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Watch out for text scammers !

We’ve had recent reports of an increase in scammer activity where the scammers are trying to run the old text scam trick to get in touch with members pretending to be interested in buying or selling a car.

If you get a text message about a car listed on the site it could be a be a scammer so keep your wits about you. 

The scammer might be trying to get you to send money overseas that they've managed to con out of someone else or get you to make an 'over-payment' for some service or other thereby scamming money off you directly.

This Netsafe video gives you an insight into what the scammers are trying to get you to do:

It doesn't matter if you have traded via the Trade Me site or not - you should never pay by Western Union, telegraphic transfer, bank transfer or overseas money order in order to complete a trade.

Everyone on Trade Me must have a New Zealand bank account so money transfers should be pretty straightforward. 

You don’t need to pay via PayPal, we don’t have a ‘shipping agent’ based in the UK, and no one from Malaysia wants to by your 12 year old Maxima for a couple of thousands dollars over the asking price.