Psychic Clairvoyant Medium Teacher Therapist

Listing #: 809776967
Business name: Edward James Tagg
Location: Browns Bay
North Shore City
About: Clairvoyant Psychic Medium (Trained at Spiritualist Assoc of Great Britain, London) Spiritual Healer, Enlightenment Teacher & Therapist
Services offered: Clairvoyan­t, Psychic, Mediumship­, Hypnothera­py, Inner Child, Counsellin­g, Therapy, Suicide Counsellin­g, Spiritual Enlightenm­ent, Meditation­.
Areas serviced: Auckland in Person, Australia and rest of world by phone or skype, (15 years experience London Los Angeles OZ).
Availability: Flexible Working Hours
1) The Spiritualists Assoc. of Great Britain, London graduate (June 1997).
2) Colin Fry's (UK TV's most famous psychic) "Mediumship" graduate, (2008).
4) COUNSELLING: Didi Hirsch Mental Health Center (Suicide Prevention Crisis Center, Los Angeles graduate 1999).
5) Psychology: 3 years (Southwalk College, London, 1995)
6) Nirvikalpa Samadhi & Kundalini (1997)

1) Relationships, career, illness, family: past present future (guided by Mother Mary).
2) EMOTIONAL KARMIC LESSONS of parental issues, & partners, etc.
3) MEDIUMSHIP: full verbal contact with passed over loved ones.
4) FULL INTERNAL BODY SCAN: past surgeries & future illness with emotional lessons analysis.
6) "PRECISION BIBLIOMANCY" - specific questions answered -Mother Mary gives page numbers in books.
7) Past Lives & Lessons.
8) Lost Jewellery & Pets found, (SPCA Dunedin: Edward found lost & dying livestock).
9) CORPORATE PSYCHIC BUSINESS CONSULTANT: Intuitive Analysis & Forecasting, Staff issues.
11) BABY PSYCHIC: questions about baby

- EMOTIONAL HEALING: Hypnotherapy.



- WORKSHOPS: Manifesting Joy & Abundance, Angel Communication, Inner Child etc.

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL: in person, telephone or skype: CALL or TEXT: EDWARD JAMES TAGG on 022 658 3373 -

All sessions are given with an extremely high level of professional care, integrity and respect for privacy.

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Edward is very skilled and helpful and has help quide me thru a bit of a tough time and provided good insight to help me move forward. I really appreciate what he has done for me. Thanks.
pmarch (41 41 positive feedback)  Mon 07 Mar
I felt like I was going through the dark night of the soul. The connection with Edward gave me exactly what I needed. He told me things that pertain only to me and gave me tremendous hope for the future. This was a Rolls-Royce of a reading. I am grateful to you, Edward. I am glad I found you here on Trade Me. Thank you!
pottles (934 934 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2016  Mon 15 Feb
Edward James Tagg: Many thanks.... loving kindness is one thing that doesn't cost the earth... but what the earth needs most right now... to ppen our hearts with extreme sensitivity is what we are all here to do... much love to you... bless
I have crossed paths, literally with this individual twice, Browns Bay Newmarket. Truly enlightened people exude morality it's a natural state that empowers the individual after the lower or base self has been corrected through inner change, this is a spiritual process, and has a permanent effect. So where do you place the credentials of this one, whose eyes focus on woman's breasts and interactions around women feel creepy, thank god as I said these were just passing moments .
lyn341 (8 8 positive feedback) Address Verified Oct 2017  Thu 11 Feb
Edward James Tagg: So sorry if that was your experience... was not my intention... always available with kind concern... not sure what could have gone wrong there... male female interactions are always fraught with challenging perceptions and interpretations... hope all goes well with you... bless
I have had two healing sessions with Edward and his method of guided meditations helped me to tap into a inner-wisdom and resource which we all have in us. I thank you Edward for your wonderful explanations and patient guidance whilst you helped me in this journey. I am also getting so much out of the inner-child work that we are doing and use this every day as part of my life. Its a shame that we are not taught these methods at school ! so helpful and practical. I highly recommend Edward :-)
maxie30 (43 43 positive feedback) Address Verified Feb 2017  Fri 26 Apr
I contacted Edward one evening while suffering from ongoing anxieties and panic attacks. At the time I was very upset. His reading was full of love & hope. Also he gave me reassurance that I was going to let myself enjoy life again, without the fear. He told why I was having a bad time and what I needed to do to heal. Needless to say, I am improving by the day. I found Edward to be very experienced in what he does. A very sincere, caring man, with your best interests at heart. Highly Recommend!
karen569 (387 387 positive feedback)  Mon 25 Jun
Edward James Tagg: Thank you so very much Karen - all warm fluffies inside.... I prayed for you too... Bless - Edward
Dear Edward, thank you for giving me the reading that I really needed. You managed to cover such a wide array of questions that I had about my loved ones, past lives, guides and also current issues. Your perseverance and care in pulling all the pieces together really helped me and I am still percolating about the reading many days later. You have a real gift Edward and I want to thank you sincerely for sharing it and providing people with the opportunity to receive messages in this way.
wellingtonian1 (246 246 positive feedback)  Wed 29 Feb
Edward James Tagg: Many thanks for that - yes - even I was surprised when my angels gave me page numbers in book that clearly described your past life details that they had previously shown me clairvoyantly - bless - Edward
Edward is the most amazing, kind, and gentile man I have ever met. He gave me very specific details upon first meeting him, there was no possibility of him knowing those details without his amazing god given gifts. He is extremely respectful and caring when doing his readings, especially when things of a sensitive nature come up. Edward has given me hope for the future, when before I met him I had no hope and was at the end of my tolerance for wanting to remain on this earth. HIGHLY recommended
sagfire (18 18 positive feedback)  Sat 14 Jan
Edward James Tagg: Wow - that is so sweet of you - much obliged - look after yourself and be gentle with yourself too - your inner child will love you for it...
Edward recomfirmed to me many things I had pushed aside but already knew. He brought up two specific areas that I had forgotten to ask about but were on going issues in my life. It was an enjoyable and uplifting hour. I now feel more secure and focused on my path forward.
margaret55 (137 137 positive feedback) Address Verified Aug 2017  Wed 11 Jan
Edward James Tagg: Dear Margaret, Bless you - it takes courage to do the work - keep it up - angels are always there watching over you even if you feel down... thanks for the encouragement... Edward
I have to say I am very very impressed with what came thorugh in this reading. I have had numerous readings and some ok and some quite bad but this one was brilliant! I am impressed with the accuracy for the most part, a couple of minor details not right, but 95% very correct and will be interesting to see what comes of what has been given to me for remainder of year. Thanks Edward really appreciate this it has helped me hang in there for now, and follow my heart. I think I am releasing my dad.
country.bumpkin (763 763 positive feedback) Address Verified Aug 2017  Fri 12 Aug
Edward James Tagg: Thank you kindly - as long as I am healthy and well - my abilities grow, and I appreciate your comment warmly... bless - Edward James Tagg +64226583373
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