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The Salvation Army is a Christian church committed to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ through word and action. We show practical concern and care for the needs of people regardless of race, creed, status, colour, sex or age.

The Mission Statement of The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Territory

We aim to care for people and transform lives through God in Christ by the Holy Spirit's power. We work for the reform of society by alleviating poverty, deprivation and disadvantage, and by challenging evil, injustice and oppression, in the name of Jesus.

About the Store

'Too good to throw away? Give it to the Sallies.'

Salvation Army Family Stores are a great way to recycle clothing, furniture, household goods, toys and books and help struggling households. Our stores help struggling families and they're an environmentally-friendly alternative to throwing good things away.

We welcome donations of a variety of good-quality goods: from fashion to furniture, toys to trinkets, CDs to collectables, books to bric-a-brac. We also offer a free pick-up service to make it as easy as possible for people to donate.

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The essential goods we sell make a huge difference to people’s lives and provide much-needed relief in tight household budgets. Profits from goods and clothing sold through our Family Stores support our community work, which includes:


        Alcohol & drug rehabilitation


        Court & Prison work

Early Childhood Education


Problem Gambling Support

        Services for Older People (aged care)

Supportive Accommodation

        Community Wellness Programmes

Positive Lifestyle Program (PLP)

        Supervised access

Ezee Meals

        Budgeting Advice

We are grateful to all those who donate to our Family Stores.
Your generosity helps us make a difference by building better communities.


Postal:  PO Box 40 555, Glenfield, Auckland
Phone:  (09) 4412554


Branch:  Bank of New Zealand - Courtenay Place
Account Name:  The Salvation Army - North Shore Community Ministries
Account Number:  02 0568 0022202 29


Direct Credit - Once payment has been confirmed via our bank account then the goods will be shipped within 5 working days. If paying via internet banking/direct credit, please use the order number as a reference for us.

In Store – Customers may choose to visit any Salvation Army Family Store that is auctioning the goods and pay and pick up the item personally at the advertised Buy Now price. This is fine. We have EFTPOS (no Credit Cards) and CASH facilities in store.

*Please note that once you have been advised that you have won an auction, our stores will hold the item for 72 hours. Payment must have been received or arranged within that time or the store reserves the right to offer the item to another bidder.

Store Policies


In the unlikely event of a faulty item arriving at your door we give you a full money back guarantee. Please contact the store you purchased the item from within 2 days and they will assist you. Our warranty policy does not cover you if you change your mind about a product. In this instance, while we have no legal obligation to honour a refund policy we are committed to customer satisfaction. Please talk to the store and we will see if there is anything we can do to assist.


We endeavour to ship your goods at the best possible price, using a combination of NZ Post and courier services. Each auction will contain the details of the shipping method to be used, however if you have an alternate preference please feel free to enquire.

We ship to RD, PO Box, Home or Work addresses. Several items can usually fit into one courier bag so combining auctions will save you money.

The Salvation Army is all about recycling so we will use recycled packaging material where possible. This lowers the cost to you and is kinder on our planet.

When you have successfully won an auction, the store will contact you and advise the shipping and handling cost. This will be additional to the product price. The price will, of course, depend on the size and weight of the item you are purchasing.


Privacy is very important and we want you to feel secure in your purchase and the trust you place in us with your details. We will never pass on your details to a third party unless we are legally required to do so.

  1. Please put the auction number on your deposit slip (money) or your user name and auction number in an email, we have no way of knowing who has paid for an item, because we may have several customers all with the same deposit amount. So to solve this problem just put the auction number on all messages and payments. Otherwise delays will result as we can't trace the payment.

  2. Please remember technology is not foolproof and delays can occur as a result of problems with ISP's and others involved in the transfer of information - e-mails are not 100% reliable and occasional mishaps occur. So to solve this problem if you haven't heard from us within 3 days please make contact with an e-mail or phone call.

  3. If calling via phone have your auction / transaction number handy and your user name.

  4. Please use the email that you have supplied to Trade Me. Often we wait for a response only to find out you operate two email accounts and did not check the one supplied in your user account.
We really work hard to make your purchase fun and exciting. If there are any problems we want to solve them quickly and keep you a happy customer. Contact the store directly and speak to the Manager and they will do their best to help you...

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We always need donations of quality goods

If it's too good to throw out - GIVE IT TO THE SALLIES!