Listing #: 969289386
Location: Hastings Central
Hawke's Bay
About: Hi my name is Sharn, I have had the gift and insight all my life. I have worked in the UK and New Zealand. I have done both stage and radio.
Services offered: Psychic Tarot Readings Mediumsh­ip House Blessings. And removal of unwanted spirits.
Areas serviced: The world
Availability: Monday to Friday 10am to 6:30pm.
If you are coming to my home please reframe from wearing perfume I have terrible allergies.

I have designed an easy to learn Tarot course. For more information contact me through this page or give me a call.

WORKING HOURS-: Monday to Friday

At my home or by phone
An hour $100
45 minutes $80
Half hour $60
One question 15 minutes $40

At my home or by phone
An hour $100
45 minutes $80
Half hour $60
One question 15 minutes $40

I can travel to you

Havelock North $130.00
Clive $120.00
Hastings $120.00
Flaxmere $120.00
Napier and Taradale $130.00
Waipawa $170.00
Waipukurau $250.00

Removal of unwanted spirits, cleansing, blessing and protection & curse removal. For your home, Business or person $170.00


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99% from 376 reviews.

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The reading with Sharn was very good. Everything she said makes sense and is what we were thinking and planning and wanting to put into action. We look forward to putting our plans into action with more confidence now, thanks Sharn.
bantamweight (334 334 positive feedback) Address Verified Feb 2018  Wed 19 Sep
I had a phone reading with Sharn yesterday morning. I want to say thank you so much. Give me allot insight to know I am on the right track for me and my family. thank you so much for time and gift. blessings to you.
pinni2 (25 25 positive feedback)  Tue 11 Sep
Sharn has always been accurate and on point. These past few months we moved cities and she was spot on with our jobs. She saw the industry I would work in before we even thought about moving (at that time we didn't know it will be a different city but makes sense now) and she was accurate about my husband's job. She saw 2 lots of similar interviews and it went just as she had described it. We always contact her for peace of mind, and will continue doing so. Thanks Sharn.
nl29 (9 9 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2018  Sat 01 Sep
This is not just a review of Sharn’s amazing ability, it’s a review of my life since my reading on 19/3/18. The daily affirmations have worked! You are so right - I do set my limitations! Start my new job in a fortnight and it’s life changing! They did offer more to stop me going as you said. I’ve just met the man! From the instant we met we both had that eureka feeling! Scared but excited to see what happens! Seems the Flowering of Logres is happening for me now, patience does pay! Big Loves X
mariadee (136 136 positive feedback) Address Verified Apr 2017  Sat 01 Sep
This is my second reading with Sharn and it never disappoints. She makes so much sense when she explains things to you a way that just clicks and resonates. I even got a small chat with my late FIL today which was actually very touching as he usually doesn't come to me. so I thank you for that so much . Sharn is positive and so friendly and you enjoy the chat as much as the reading. well recommended thank you so much :)
lizylouluesley (294 294 positive feedback)  Wed 15 Aug
I have had 4 readings done by Sharn now and each one has been so on point and helped me in every aspect of my life. I still can’t get over how much she knows about me with such little information I give her and I have achieved so much because of her guidance and direction. Thank you Sharn, you truely are the real deal. Aroha
ari661 (230 230 positive feedback)  Mon 06 Aug
I recently had an amazing experience. we had moved houses and our cat went missing, I was beside myself didn't know whether he was alive or where he was. I decided to tx sharn to help me with some reassurance that he was ok. sharn said he is curled up on a warm lap belonging to an elderly man, and that he will return once he has his bearings. The next day Sharn said he is not far away.Late afternoon at home our cat was on our deck. You are very Gifted Sharn. Thanks for your reassurance X
women (38 38 positive feedback)  Thu 02 Aug
Wonderful Lady, very helpful & really cares about your progress
laceylady1 (95 95 positive feedback)  Wed 04 Jul
Really comforting reading. I appreciated your abilities to find mine. Thanks Sharn :-)
jo929 (14 14 positive feedback)  Thu 31 May
I have never had my cards read before and thoroughly enjoyed it. Sharn was very welcoming and so accurate. Will definilty go back for another reading in a few months.
maxineb (48 48 positive feedback)  Sat 12 May
Thank you once again, with another helpful reading. I wasn't sure what do, and which direction to go with my career. You have put my mind at ease, and I will go ahead with signing that contract. I will def be in touch in future. Take care.
bournefree (1 1 positive feedback)  Mon 16 Apr
Excellent reading, highly recommend.
nicole160 (845 845 positive feedback)  Wed 28 Feb
My spirit guide leads me to her. For the last 10 Years my family has been suffering from negative people put on us until my father passed away without knowing it. Once I and my family’ve been saved and be protected by Sharn. They can’t touch us. Her standard is to clear and shield the victim not to send back the negative that’s what make her is really really strong. I highly recommend her.
neoprinc3 (17 17 positive feedback)  Thu 15 Feb
My reading from Sharn was my 4th reading from her. I have seen many gifted people and she is my the top 2 over the years. The latest reading was nothing less than exceptional. I didn't see her for my health, however she named the exact problem my practitioner had missed which is not a commonly known issue and sure enough when I got home it was on my hair tissue analysis as a chronic sensitivity. I would highly recommend Sharn to anyone that is thinking of getting a reading. A+++
megzjt (259 259 positive feedback)  Tue 13 Feb
Sharn has an incredible gift. she never fails to read the situation perfectly and her advice is invaluable and on the button. i've had many readings over years.. i'm still waiting for some of the predictions to come to fruition so i'm sure the proof will be in the pudding soon enough. Patience has never been my greatest strengh but i look forward to the exciting changes ahead that sharn as predicted.. love and blessings sharn x
moonstix (78 78 positive feedback)  Fri 19 Jan
Thank you again Sharn, I have again gained useful insight and understanding into my life process now and future. It has shown me I am going along okay, and the warning on my health has tied in with my present experiences. As when I have had readings with you in the past I feel like I am with a great friend that I enjoy time with and am at my ease. Many thanks.
pilot70 (6 6 positive feedback)  Tue 02 Jan
Sharn was great, definitely has a gift, would recommend!
saicha (100 100 positive feedback)  Wed 13 Dec
Sharn was really great, received lots of information that i was requiring and confirmed things i was already feeling but needed confirmation on. She also told me some interesting info that came up and helped me understand what it meant in my current life. Sharn was such an informative, straight shooting fun lady and very knowledgeable.i enjoyed her reading immensely and wouldn't hesitate to book her again.
fh88 (6 6 positive feedback)  Sun 03 Dec
WOW! Such an amazing reading, so accurate. Thank you Sharn, you are an amazing woman and you should be proud of yourself. I will be in touch again. You were so detailed about my present and future. Looking forward to see it all coming to life. Neda
nedareef (8 8 positive feedback)  Thu 23 Nov
Amazing ability to detect any illness at all, within the family or your circle of people - whether it be physical or mental ....
goodie_girl (155 155 positive feedback)  Thu 21 Sep
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