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Business name: Nanotek Car Cleaning Auckland
Location: City Centre
Auckland City
About: Best Reviewed Mobile Car Wash, Mobile Car Cleaning, Mobile Car Washing, Mobile Car Grooming, Mobile Car Valet, Cut and Polish, Car Cleaning
Services offered: From LITE to X-TREME, Carpet and Seat Shampoo, Cut and Polish, Paint Protection, there's a treatment that's perfect for you
Areas serviced: AUCKLAND CITY WIDE. Complete Mobile Service. Fully self-suffi­cient mobile unit will come to you... Travel surcharge may apply depending on location
Availability: To explore your specific requiremen­ts simply email / message us, or call 0800 NANOTEK
Best Reviewed Mobile Car Grooming Experts, Mobile Car Wash, Mobile Car Clean, Mobile Car Valet, Cut and Polish, Car Cleaning

¦Paint - cleaned
¦Wheels - cleaned
¦Exterior Plastics - cleaned
¦Glass - exterior surfaces cleaned
¦Tyres - conditioned

The Lite is perfect for when your car is ok on the inside but showing the effects of being "out and about" on the outside.

Pricing From: Small $65. Medium $75. Large $85. XL $95.

The PRO:
With the PRO we get inside and out. The PRO builds upon the LITE by cleaning the inside of your car - so it is a LITE plus:
¦Glass - cleaned inside and out
¦Dash & Trims - cleaned
¦Carpets & Seats - vacuumed
The perfect option if you regularly have your car cleaned. If you like a clean well maintained car this is the repeat service for you.

Pricing From: Small $95. Medium $115. Large $135. XL $155.

The ultimate treatment! ..this is our full groom.
We go over every inch of your car, right down to the boot/cargo area, the boot/hatch and door jams and frames, and right in to all the ‘nooks and crannies’ inside and out, spot stains addressed, and an intense vacuum of the entire interior.
If your car is in need of a ‘once every 6 -12 months’ groom this is the one for you.

Pricing From: Small $165. Medium $195. Large $225. XL $245.

Additional Services Available: Machine Cut & Polish, Seat & Carpet Shampoo, Leather Maintenance, , Polymer Coating

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5 Stars for Nanotek mobile car cleaning!! arrived on time as per booking, done an amazing job for a reasonable price, will recommend to others!! Oh did I mention they do not use a drop of water to clean your car??!!!
xi-so (340 340 positive feedback)  Mon 14 Dec
Contact Us: Thank you for your kind words:)
Thank you Cory for an amazing job she didn't look this good when I brought her. dnallen
dnallen (59 59 positive feedback)  Thu 03 Dec
Contact Us: Thank you for your kind words:)
Had Richard cut and polish my Cadillac today and am absolutely delighted with the end result. Thoroughly professional in every aspect of the job and great value. No hesitation what soever to recommend Richard's ability , his company's products and his attention to detail. Much appreciated.
doug5 (182 182 positive feedback)  Thu 30 Jul
Richie: Thank you for the kind words:)
OMG I am in awe of these guys!! Second time having the extreme service and extreme it is!! Don't waste your money on any other company they just don't compare!! I can't use enough explanation marks to make my point!! From one very happy customer "Thank you" Richard and team, your brilliance shines once again!!
cindy. (643 643 positive feedback)  Fri 24 Jan
Five stars for the job done on my Ford G6ET, prepping it for sale! Highly recommended!
omegaone (180 180 positive feedback) Address Verified Oct 2019  Mon 25 Mar
Richie: Thank you for the kind words :))
OMG what can I say, these guys are FANTASTIC! My Mazda 6 was looking rather shabby to say the least, no clean in eons apart from the Z car wash that just scratched her up and still left dirt everywhere. Don't even bother with the guys at the Westfield carparks these guys s&*t all over them. She's parked outside so she takes a bit of a hammering with weather but Cory came out and worked his magic and she's never looked so good! Highly highly recommend you won't regret it :)
cindy. (643 643 positive feedback)  Fri 25 Jan
Richie: Thank you for the kind words :))
Yesterday Richard and his team applied their magic to my '68 GTO and left it gleaming. What a pleasure to have someone who understands cars work on it, (he is a Firebird owner). I have no hesitation in recommending Richard to any classic or muscle car owners who might otherwise feel nervous about a stranger on the end of a power buffer. Chris
violetellis (1136 1136 positive feedback) Address Verified Aug 2019  Thu 06 Dec
Richie: Thank you for the kind words :))
Ive been polishing and vacuuming my dear old Fairmont for years .Got these guys to do a pro clean today and was blown away .Not only is it gleaming paint wise,i don't know how the carpets look new with just a vacuum that they did.Good work Thanks Guys
dobbie101 (122 122 positive feedback) Address Verified Mar 2019  Mon 26 Nov
Richie: That has to be one of the best cared for BA Fairmonts's we've had the privelage of grooming. Enjoy the nice clean car and thanks for the kind words :)
Thanks for make my Yellow Commodore look like new again. It was great to chat again, its been a while. Great job thanks very much.
maxshona (239 239 positive feedback)  Thu 06 Sep
Richie: Thank you for the kid words :))
Got the Pro valet today on my pride a joy... Damn! It really looks like new. Amazing job! Highly recommend these guys. Were able to do my clean just a day after I booked! I will be using them again, that's for sure....
slinky-malinky (348 348 positive feedback)  Tue 28 Aug
Richie: Thank you for the kind words ?? Just FYI it was the X-Treme service (full groom) that we did on your Commodore. ENJOY! ??
A Huge thank you to Richard from Nanotek New Zealand for the great detailing on mt 1955 Chev today. The depth in the shine is amazing. You have an amazing product and exceptionally professional car grooming Team
nyneplusten (173 173 positive feedback)  Mon 27 Aug
Richie: Thank you for the kind words :))
Bloody brilliant service! My car come out great considering how dirty it was, inside and out, Richard was awesome to deal with, great sense of humour and real friendly bloke all round plus it didn’t hurt the wallet at all. Would highly recommend Nanotek to anyone and would definitely use them again in the future, cheers Alex.
jeffwat (20 20 positive feedback) Address Verified Apr 2018  Wed 22 Aug
Richie: Thank you for the kind words :))
Awesome service, they go above and beyond what any car cleaning company can do and even better, they come to your home! I love my "brand new" car again :-)
mikkle1 (178 178 positive feedback) Address Verified Mar 2019  Thu 16 Aug
Richie: Thank you for the kind words :))
Without any doubt, these guys at NANOTEK are the BEST mobile car groomers in town!. They make my car look like new every time! Thanks Richie and the NANOTEK TEAM for another great job!!!
waterboy2 (149 149 positive feedback)  Thu 10 May
Richie: Thank you for the kind words :))
Incredible job! Made the car look like new (which was no small feat). Will definitely be using them again in the future. Cheers, Alan
nzfilmmaker (107 107 positive feedback)  Tue 17 Apr
Richie: Thank you for the kind words :))
Really impressed with the service Richard and his team provided. They made the whole car valet process simple and convenient. I have recently acquired the car and wanted to give it a good clean, and they did an incredible job removing all the dog fur and making the car like new. This is the best car valet company I've used. I would highly recommend them - incredibly accommodating, and great communication. Will definitely use them again.
castalia (53 53 positive feedback)  Wed 28 Mar
Richie: Thank you for the kind words :))
I'm particularly impressed with the level of service and the quality of the clean achieved by Nanotek on my A3. A wet muddy dog had jumped into the car and made quite a mess. The car came back looking like it was new. Hard to believe it was possible. 5 Star quality.
vjv (60 60 positive feedback) Address Verified Mar 2019  Tue 27 Feb
Richie: Thank you for the kind words :))
The crew from Nanotek Car Cleaning have made the wagon look like brand new today. Last time it looked that good was the day it left the showroom. Thanks for making it so easy.
thunderbolt (190 190 positive feedback)  Thu 08 Feb
Richie: Thank you for the kind words :))
Repeat offender here - I keep getting my car dirty, and Richie keeps making it look like new. This time we opted for the leather care. man am i impressed!
auto-ignite_nz (300 300 positive feedback) Address Verified Aug 2019  Thu 09 Nov
Richie: Thank you for the kind words :))
I am really impressed with the results on our car ,I didn't think it could look so good ,will definitely be using their services again . cheers Steve
sammydog2 (129 129 positive feedback)  Fri 27 Oct
Richie: Thank you for the kind words :))
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