wood and coal burning cookers

Listing #: 430308920
Business name: Country Cookers
Location: Maunu
About: 34 yrs of rebuilding­, servicing, installati­on and retail experience­.
Services offered: Reconditio­ning and spare parts
Areas serviced: generally best to get your cooker to me some how, will do some servicing in local northland.
Availability: jobs will need to be booked and its first in first done unless by previous arrangemen­t
reconditioning and spare parts for any wood or coal burning cooker, makes covered for new and used parts are, Stanley, Reyburn, Shacklock, Champion, Dover, New Record, Nicholls Bros, and more

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Hi Paul,Im installing a runlite coalrange in my housebus.Fairly enclosed space can you recommend a spacing between stove and backwall plus side walls made from that fire resistant board you buy at placemakers.and chimney and window..Thank you much appreciated.captaingrant@hotma­il.com if needed
captaingrant (65 65 positive feedback) Address Verified Mar 2017  Wed 18 Oct
Paul Jeffery: Hi, There are no specs available to my knowledge for these so I will just make a suggestion as to how I think it should be done, see email Paul
Hi Paul I stumbled on your ad with delight good to know someone is fixing up theses stoves I wouldn't be with out my 501 we use it every day for hot water and since the electric oven broke last year all our oven cooking too just have to be patient. I do have a question or two though, we find cleaning the enamel has been a problem and black stains are impossible to remove how best should we clean theses off, also the front firebox facial came off and a seized screw stopping me how can I free this
2759 (258 258 positive feedback)  Sun 23 Apr
Paul Jeffery: dr me an email paul@countrycookers.co.nz or give me a ring 0274344624
Hi there, just wondering if you'd be interested in our Shacklock coal range? We're in the Regent and have just taken it out - it's in reasonable condition :)
ilpafp (550 550 positive feedback)  Fri 20 Jan
Paul Jeffery: Hi, could well be, can I come have a look? 0274344624 cheers
hi just wondering if you have new or second hand boiler for a l/h firebox centenial orion,rgd 4227 also what era is it from?
planemaker (207 207 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2017  Wed 30 Nov
Paul Jeffery: my e male is paul at count etc, email me please or ring, there were two centenial models, one had two doors, the other had three and different wetback/boiler in each. 3 door was from 1939-45 2 door from 1945-48
Hi Paul, just letting you know that the parts you sent are all correct for the coal range we have. Thanks so much for all your help. Cheers Joan and Darryn
joan.hodge (424 424 positive feedback)  Wed 23 Sep
Paul Jeffery: Thanks for the reply, thats great news good luck with it. Paul
Hi Paul, just waiting for you to advise prices on the parts discussed yesterday. Cheers Joan and Darryn
joan.hodge (424 424 positive feedback)  Sat 12 Sep
Paul Jeffery: Hi Joan, trademe wouldnt let me re send a message on the last "review" you sent so I tryed again with an email, but anyway it comes to $212.00 I ended up with a kaotic day yesterday so although I have everything out I havent packaged it up yet so will do that over the weekend. Cheers Paul
We have a RH601. It requires a lower front fire door (Apparently a 602). Also interested in a mesh drying rack for the same model. Can you help. We have discussed this with you by phone, but for whatever reason we have not been able to receive your email which you said you'd sent. Look forward to getting this project completed soon. Many thanks, Joan and Darryn
joan.hodge (424 424 positive feedback)  Thu 10 Sep
Paul Jeffery: Hi Joan, Yes have that here, drying racks I have are 900 wide my mob no is 0274344624
Hi there, do you have a new or second hand top plate for a 501? Cheers
spickyjim (289 289 positive feedback)  Tue 28 Jul
Paul Jeffery: Hi, I assume you mean the "sub top" that holds all the square lids? yes I do they are $450 new, squares are $85 ea new or $40 ea used, only have a couple of lids they are $51 ea new.
Hi Paul, How much to put glass into our Errigal fire box door?
flintstone2 (292 292 positive feedback) Address Verified Jan 2018  Fri 10 Jul
Paul Jeffery: Hi Flintstone 2, about $250.00, if the door is enamel it may end up with a few chips where I cut it unfortunatly but there is nothing I can do to prevent it sorry
Hi Im after a drying rack for an DL/LH Reg 150...flue is on the left, any chance you may have one, plus the damper lever that sits below the stove top on the left... thanks
cath158 (1519 1519 positive feedback) Address Verified Dec 2018  Tue 19 May
Paul Jeffery: Hi, those racks are usually left or right hand, just flip them over and I have quite a selection, some are mesh types and others are wrought iron so yes I will have something they are all $25 ea, I have a new L/H damper complete with blade, its all cast in one its $55.00 all plus any freight. my mob number is 0274344624
Hi There I have an original, un modified Shacklock Orion 601 No.2 RH and have been researching what can be done to make it better suited to burning wood. Are the any standard mods/parts that can be supplied to improve wood burning i.e a deeper or lower fire box? Currently fitted with an original wetback, however this as long been disconnect from the plumbing. Look forward to hearing from you.
bonodan (53 53 positive feedback)  Tue 28 Apr
Paul Jeffery: drop me an email paul@countrycookers.co.nz
I like what you have done in photo 10
sharon.nz (1267 1267 positive feedback) Address Verified Apr 2018  Mon 27 Apr
Paul Jeffery: Thankyou, that was an interesting cooker job, owner wanted a bigger firebox, Shacklock did make a "firebox extention" in the early days but they are almost impossible to find in good order so I built one using 10mm steel plate. it was also a dry cooker (ie no wetback) and he wanted it wet so I used a "kent" wetback for it and brick linned the firebox.
Hi Paul, do you know if Roy still has the Stanley Erigal Deborah
deborah161 (8 8 positive feedback)  Thu 13 Nov
We have a waterford Stanley erigal with wetback for sale - in good condition - do you know anyone who might buy it ? and would you transport it and /or install for the new owner. Roy
roy24 (247 247 positive feedback)  Wed 05 Nov
Paul Jeffery: Hi, I see you are listed as Whangarei, yes I can install and pick up from you when sold, dont know anyone at present but will keep you in mind.thanks for the question.
hi there I bought a small champion runlite range with cream and green enamel are you able to re enamel it ? I know somebody in the south island does it but not sure where . . . also are you able to fix a bigger firebox to a everhot deluxe 204 ? and can you run radiators off it ? Many thanks
blackened_one (559 559 positive feedback)  Thu 27 Mar
Paul Jeffery: Hi there, No sorry I cant, yes there was a company in Chch that used to do enameling outwork but havent herd anything from them in years but have herd they closed down after the quakes, they may have re-opened not sure. Everhot 204 was only approx 3-4kw so output would be too low for radiators, as to making firebox bigger, as I recall the firebox was a resonable size anyway but they do have a gas bypass arangement to do with the wetback in the rear which would be very triky to do anything with.
hi, we have a Champion coal range which I estimate to be from 1915 and we are about to remove it. Its green and cream. It will need a little restoring I would think as the flue has rusted where it meets the top plate. What do you think its worth? regards Paul
pauldmaddox (62 62 positive feedback)  Tue 11 Feb
Paul Jeffery: Hi, will depend on the overall condition, DL42 production started in 1932, this was the first of the green and cream models, prior to that was a model called a "Bungalow", not sure when they started production of that model but I think around 1919. so I guess yours will be a DL42, parts are hard to get so limits market, I guess in fair condition its worth maybe $250 but its up to what someone is prepared to pay, regards Paul also
Hi Paul. I think what I am after is the cast iron part below the metal flue . What would the price be for one of these and any idea of shipping to Blenheim please? Thanks : )
chrissi2 (529 529 positive feedback)  Sat 25 Jan
Paul Jeffery: Hi sorry Chrissi im not sure what you mean, what model cooker is it? is there a picture of one in my pictures? is the part a damper/valve which is internal or a cover/lid external?
hi, can u please call me 021-618593. I do have a aga(very large) which I want to refurbish
hslt (77 77 positive feedback)  Sun 10 Nov
Paul Jeffery: Hi, I will but not till tomorrow if thats ok. thanks talk tomorrow.
Hi Paul.Thanks for your reply. How much are you new flues and do you have a photo of one.I am trying to find a flue for an old enamelled fire I have. Can the flue be done in black? Also, just curious what you spray on your stoves to make them the lovely grey colour in the photo of the double oven? Thanks.
chrissi2 (529 529 positive feedback)  Thu 07 Nov
Paul Jeffery: Hi, the flue I use is stainless steel but can be painted, the paint I use on all my jobs is called stovebright metalic black (has metal flec in it), more black then grey when fresh but greys off once fired. If you look at 2nd, 6th 7th and 8th pictures on my page you will see flues on different cookers but I havent painted them in these cases
Hi there. Do you have any second hand rectangular flues for sale ?
chrissi2 (529 529 positive feedback)  Sun 03 Nov
Paul Jeffery: Hi, no sorry, do have new ones for 501 though.
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