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Psychic Intuitive Readings By Franziska

Listing #: 778771707
Business name: Psychic, Intuitive Franziska
Location: Johnsonville
About: NZ Psychic Clairvoyant. 28 yrs exp love, health career & more.Questions welcome Short Readings $30, Full readings $65
Services offered: In depth Psychic readings- Relationsh­ips, Career, Spirituali­ty, Health. By Phone, email or in Person.28 yrs experience­. As endorsed on TVNZ
Areas serviced: New Zealand & International. Go to my website for booking email and phone readings and to see my tour itinerary for a face to face reading.
Availability: Please book through my website at any time or contact me by email or phone to make a booking
If you would like clarity about:

Your love life and relationships
Where your career is taking you
How to improve your health
Where your financial future is going
Any family worries or disputes
Insight into your spiritual path
Your success in business

My readings will give you peace of mind and guidance. I welcome questions or any particular topic you would like me look into.

I love my work and love connecting with people to give guidance, answers and also comfort

My training:
Spiritual Counselling Diploma
Intuitive and Psychic Development
Holistic Life Coaching
Energy Psychology
Soul Plan Reading

I use my psychic senses and intuition in my readings. I feel, hear and sense what I bring through as well as some visual guidance.

Having 28 years experience as a Psychic and a Healer I look into your life and future to give you certainty and peace of mind.

Email readings work like distance healing or prayer, through energy which connects over distance, I tune into the person during the reading to and find answers and guidance.

$30 for a short one question email reading

$65 for a full reading ( very detailed) Please send me any questions you have if you wish
( 5 Maximum)

$70 for a relationship or couples reading, questions welcome.( 7 maximum)

$70 for a business readings looking at your business, its future and any blocks to success and how to overcome them.

$80 Phone reading (40 mins) limited availability

Book through my website and pay by PayPal or credit card or contact me via email and I can arrange bank deposit.

I promptly send you your reading after your appointment time.Or call you for a Phone Reading.

I require
A Photo please if possible ( It does give me a better connection)
Your date of birth
Your first name
Your gender

Review. Fantastic and very detailed reading, Thank You . Marianne Steiger

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100% from 195 reviews.

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Thank you Franziska. You highlighted some things which I needed confirmation on and I needed to hear this from you.Very much appreciated.
amanda_das (0 0 positive feedback) Address Verified Oct 2017  Thu 14 Feb
Very detailed and accurate guidance. Felt very reassured and hopeful. Lots of detail in reading given month by month. Delivered with a warm and friendly manner. Highly recommended. Thanks so much Franziska, it has helped me tremendously, Ann
stitchinat7 (95 95 positive feedback)  Tue 12 Feb
Brillant expérience. I am so happy I choose to get my reading done by Franzika. Thorough and well laid out. Thank you!!
blackjack100 (57 57 positive feedback)  Thu 20 Dec
This lovely lady is so spiritually led. The reading is absolutely 100% accurate. A true conduit for spirit in Franziska. If you are feeling the need for some guidance or just acknowledgement of what you already feel, Franziska is completes her readings with love and guidance. A truly beautiful soul. Thank you Franziska x
imagine4ever (181 181 positive feedback) Address Verified Jun 2017  Mon 26 Nov
Franziska: My pleasure . I really enjoyed reading for you
What a great reading. I got my email this morning and it has given me the confidence to go and move on with my life. The detail was uncanny and I am very grateful for the kindness with which Franziska passes on her wisdom. She answered questions I didnt even ask . Fantastic I will be back and will be recommending Franziska to my friends
annette722 (0 0 positive feedback)  Mon 26 Nov
Franziska: Thank you so much for the review. It means a lot to me.
Just got an e-mail reading done from her and it was amazing. To start with, I used the online booking system on her website and it was nice and easy, and the website also explained everything clearly. When she did the reading, I asked quite a vague question and got a very detailed response which answered a lot of questions and taught me a lot. And I did it all on the computer. It was a very uplifting experience and I highly recommend it.
r.orriss (15 15 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2018  Mon 05 Nov
Franziska: Thank you and it was a pleasure
A totally amazing reading. I am impressed once again. For the price which is very reasonable you get a great deal of detail and also 5 questions. The lay out is excellent and the information is easy to understand. I highly recommend Franziska and I go straight to her now as I know I will get the answers I am looking for. Absolutely top notch and very professional yet warm and kind. A wonderful Clairvoyant *********
mariannes2 (0 0 positive feedback)  Sun 04 Nov
Franziska: Thank you so much its always a pleasure to read for you
I just had another brilliant reading from Franziska, I dont bother going to anyone else. I have had both in person and an email reading and both have been uncanny and accurate, She seems to know just what is needed and the detail in her readings is amazing I highly recommend Franziska
sarayaj (0 0 positive feedback)  Thu 27 Sep
Franziska: Thank you and it was a pleasure
Wow Franziska is so accurate I had to do another review. I was feeling a bit lost after a venture I had started did not work out . But having the understanding of what happened , why and that better things are around the corner and to stay positive has given me such a boost. I have already had a very good business offer so all is going according to plan. Wonderful I highly recommend Franziska after having an email reading, an in person and a business reading over the last two years.
benfree (0 0 positive feedback)  Mon 17 Sep
Franziska: It was one again a pleasure its always nice to catch up
I just had another great reading by Fran! She is awesome!! Kind and compassionate.***** Love her work! *****
summer35 (24 24 positive feedback)  Thu 30 Aug
Franziska: Thank you
Wow you have given me details I didn't expect . Thank you so much I feel so much more confident and sure of my path and my direction now and will certainly be back as you have really impressed me with the detail and compassion in the reading. Thank you so much. I highly recommend Franziska and will return as I have never has such an in depth psychic reading before. *******
mariannes2 (0 0 positive feedback)  Sun 26 Aug
The Best Detailed Reading I've ever had.
minny4 (700 700 positive feedback)  Fri 24 Aug
Franziska: Thank you so much. I appreciate you taking the time for this review.
Thank you so much Franziska. I really appreciated the reading you have given me. The direction and accuracy means alot. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to get a reading. Thank you again. Take care :-)
jordan56 (1072 1072 positive feedback) Address Verified Apr 2018  Fri 17 Aug
Fantastic, detailed and accurate readings, highly recommend!!
ckbailey (81 81 positive feedback) Address Verified Aug 2018  Mon 13 Aug
Franziska: Thank you it was a pleasure
My reading was amazing!! Thank you. It was very insightful, detailed and was accurate. I highly recommend and would definitely seek Franziska again in the future.
summer35 (24 24 positive feedback)  Mon 06 Aug
Franziska: Thank you so much. It was a pleasure
Had two readings done by Franziska a few months ago and they were very insightful feeling hopeful & positive for the future a head Thank you Franziska #Greatservice
greex07 (1 1 positive feedback)  Fri 03 Aug
I just had my first email reading with Franziska and Its excellent! she has a beautiful connection with spirit and her wisdom really shines through. She delivered a very healing and insightful reading. Highly recommended! Thank you for sharing your gift xx
melly16 (273 273 positive feedback) Address Verified Jan 2018  Wed 18 Jul
Franziska: Thank you so much
Franziska is a very good reader and I have used her services a couple of times. In initially used another high-ranking reader in wellington but soon became dissatisfied with her predictions. Franziska provides peace of mind and actually identifies areas which you need to work on in order to get your life in order. I feel reassured by her readings and they have been very accurate. Highly recommended if you want some good direction on love, life health & career
si-dog (741 741 positive feedback) Address Verified Jan 2018  Wed 18 Jul
Franziska: Thank you so much and as always it was a pleasuer
I just had a phone reading and it was amazing and I have had an email reading with Franziska before. She is so accurate I always get tears in my eyes. Its like she knows me better than anyone else and her guidance has helped me so much. She never judges and is very detailed with her readings. I highly recommend her and I dont go to anyone else now. I know she is there for me and also is happy to answer questions which pop up after a reading. Absolutely a person I trust 100%
annette722 (0 0 positive feedback)  Tue 10 Jul
Franziska: Thank you so much it was lovely to speak with you
Franziska never fails to deliver! Every year I have a reading and she gives me everything I need to guide me through the next 12 months. She has been spot on every time from jobs to homes to relationships. We are very blessed to have her abilities to call on in times when we need confirmation. It makes me excited to see how my year will unfold. Thank you Franziska we are lucky to have you :-)
storm100 (157 157 positive feedback) Address Verified Aug 2017  Mon 02 Jul
Franziska: Thank you lovely soul
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