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Listing #: 779099864
Business name: Astroplus.­
Location: Napier South
Hawke's Bay
About: Christina is an experienced intuitive astrologer, author, radio host & healer who answers life questions with guidance, wisdom & spiritual connection
Services offered: Knowledge & insight into the following: Business, Career, Finance, Relationships, Elective Surgery, Fertility, Health/Ayurvedic Life, Soul Direction
Areas serviced: Hawkes Bay person to person. Nationwi­de/International via skype, phone and email
Availability: Appointmen­t arranged on contact with client Monday to Saturday 10-5pm.
Astrology is the art of timing.
Your horoscope is your personal GPS that guides you in life.

Every event happens in a specific time & place. That instance in time holds meaning to that event & the people involved.

Everything in life works with the ebb and flow of energy from the Universe & all the earthly & heavenly bodies reside within you.

These energies interact meaningfully with your personal energy. This triggers your birth chart to reveal the events in all areas of life.

Receiving insight into your horoscope will reveal the blueprint of your individual plan of life. It opens windows to deeper understanding of your psyche & the effect external energies, forces & personalities have on you.

With this knowledge comes the wisdom to assist you in making the best possible choices to serve you at your time of searching or conflict.

Astrology is this unraveling of the wonders of your birth chart to show the potential it holds for you: your own embedded treasure map: it awakens you to the present, & prepares you for the future.

‘Nicholas Culpeper (1616-1654) the famous herbalist and physician used astrology alongside his herbal medicines.
"Only astrologers are fit to study medicine and a medical man without astrology is like a lamp without oil." ’

one simple clear question $25.00
two questions $40.00

Email session $120.00

60 min session $110.00
90 min session $140.00
All health sessions $170.00

Also available via email
Sun sign medical astrology NZ$19.00
Personal Love Profile NZ$60.00

payment through Paypal & internet banking. Appointment once payment is confirmed.

New Book
Learn to Self-heal available here on trade me at NZ$30.00 only.
A valuable investment for your health and the health of your family.

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100% from 96 reviews.

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Christina really knows her stuff and gave a very accurate picture of many aspects of my life. Her guidance and insight around timings for my business and professional life were very valuable and I would recommend Christina to anyone seeking clarity.
ruthie-66 (10 10 positive feedback)  Mon 12 Nov
I went and saw Christina back in May and it was awesome! I also got her book Learn to self heal. I was always of the understanding that we are just one star sign, but when I read the others she gave me, based on my chart, I couldn't believe it! It was unbelievably accurate! This book has really helped me change the way I see myself and appreciate myself a lot more! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone on the road to self-discovery!
rockchic9 (15 15 positive feedback) Address Verified Jan 2018  Mon 20 Aug
WOW, what a wonderful reading from Christina, she was spot on so accurate. Felt very safe and at ease in her company. Can't wait to see her again.
b4k (32 32 positive feedback)  Sat 18 Aug
Every time I spoke with Christine, she sends out this positive vibe no matter the situation. I have multiple readings from her throughout the years, I don't always listen but I should have – every single time.
kitki (21 21 positive feedback)  Tue 05 Jun
Saw Christina for a 90min session on 21/5/18 at InspireMe premises in Palmerston North. Excellent experience. I highly recommend her to all interested in the subject. Concise and thorough review with explanations. Thank you very much indeed Christina - A+++
vickik3 (160 160 positive feedback)  Tue 22 May
I saw Christina yesterday and was blown away by her accuracy of my personality, environment and moving forward in my direction in life. She is very straight to the point and doesnt sugar coat her answers, which i loved as I was there for the truth and boy did I get it and then some!!!! Christina has a wonderful energy and presence around her and I would definitely recommend her to any of my friends! I will absolutely stay in touch with Christina!
rockchic9 (15 15 positive feedback) Address Verified Jan 2018  Mon 21 May
I was amazed at the accuracy of Christina's astrological reading which also gave me considerable insight and understanding of my life path to date. Highly recommend if you have specific questions, and if you want to know about your life purpose. Christina had put considerable thought into the interpretation of my natal chart prior to our meeting, which was worth my financial outlay. She gave so much information I'm still processing it all.
daisylu1 (0 0 positive feedback) Address Verified Oct 2018  Mon 21 May
It was timely to come back to visit Christine again. This visit gave me tools to go forward with confidence and understanding of the more appropriate times for the decision making and connection... thank you Christine
beezu1 (2 2 positive feedback)  Mon 23 Apr
I have had 2 readings with Christina. The first was a birth chart reading where we discussed different aspects of my personality and also the year ahead. The second was a health reading. I highly recommend Christina's readings, especially when you can meet her in person. She has a wealth of knowledge and insight to share. I would also add that I think her fees are very reasonable given the amount of effort that goes into her service. Thanks, Christina.
minerva5 (67 67 positive feedback)  Wed 14 Mar
Not entirely happy but still thankful for the reading hopefully it will resonate with me down the track. I thought this was a bit overpriced for the information received and then to charge me an extra $4 paypal fee. I think the reading fee is more than enough to cover the reading and paypal fees. Sorry but that is just my honest opinion.
jannana (622 622 positive feedback) Address Verified Jun 2017  Tue 30 Jan
I recently had reached a cross-roads in my life and had the opportunity to meet Christina for a little astrological insight to help me make the best decisions going forward. Christina provided a professional reading that was warm and intuitive. I learnt more about myself and the advice given was incredibly helpful for me. I would happily recommend Christina for self enlightenment through an astrological reading. Thank you Christina.
jospence (157 157 positive feedback) Address Verified Feb 2018  Mon 13 Nov
I have just had a health reading done by Christina. It's a comprehensive report detailing all I need to do to be well now, and it's great to be able to see what areas I need to work on now to prevent potential future challenges. Thanks Christina for giving me a blueprint to work with.
nztails (78 78 positive feedback)  Thu 26 Oct
Had a great session with Christina. Found out some more stuff about my self and ones close to me. Some information about a lucky phase. I nailed some good collects. I think there is more to come. Thanks Christina.
thomascat (39 39 positive feedback) Address Verified Jul 2018  Mon 16 Oct
When I have a to ask a question, I always contact Christina. I 'get' her explanations and can easily see how the relate to me. I had a question this time and she gave me a timeline, which is also very helpful. She also gave me an update on which vitamins are helpful for different parts of the body. Thank you Christina, I always feel better after talking with you.
sebsam (9 9 positive feedback)  Mon 02 Oct
I have just had my second astrological reading with Christina. An excellent reading. As before Christina had done her homework and the reading moved along quickly
jennybrown (39 39 positive feedback)  Thu 28 Sep
I got a lot out of my session with Christina. I had a business and personal reading and was left feeling very clear about right-timing of things I'd been planning. She affirmed for me that I'm on the right track with my business planning and I loved that I was able to record the session so I can listen to it as often as I want. I'll be checking in regularly to make sure that i'm making the best use of auspicious dates and avoiding doing things during periods that are not. Thanks Christina.
serene12 (41 41 positive feedback)  Mon 25 Sep
Excellent Book - ' Learn to Self-Heal ' easy to read , perceptive and with many personal connection points . Great read for anyone interested in Astrology and Medical Health . John Doyle
johndoyle (0 0 positive feedback)  Mon 25 Sep
Chatted with Christina recently. She really knows her stuff. Great practical application even though it's from the stars! Recommend a reading from her to help you sort through life stuff. Jill
jesme (7 7 positive feedback)  Sun 24 Sep
I received the answers i was looking for, which makes me understand the uncertainly in life I am feeling right now and the clarity of change about to occur. Thanks Christina
shirlssv (159 159 positive feedback) Address Verified Aug 2017  Mon 04 Sep
I am really blessed and amazed to have the best insight to understanding who I am and the direction in which I have always naturally been drawn towards. Keep going and giving always x H
lym (21 21 positive feedback)  Tue 08 Aug
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