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Location: Brockville
About: Gypsy Gem's easy accurate tarot readings, 25 years experience, have had great feedback from many happy customers. A time to suit each persons needs.
Services offered: as things go id foregot to keep ahead with trademe & lost track of time due to surgery and it lapst on me so ive lost all the great reveiws :(((
Areas serviced: so now we have to start again.i see ive got people wanting email readings,p­lease leave some way for me to contact you,celpho­ne would be helpful.:)
Availability: im always here for those whom would like to know things from the past-presant&future
Readings can be done by email or in person, have done group readings up to 4 people.readings take about an hour or less its; could you please send me an email with your email address so as i can get back to you as soon as i can i cant get back to you other wise :(
thanks "))) ps.i see ive got a few people wanting an email reading.please email me your email address so as i can get back to you.

my email.


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Thank you so much for you time and effort to do my reading for me, it was something I needed and im glad you were able to do it for me, Thank you for doing what you do and offering your services to the public ill be back for another reading and im sure to pass your details on to family and friends take care! x
lilpaws123 (50 50 positive feedback)  Tue 31 Jul
Gypsy is amazing..When you talk to her, she will say things that will blow your mind because only you know them to be true..She picked up so many things relating to my situation with great accuracy..Found a great reader yay!
akhilanz (0 0 positive feedback)  Wed 30 Aug
Gypsy Gem: thank you for your kind words & i wish you all the best in all you want to become & thank you for allowing me to read for you as i said a reading is a very personal thing & to share things that are close to your heart with another is a very trusting thing to do.so thank you once again.good luck for tomorrow .:)
I would recommend a reading from Gypsy Gem, she is very kind and extremely accurate - it was incredible some of the info she gave of what she knew about me - wow! I have no doubt that the predictions she made will come true.
reb87 (43 43 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2019  Tue 15 Mar
Gem is a wise and very caring reader. She went more than the extra mile for me with her thorough and accurate interpretation of the cards. She is does not hold back about what you need to know to move on. I would recommend her skills highly to anyone wanting a well-rounded and supportive reading. I'm sorry gem that it has taken me a while to post this review. I will be back!!
rose640 (375 375 positive feedback) Address Verified Mar 2018  Tue 01 Mar
Brilliant - Insightful - Accurate
judeharvey (29 29 positive feedback)  Thu 27 Aug
Thank you lovely lady, very accurate and highly recommended.
michelles8 (3 3 positive feedback) Address Verified Jan 2018  Tue 25 Feb
Thankyou What a lovely lady you are very nice talking with you. Very true in so many things, Will be in touch again :)
vicky43 (240 240 positive feedback) Address Verified Jan 2020  Tue 21 Jan
Gypsy Gem: thanks for your kind words i hope things do work out well for you and ya we can keep in touch :)
My reading was full of exciting change and let them happen in there own time & 2 have an open mind. Ive been busy the past few months & wanted to see what would happen, then give feedback. In the reading having the same card come out 3 times was a huge sign that I should let things happen as they come along. You have been right about 4 out of 5 things so far from what the cards said. 2 x New jobs offers, selling the house, buying a house. Lets see if no5 happens.Tnk u, your a lovely great lady.
antspantz (2028 2028 positive feedback)  Sun 17 Nov
Gypsy Gem: im always happy to know that things turn out for those i do readings for sometimes the news isnt always what we want to hear or know but thats life and the way i look at it it for warned for armed glad to have been so right for you.always a pleasure to see you takecare be good & if ya cant becareful :)
I promised Gem I would put up a review of my time with her. This was some time ago so my apologies for the lateness! Her first reading blew me away. Everything she said came true & she didn't mince her words. She was straight up & told it like it was. The news wasn't what I wanted to hear & not what I went to her for. Gem prepared me for the greatest loss of my life & I am so grateful for that. Thanks Gem, your words prepared me & made my loss a lot easier.
midi1 (100 100 positive feedback)  Mon 28 Oct
Gypsy Gem: well its been a while and at this point im not sure whom you are but if im thinking of the person i have in my mind im so sori to know the loss id told you has fallen into place you may if you like give me a tx and re fresh my mind id love to know that you are ok and how things have been going for you at this stage id have to say it would be a hard time for all around you my thoughts go out to you all thanks again for your kind words xox
Thanks for the great reading it really helped me to think about things in my life. Would recommend anyone to get a reading done. A++++ :)
meld682 (327 327 positive feedback)  Tue 22 Oct
Gypsy Gem: thank you also for trusting me with your secrets they are always safe with me,if I was able to write a book on my readings id have more $$$$ than mr k?? lol always a pleasure to see people return that's a lovely way of saying I got it right for you:) im not always right ya know but I try my very best :) all the best for you I wish xo
Gem, you are a star. Thank you for finding the time to see me. I want to say how relaxed the session was, with no clock watching involved. Not only do you seem to care, you have wisdom about you with passion and a heart for others. This session helped my troubled mind and heart and I am now interested with the direction my future will take. The answers that were hard to hear, you explained the reasons why and why not. I will definitely be lining up for another reading when I am your way :)
nzkitten08 (466 466 positive feedback) Address Verified Dec 2019  Sat 10 Aug
Gypsy Gem: thank you so very much for your kind words.it was a pleasure to do a reading for you") sometimes in life were delt some kind of crap to deal with even me:( so im no different to anyone I do a reading for.ive learnt the hard way just like anyone,my cards tell me straight as well even though I don't like what they are telling me I just got to take it on board and move forward.takecare and all the very best from me to you")))
Thank you so much for doing my reading tonight at the drop of a hat. I really needed it. You are so understanding and give great advice and your reading was so so accurate. I now have a sense of direction and feel like a weight is lifted off my shoulders. I intend to come back for another reading if the need arises. Highly recommended! Thanks so much :)
starlight84 (60 60 positive feedback)  Fri 08 Mar
Gypsy Gem: it was a pleasure to do the reading for you even at such short notice,as id just moved into the house when theres someone who needed a reading done i will always try to help those in need,im glad you chose mee to do the reading for you.takecare ")))
Gem's readings are worth having. She is very insightful, and is generous with her time in doing a reading. I had a reading over a year ago in which what she said did come to happen, and another one recently which was a great help to me with a decision I had to make. Thank you gem :-)
wildraven (11 11 positive feedback)  Sun 03 Feb
Gypsy Gem: it was a pleasure to catch up with you again")))and its always great to know that ive been able to help you and others like you that have always come back to me:) my time given to any reading is just for that persons needs.wish you all the best for your future."))).
An awesome reader, very accurate, patient, kind and wise. Takes the time to listen, to understand and then to write back and to answer questions. A very good reader and someone who understands value in people. Gem - you were awesome, thank you for answering my questions, for being so patient and for taking the time to do the reading! You've answered my questions and put my mind at ease for things that were bothering me. I wish you all the best and lots of love, loucylou xxxx
loucylou (189 189 positive feedback)  Sun 18 Nov
Gypsy Gem: thank you so much for your kind words"))) i care very much for those that have a reading with me,and always try my very best for everyone,we all have times when we feel lost and need some out side help from a differant sorce,my spellings crap but my readings are from from heart & sole.i wish you all the very best & hope ya little furry mate makes his way back before you leave.love from me to you>")))
this lady has very accurate reader,even had knee surgery and still took them time to sit down and do a reading,very upfront and honest,caring and very soulful lady would highly commend this lady to anybody complete honesty.will be getting regular readings from gypsey gem,thanx so much for your caring words and kindness. :))
shell1125 (4 4 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2012  Sat 10 Nov
Gypsy Gem: thanks for your kind words:)my own troubles i aways put aside as those who want to have a reading done with me thats where i focus all my energy as i feel your needs are way more important ;0 thanks again for haveing a reading with me.take care.")))
have had a few readings done by Gypsy Gem, was very impressed with the accuracy, and will continue to get readings, well worth it i highly recommend if you are interested in having a reading done, go see this lady, have been to others and was unsatisfied, none of what they said was right. thank you Gypsy Gem for the guidance your readings have given me over the years, much appreciated :)
chickybabe18 (59 59 positive feedback)  Sat 10 Nov
Gypsy Gem: alway a pleasure to see ya chicky,and am here for you at any time,there are many out there who would feed ya with ya know??? take ya $ & think nothing of it:( i take my time with everyone,im a straight reader & dnt hide things i see,im honest&staight to the point,but always consider your feelings at the same time") look forward to seeing you again.take care."))) ps.thanks for your kind words.:)
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