are also about re empowerment. Time to be purposeful in all you do! xx
Diane gave a very detailed and honest reading which has really given me hope and guidance during a difficult time. It felt easy to be honest with her and I got a very clear and empathetic response. I highly recommend her!
bel47 (28 28 positive feedback)  Thu 11 Apr
'As I See It': Thank you So very much for your kind words.. it was just so easy to write openly and freely to you, for you shared on a really deep level, and your willingness to trust me with ' what was going on' in your life, allowed the words to just flow forth from me. You had obviously really read my service ad, for you know I work with real situations, real details so I could get a good grasp of your situation and you were so totally genuine in seeking clarity and guidance.My pleasure to work with you x
I'm facing a major life upheaval that I was hoping never to have to go through...and although it is upsetting and overwhelming at times, I now feel encouraged, empowered, motivated and even a bit excited about what lies ahead. Diane gets to the nitty gritty, offering pages and pages of guidance and encouragement. Thank you Diane xx
zinnia2 (331 331 positive feedback)  Sun 24 Mar
'As I See It': Thank you for your validation of my work. It means a lot to me.Your situation was never going to be easy, but with having another insight to view the same set of circumstances allowed you to see between the cracks and see some bright light shining through - a glimmer of hope of things to come.We all have times when avoidance may seem easier that going full on into the ' unknown'.Having the courage to follow your own truth allows everything to become illuminated in its own time Onward & Upward x
Dearest Diane Thank you! For the insightful reading. Every precious gem in the form of words were everything that I have thought or felt. From the beginning to the end made my eyes water ??. Loving suggestions gave me another perception in areas where I can & will cultivate a more balanced Service to SELF & Others amongst other things that will evolve over time. I have had many a readings & Diane's was the one that I have resonated with the most. I felt her sincerity in each gem written. ??
jay36-9 (28 28 positive feedback)  Sat 23 Mar
'As I See It': This was a beautiful connection - open and sincere, I was able to allow the words to flow freely and straight from my heart into yours. This was a privilege, and a honour of the highest order to combine our energies in this way. I thank you for validating my work which always comes from my absolute desire to do my best to bring forth insightful guidance for your integration. I am but the catalyst. You hold the keys, my desire is to help you unlock your own truth/s for your re empowerment! x
Amazing reading, gave me the strength to get through a difficult time. Provided clarity and through the advice I overcame a huge challenge - I am so grateful for the support and reading - would highly recommend
sjthomson (421 421 positive feedback)  Tue 26 Feb
'As I See It': Yes, what a jcorundum you were in!! not for the fainthearted, however taking my guidance on board,you acted swiftly,even against all odds and somehow managed to divert a situation that seemed totally stacked against you.This took tremendous courage and self belief -that I were able to act as a catalyst to implement these actions,,even though I said at the time,No one could predict with certainty, the outcome,you did trust in my words,acted and triumphed! itrust in your instincts,always. Diane x
I received my heartfelt reading from Diane within 24hours which was amazing. Her response was incredibly in-depth (17+ pgs) as she answered my question(s) with respect, love and honesty. She maintained this was how she see's it and empowered me to take time to reflect & ask further questions. I felt more at peace following this & able to move forward. Diane uses great analogies to portray her message. Her words are encouraging & resonated with me. Thank you for the connection. Recommend +++
gracenewton (324 324 positive feedback)  Sat 09 Feb
'As I See It': First I would like to thank you for choosing me, this was your first leap of faith :-) and to hear you have gained so much from our journey of words is heartwarming for you were receptive and ready to place your trust with me to do my best., As I See It ~ but ultimately for you to Know it. This is not about me being the All Knowing #!but helping to shine some light into areas that will offer some real food for thought and contemplation so that YOU are able to find the heart of your own truth.xx
A true gem who goes into a reading very deep. Wonderful.
thelmalouise (589 589 positive feedback) Address Verified Nov 2017  Thu 20 Dec
'As I See It': It was my pleasure to work with you at this level.I do not have a magic wand, but I do have a deep, compassionate and empathetic heart and I always do my best to share everything I can to help facilitate clearer pathways forward, No word or time limit,just what wishes to come to the surface...till the words stop flowing ~ then I know ' my work is done' and then over to you to integrate our journey of words to help re empower your own decision making... Blessing to you Diane x
I was fortunate to see this add. I had a feeling to make contact. I decided that two readings would be the order and was quite sure of the outcome. However, I was more than pleased with the reading. It confirmed the direction I was following and my own personal intuition. I want to thank Diane for her guidance. If the calling happens in the future I will definitely use her spiritual skills to provide this guidance.
whakarongo1 (10 10 positive feedback)  Tue 18 Dec
'As I See It': I thank you for your kind words. This was an inspired 'journey of words' for both of us each learning that there are times in our life when ' acceptance' of the gifts you have, are the ways forward....May your pathways be truly blessed for you will lead others, with vision and integrity, on your unfolding journey..... all is as it is meant to be. Diane
Thank you Diane for going the extra mile for me. Even before my reading Diane was tuned in to my life and her reading gave me lots to think about. Her personal touch sure makes the difference. Regards, Anthony
handi1 (1593 1593 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2017  Wed 14 Nov
'As I See It': Dear Anthony -from first point of contact, I think we both understood that this Journey of Words was going to be both deep and profound ~and it was.For this, I am in gratitude, for I feel that there are some moments in your life that are particularly 'defining' and for myself, also I thank you, for helping me grow into an expanded awareness ~may there be more Light and Joy as an onward going and growing journey.You truly deserve this and much,much more. May your pathways be truly blessed Diane
Wonderful email reading with Diane. Fast response. Beautifully written. So in-depth and with a lot of meaning. Diane is so kind with her words, spot on with what she writes. Would definitely recommend a reading with her. Thank you Diane, you are truely remarkable.
modelsports (152 152 positive feedback)  Sun 04 Nov
'As I See It': "when the Timing is Right ~ all else follows". I thank you for trusting your instincts in being guided to me. It is always my deepest desire that those whom seek my counsel will know in their hearts that they have been ' heard' and that each and EVERY request is of huge importance to me. I do not say " I am right" or "I know all the Answers" - what I do say, is " I will always do my best in a sincere and respectful way, sharing my hard earned ' wisdom' combined with spiritual guidance, Diane x
Wonderful reading from Diane today. Highly recommend if needing direction and totally relate to her words of wisdom & knowledge. Very speedy reply which is so appreciated. Thank you & many blessings x J
hootsmon (297 297 positive feedback)  Wed 31 Oct
'As I See It': Dear J. I was surprised and happy to receive your request, especially as you had approached me for your initial Reading over 7 years ago! I had to pinch myself that so much time (and water) had passed under the Bridge of Life, for both of us! This was indeed both a validation and honour to hear from you.and I certainly wanted to 'share' everything that I could which may be relevant and timely to your 'next chapter'. Indeed a time for reflection as to what has been and what will be! Blessings x
WOW... Is the first word that comes to mind.What a woman is the first phrase..Diane certainly is a woman of great insight and more importantly integrity..She was just so spot on...there was just so much depth to her reading that my concern was just how drained she may have been afterwards.. I now really feel confident moving forward in my next chapter... I certainly would recommend her as the best.
gaddabout (97 97 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2019  Sat 27 Oct
'As I See It': What can I say, except that I felt your wonderful, open, energy, right from your first words and your willingness to place your trust with me. I always try to do my best with no time or word limit and I love to ' run with the crackle of combined energies". I do not place myself above those whom come to me as I believe ultimately all the answers ' lie within'.. I just act as a catalyst to release and strengthen your own Inner Knowing.. you will know the truth when you read it! Namaste, Diane x
Diane is amazing. After feeling like I'd hit a wall, feeling stuck for most of 2018, Diane helped free me, spiritually, mentally and physically. I can't even begin to express my thanks to her for helping to give me direction when I felt so lost. She truly is wonderful and I hope to know her for the rest of my life. Thank you so much Diane. You are a wonderful, wonderful person.
sweeeet01 (361 361 positive feedback)  Mon 15 Oct
'As I See It': Thank you so much for your kind words. We were able to achieve so much, I believe, because of your willingness to write to me openly, honestly and with so much clarity, expressing your truth in a way that takes courage and by combining our energies, we managed to ' tip the tiger' on it's ear...allowing you to go deeply within to find your true worth and to reclaim your vision so you can action and honour your journey. Go well, my friend, be focused and aim your spiritual arrows well...x
It was by grace that I connected with Diane who steered me onto my own purposeful path of new beginnings late one evening.... and if I can help just one person to do the same and make contact, as I did, my job is done... for it in the power of the written word that new beginnings will unfold just as they are unravelling for me. Arohanui Diane I remain forever grateful for your guidance.
trisha2 (440 440 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2017  Mon 17 Sep
'As I See It': When the Timing is Right ~ all else follows. This connection. has been absolutely divinely inspired and so fully supported on every level,hence the rapid acceleration of unfolding events. I have no doubt,Tricia, this was also because you were so open and honest in your objectives, not holding back, so not only, I, but you were able to glean more clarity. It has been about the combining of our energies for a mutual purpose to move forward in a beautiful and positive way I am happy for you x
I had the pleasure of having a reading done with DIane.Her words were so meaningful for me.I would recommend to all if you are needing direction in your life she helps you and highlights things that you yourself overlook..Thank you so much & God Bless. A+++
no.1kiwi (900 900 positive feedback) Address Verified Aug 2017  Thu 06 Sep
'As I See It': From my heart to yours,I thank you for being guided to me.To know that my vast life experience can be woven into my Readings to give hope and inspiration is an honour. My aim is to write openly, honestly and sensitively but most of all, with respect for each person's individual journey. My focus is 100% for each Reading with my heartfelt desire to shine some more light and clarity onto any given situation, As I See it, but ultimately to help you find the centre of your own truth.Your time now x
Dedicated, sincere, kind, enthusiastic, helpful, special, caring, wise, sweet - Diane is all of these and more. She works quickly and she really does care. She appreciates openess, because she wants to be open with you and connect. She wants nothing more than to help others. I have had a few readings from Diane and sought her again as was needing some wise words, guidance and understanding - she more than delivered. Highly recommended.
reb87 (43 43 positive feedback) Address Verified Oct 2017  Tue 31 Jul
'As I See It': From my heart to yours ~ I thank you for your acknowledgements. It is true. I do not ' pluck' potential scenarios from an ocean of possibilities.I work with real situations, real feelings, real emotions which I encourage you to share with me, in total confidentiality. In other words, I work with the 'real' person - one whom is willing to open up, not only to me, but to themselves.This allows the light to shine into spaces where we can find the truth within ourselves. I am merely the catalyst xx
I’m really grateful to have found Diane. She responded promptly & put hours of effort into my reading. The guidance she gave was on point, direct, and delivered with kindness & support - helping me to see things as part of a bigger plan and find a positive way forward. Highly recommended. Thank you xx
binty21 (96 96 positive feedback)  Sat 28 Jul
'As I See It': How awesome is it when you share on this level! I just know how it feels when you feel stuck and just want a genuine person to connect with I have been there myself, especially in my younger years and oh,how I longed for such a person myself whom I knew without any doubt,took me into their heart and offered me some real, unbiased food for thought, with my well being at the core of their desire. This is why I understand so well how important it is to be respectful and sensitive and empatheti cx
The reading that Diane did for me was one of the sincerest and genuine readings that I have ever had done and I know without a doubt that her reading will help me move forward with my life. Thank you so much for your time and lovely words Diane. Arohanui.
me (158 158 positive feedback) Address Verified Nov 2018  Wed 25 Jul
'As I See It': I always try to give of my best and to trust the words that wish to be written. You touched my heart deeply and from my heart to yours, I wish you every success and happiness which you so richly deserve. my aroha to you, Diane xxx
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