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Listing #: 760309797
Business name: Rose Maudekenne­dy Spiritual Medium
Location: Oxford
About: I am a Spiritual Medium with 30 years experience­, offering $75 1on1 psychic readings, $15 a question emailed readings or 5 past life journeys for $45
Services offered: 1 on 1 readings in Oxford Canterbury­,emailed answer to your questions,­or voice recorded past life journeys.
Areas serviced: spiritandr­ email me for booking a 1 0n 1 reading, email your questions, comments or your wish for recorded past life journeys..­.
Availability: I reply via email within 24 hours of your payment arriving, banking details below my descriptio­n, please only use Pay Pal if outside NZ.

I am offering 1 0n 1 readings from my home in oxford, 1 hour for $75.00.please EMAIL me at to make arrangements,

I also offer email readings replying to your questions, $15,00 per question.

and voice recorded past life journeys,please email me your request for your past life journeys at

I am able to answering within 24 hours to organise a 1 0n 1 booking, answer your questions or record past life journeys after payment arrives .

1on1 readings are $75.00 can be paid on the day.
psychic guidance is $15.00 per question,or $45.00 for your past life journeys,
to ASB bank account 12-3271-0014096-00 R Leonard or PayPal using spiritandrose@gmail,com as the email address for paypal.
A full refund is given if I am unable to read for any reason...
All my answers to your questions are typed, my past life journeys are voice recorded.

With love from Me, my Spirit friends and the Angels..,

Love and Light to you all from Spirit, Rose and your wonderful Angels...

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Thanks yet again. Love your new picture.
lindi4 (431 431 positive feedback)  Sun 13 Jan
Spirit Rose: Thank you Lyn, was just testing out my new phone and hairstyle, thank you again from Rose
I was very impressed by Rose's accuracy and appropriateness of the advice given. Thank you very much.
caro137 (1377 1377 positive feedback)  Wed 28 Mar
Spirit Rose: Thank you Caroline, may things be all smooth sailing for you, from Rose
I was blown away by my reading and incredible accuracy. A fantastic detailed reading. I highly recommend to others .
lucyrat (532 532 positive feedback) Address Verified Dec 2018  Mon 19 Mar
Spirit Rose: thank you Lucy was a pleasure to help you from Rose all the very best x x Rose
Hi Rose, it's Josephine. Thank you so much for the quick reply. Once again I have turned to you for reassurance about questions I have in my life.Thank you for making me feel comfortable about decisions I will make now going forward. Blessing to you and your family.
pinni2 (28 28 positive feedback)  Fri 12 Jan
Spirit Rose: Thank you Josephine, always a pleasure to read for you, from Rose
Not really sure how to feel about this reading to be honest. Rose you are lovely & i do appreciate the time you've taken to read for me. However i feel like the reading wasn't indepth enough. I did send an email as this was encouraged if we had further questions. However, i didn't receive a reply. I guess i will look forward to the future, and hope that what has been said is really going to happen & leave the rest up to spirit. Have a merry xmas cheers :)
paralleldestiny (338 338 positive feedback) Address Verified Nov 2018  Wed 06 Dec
Spirit Rose: I do apologize for not getting back to you, My Dad was diagnosed with inoperable cancer and my mum put into care that week, as I am the only family member that lives close it was up to me to sort most things, my head did seem to fall off my shoulder somewhat, not making excuses just explaining, again I am sorry...may 2018 treat you kindly...
Have had quite a few readings with Rose in last 5 years.She is great!Warm,accurate....wonderf­ul! Quickly responds.I highly recommend her to all :) Love and light Rose....I will be back soon xo
angelscent (291 291 positive feedback) Address Verified Mar 2019  Tue 21 Nov
Spirit Rose: thank you so much was and will be a pleasure to help in the past and in the future, wishing you the very best for 2018 from Rose
Nice lady ...did a couple of readings from the other side. Very accurate and lots of little things she said made me think that she was def in touch with the two spirits I wanted to contact as it was personal things relating to them that I knew. Thank you so much will come back to you again...
carolq (102 102 positive feedback) Address Verified Dec 2017  Fri 06 Oct
Spirit Rose: Thank you, thank you so much Carol, is so nice to hear that sort of feed back, is very very much appreciated from Rose
Lovely lady and very fast reply! Thank you for the past lives reading, it was really interesting to hear and a lot of it resonated with me!
solene_b (5 5 positive feedback)  Fri 29 Sep
Spirit Rose: Thank you so much Solone, was very special for me also, thank you again from Rose
Very quick and detailed, I think you connected me with the man i was after, but am not 100% sure. Thank you.
georgia2405 (151 151 positive feedback) Address Verified Mar 2019  Tue 26 Sep
Spirit Rose: Thank you, I like to answer as soon as possible, the first person you think of when reading a reply is a very good indicator as to who spirit were referring to, i do hope things work out as you need them too, from Rose
Thanks once again for your help, you're always there for good advice when I need you. X
lindi4 (431 431 positive feedback)  Mon 18 Sep
Spirit Rose: Thank you Lyn, we are always happy to help, and thank you for your support also, from Rose
Wonderful person, the best reading I have ever had, highly recommended, will most definitely be back for another reading in the future.
anna3771 (1012 1012 positive feedback) Address Verified Jun 2019  Tue 25 Jul
Spirit Rose: WOW, thank you Anna for that wonderful endorsement, it means a lot to me and Spirit, thank you and wishing you many wonderful days, from Rose
I had an email reading with 3 questions, hoping to connect with someone who had passed. I was so hopeful, but unfortunately was disappointed, I have just a name and had asked for something significant so I knew it was him. I was told "he had money worries" and "liked the beach" yet I was asking about a stillborn baby...
hunemeou (293 293 positive feedback)  Tue 04 Jul
Spirit Rose: I am sorry if I could not answer as you needed, I can only give what I am given, I could feel the sadness around you, however was not allowed to go there, it may be just too soon.... may you find someone who can help you in the future, from Rose,
Rose, you are fantastic, so honest with your readings and so accurate with what you told me. Glad to know I am a guardian of all animals as that feels like me spot on. For those who want a reading, I highly recommend Rose and will continue asking her to do my readings in the future. Lots of hugs and healing to you ?????????? J
jahrule8 (135 135 positive feedback) Address Verified Jun 2018  Fri 02 Jun
Spirit Rose: Thank you so much, i can still feel your very strong connection to animals, wishing you the very best life from spirit and Rose
An amazing insight and very honest reading.
catrelax (77 77 positive feedback)  Fri 26 May
Spirit Rose: Thank you, and thank you for coping with the honesty, I pass on all information as it is given to me, occasionally when checking for typo's i think is that okay, and always get a very strong yes, when people are ready to listen their spirit guides will tell them and sometimes very bluntly,I am so blessed to be able to work with the aid of modern technology, thank you again from Rose
Hi Rose, I would like to say thank you so much for my reading and my mums reading. We were both amazed with the information you provided us. You have a true talent. Many blessing to you.
pinni2 (28 28 positive feedback)  Thu 11 May
Spirit Rose: thank you for your very kind words, how remiss of me not to respond earlier however we had been having modem problems, every time I went onto trade me or face book it would disconnect, most annoying thankfully all up and running again with a new modem. I do get a lot of pleasure from my gift...thank you again from Spirit and Rose
Rose, you just made my LIGHT SHINE BRIGHTER. I can now understand some of my behaviours and how I can start overcoming the not so nice ones. I was so impressed and definitely feel blessed by you. Can't believe I've had so many past lives and know there are more to find out about in the future. Rose, I will be in touch again sometime but not yet so in the meantime may my light be shared with yours and others to bring our world back to peace and harmony. Thank u
jahrule8 (135 135 positive feedback) Address Verified Jun 2018  Sat 15 Apr
Spirit Rose: Thank you so much for you wonderful feed back, I was so touched when I first read it I could not respond couldn't see for the tears, I too have been very blown away by the information that flows, I am so thankful I can voice record. Past lives have always been a fascination of mine, I was born with a very vivid memory of a past life that has always allowed me to believe in past lives. Thank you again from Rose
I've had a couple of readings from Rose and they've been wonderfully helpful and encouraging. Thank you :)
lunamarket (12 12 positive feedback)  Fri 24 Feb
Spirit Rose: Your very welcome, may the road you have paved be finally filled with gold...thank you from Spirit and Rose
Another informative, helpful, positive and uncanny(!) Reading from Rose. Thank you for your time Rose - I was so pleased I chose you again for this New Year Reading. I'll keep in touch. Take care and all the best for 2017. Jillxo
jilly02 (2926 2926 positive feedback) Address Verified Jan 2019  Mon 09 Jan
Spirit Rose: Thank you so much, I am very blessed by the lovely people like you who find me on trademe, wishing you the greatest happiness for 2017. from my lovely Spirit Guide and Rose
Rose was amazing, the advice she gave me was inspirational and uplifting when all hope seemed gone she guided me to where I needed to go - I cannot thank Rose enough for her guidance and support xxx
sjthomson (421 421 positive feedback)  Sat 26 Nov
Spirit Rose: Your so very welcome, feels like things are very gently improving and you feel in a very sunny state of mind and place, enjoy who you are as you are pretty special...may you grace the world with your success next year from Rose
Thank you so much for my Reading. It brought excitement and smiles. Jillx
jilly02 (2926 2926 positive feedback) Address Verified Jan 2019  Wed 26 Oct
Spirit Rose: Things still feel very exciting for you Jill, may you have the best last few days of 2016 and a wonderful 2017, from Rose, and thank you for you lovely comment
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