• Negotiating the sale

    One of the first steps you should undertake before entering into negotiations to sell your house is to get a Sale and Purchase Agreement drawn up. This can be done by your solicitor or purchased directly from the Auckland District Law Society (which was created in conjunction with the Real Estate Institute of NZ).
    When negotiating a house sale remember:
    • you can use a solicitor to negotiate the property price if you don’t feel confident doing this directly with the buyer
    • any changes to the agreed price or terms are written on the Sale and Purchase Agreement with accompanying signatures
    • conditions can play a big part in the agreement (e.g. the offer being subject to sale or finance).
    Once you have agreed a sale price for your house with the buyer (and other related conditions), finalise the Sale and Purchase Agreement and ensure it includes the following:
    • The settlement date.
    • Any chattels included in the sale.
    • The deposit and when it must be paid.
    Most offers on houses for sale will be based on conditions, such as the buyer securing finance on the property and a satisfactory LIM report or building inspection. These should have a deadline before which the buyer must satisfy the conditions.

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