• Getting a lawyer

    We strongly recommend that you get your lawyer (or solicitor) involved as early as possible.

    You'll need to find a lawyer. Your lawyer is responsible for the conveyancing (i.e. the change of ownership paperwork) and can be a useful advisor.

    You can locate a lawyer through MyConveyancing,a service of White Fox & Jones- Lawyers who are a leading New Zealand firm. Call them on 0800 650 016 for advice on the buying and selling of property.

    Your lawyer will:
    • Deal with the Sale and Purchase Agreement. This is the legal contract between the buyer and seller. Make sure you read the contract and understand the 'fine print'.
    • Deal with the seller's lawyer. Your lawyer will ensure all of the conditions relating to the sale have been met.
    • Advise you on any legal issues
    • Manage the possession and settlement process. Your lawyer should manage the exchange of money and keys, as agreed between you and the seller.
    • Assist you in establishing your mortgage. Your lawyer will assist you with your bank in arranging any mortgage that you may require on the property.
    • Send notice to the local authority. Your lawyer will advise your council of the change of ownership. Also the lawyer will arrange for the apportionment of local rates charges between the buyer and seller.
    Make sure that your chosen lawyer has plenty of experience with conveyancing transactions. If they don't, keep looking.

    Check the following with your lawyer:
    • Their availability -particularly if you are buying your house over the Christmas/New Year period.
    • Check who their back-up is if they are away.
    A lawyer should be involved in buying your house whether you are buying it privately or through an agent. The lawyer will likely cost between $700 and $1200 for the entire process.