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Listing #: 501797547
Business name: Rhymestone Horses
Location: Yaldhurst
Christchurch City
About: Result driven horsemansh­ip for people wanting safe, calm, controllab­le horses
Services offered: Horse Breaking/S­tarting, Problem Solving, Groundwork­, Under Saddle, Coaching, Shoeing, Hoof trimming, Horse Consultati­ons
Areas serviced: South Island
Availability: All year round
At Rhymestone Horses we feel that success with your horse is a personal thing. For some people, just swinging a leg back over their horse can be a massive achievement. Others may just need their horse started so they can continue a young star’s journey in whatever discipline they have chosen. Rhymestone Horses strive to have a thorough understanding of the needs/requirements of you both, and tailor our training program accordingly.

Rhymestone Horses specialise in providing our clients with safe, calm and controllable mounts each and every time. We achieve this by having one of Canterbury's most comprehensive groundwork systems and backing all work with a our FIVE INDUSTRY LEADING GUARANTEES


Rhymestone Horses works their training program for each horse on an individual basis. We understand that some horses can take longer than others and may need time off between learning stages.

Rhymestone Horses likes to have healthy horses on the property. We can organise dental, veterinary work, and hoof care on your behalf, when your horse is safe enough for these procedures to be undertaken.


The truth can hurt sometimes, but if we feel that your horse is not going to be right for you, or is too dangerous to work with, then you will be informed. All advice and recommendations need to be followed to get the best results for your horse.


Rhymestone Horses has a safe environment for horses to learn in and we take every precaution to keep horses and trainers from harm. If your horse is injured during it’s time here, then there will be no training fees.


if you are not happy with our results, then we guarantee that you will not have to pay a thing!


For those who require on-going support, Rhymestone Horses variety of ways to keep you on track form beach rides to helpful booklets and lessons

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97% from 35 reviews.

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An amazing horse trainer - a natural with animals and an ability to train to a level that I believe far exceeds even your highest expectations. My horse spent a period of 4 weeks with Dan. I had a horse who was practically scared of its own shadow when he first arrived and at the end a very different confident horse. I am new to horse riding and even so I am riding and learning as I go. I finally have a happy and stimulated horse. Money so well spent! Thank you Thank you - means the world to me.
animals4life (31 31 positive feedback)  Sun 01 Jun
Dan is great! I got dan out to teach my 5 year old how to float as she has never been on a float before i wanted her to learn it right so i called on dan. Well he got her on and now im so happy as she just looks at it and it takes around 5 mins as she is still new to it (He only came out yesterday) then she just walks in. Dan has a lovely way he handles horses and ill be sending her to him for more training. Thank you so much dan your great.
hanijami (98 98 positive feedback) Address Verified Nov 2013  Sat 09 Nov
Dan has broken in three horses for our stud so far, one of which was our pinto Stallion. Each of these horses has turned out fantastic in every way. My 16 year old daughter is riding each of them on a daily basis, with no issues whatsoever. We have broken many horses and ponies ourselves over the years, but Dan's easy going and thorough approach, is impressive. He explains every step of the process to you, and invites you to watch, and participate at your own pace. Thanks Dan, - Kim Jerard
pendarra (27 27 positive feedback)  Mon 07 Oct
Dan has worked with a majority of horses of all ages, to a high standard. We have been able to carry on the work afterwards without a problem as long as you listen to him and follow though with his advice after he has finished. I have no problem recommending Dan and his services, he is honest and reliable.
gg4me (31 31 positive feedback) Address Verified Sep 2013  Wed 12 Jun
We got Dan to help us with training a young clydie into harness. When I got my 2nd one we thought she would be ideal for riding and Dan was the man to train her. She is now beautifully mannered & easily managed & my 72yr old dad loves riding her every day. Dad was so impressed he sent "his boy" to Dan for "finishing school" & although it was only for a week he has come back more patient than before. Dan has a way with horses that few other people have & is great. We tell everyone. Recommend.
dieseldog5 (194 194 positive feedback) Address Verified May 2013  Mon 13 May
NOT HAPPY AT ALL !!! reading these reviews above.contacted Dan to break in my horse.He suggested it would be better done on a trek he would be doing in late Nov from Gore to central.filming a rap video$400.00 per week x4 weeks.brought back to me with Dan more interested in the money being paid first before delivery.Paid..By the next day i had a broken finger and bad gash on my hand ..bucked off 2 weeks later sent a tx to Dan explaining all professional answer we didnt get on sell him
jennyfar (59 59 positive feedback)  Thu 31 Jan
Daniel Urquhart: Well if there is some one that is after a good horse im more than happy to rehome this lad and do a couple weeks for free. He is a genuine lovley natured horse, full of character and has a real amazing attitude plus was more than willing to please. At he end of his time with me I had begginers riding this horse. Some please contact this lady and help her rehome her good horse. Thank you Daniel Urquhart. Phone 0210439340 more than willing to help Cheers
Dan has started 3 of our horses all have turned out quiet&laidback&a pleasure to be arround.Dan has a special gift&repore when breaking &training or re training horses ,the results&testimonials speak for themselves. Keep up the great work Dan,good luck on your ventures & take care Cheryl &Ian
holmleafarm (156 156 positive feedback)  Sun 28 Oct
Highly recommend Dan to anyone who needs a horse to be trained, I was amazed how a young newly broken in horse could be so calm, willing and enjoyable to ride. Thanks a million Dan.
sox.wilson (10 10 positive feedback)  Sun 16 Sep
The kids have just had their unbroken horse in for training. Dans manner with the horse and the kids was brilliant. I'm pretty sure the horse would now follow him anywhere (and possible the kids too) and I'm feeling equipped and confident to have the kids riding the horse now. Would highly recommend him to anyone!! Cant wait to start riding out with the kids now. Thanks Dan!
amahy (248 248 positive feedback) Address Verified Jan 2013  Wed 22 Aug
As an adult returning to riding but with huge fear factor (at 48 safety is paramount), & wanting desperately to get over my nervousness I contacted Dan having heard wonderful things about him. He spent just a few hours working with my horse & teaching me softening & desensitising work to do with my boy. He then suggested his assistant Jasmine would be ideal to help me work on my fears. Jas was FANTASTIC !!! 1 session on the ground with her & 2 rides out, and I'm now confidently riding out.
sharonspyve (46 46 positive feedback)  Sat 28 Jul
Dan is 1 in a million. Had him out to our 2 young horses. Within an hour he had them both handled, feet lifted, covers on. (being new my hubby and i had no idea what to do with our little babies - we searched the internet and straight away Dan stood out from the rest). Not only did he do all this, but showed my hubby what to do. Dan will be the only one we have working with our babies. Thanks Dan, see you again in about a mth. YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!!!! (Donna & Shoei)
happyhour (287 287 positive feedback)  Thu 14 Jun
Excellent experience from Dan. My 7 yr TB ex-racehorse had a little floating accident and hurt herself on the chains. Why would she want to go back on the float?! Dan started with gaining her respect and trust, then she was more than happy to do what he said. He had her for 1 wk and now she can float, and doesn't pull back, buck, rear, etc. But best of all, I was there for every session and now "I" can deal with her when she wants to challenge me or is scared of something new. Thanks so much!!!
carman769 (115 115 positive feedback)  Mon 14 May
Talking in depth to Dan about methods he used dealing with difficult horses I knew that he was the right person to break my tallented irish filly. Limited handling at the stud so he picked her up and the process begun. Now she has been one of his toughest breaks to date but with persistance and sensitivity he has produced a well rounded filly that is happy undersaddle. Watch out for Rockdon Tralee and Rockdon Rhymeston both broken by Dan and will be SJng and hunting SI wide. Bronwyn Lane
chestermain (140 140 positive feedback) Address Verified Feb 2013  Fri 03 Feb
What Daniel does and achieves with horses is like breathing to him, but something that the rest of us can only aspire to. And he is as good with people; his laid back manner and way of working have both horse and owner at ease. Daniel explains and demonstrates techniques in a simple and clear way, enabling an easy growth in confidence and skill. Both horses and people come away improved and happier for their time at Rhymestone Horses. Thank you Daniel.
kowhaisinbloom (65 65 positive feedback) Address Verified Aug 2012  Mon 05 Dec
I bought a horse in May and couldn't get it on the float. After trying many other trainers I was at wits end and thought he would never load. I was about to give up when a friend put me on to Dan. With in one week Dan had my horse loading himself and taught me everything I needed to know to get him on. I haven't had any troubles loading since and the horse will now be competing as a senior in SISJ champs. I have recommended Dan to everyone I know and I am very impressed with the work he did :)
22kezza (52 52 positive feedback)  Wed 30 Nov
took another horse to dan today to ride for us for the first time, had no worries about jumping on her after doing minimal ground work. Had her walk trot and canter on each lead with just the rope halter and lead rope. Was great to watch and explained what he was doing. fully recommended
jufri (506 506 positive feedback) Address Verified Feb 2013  Sun 20 Nov
Dan was AMAZING with my horse Guinness! He let me come out and watch every training session and explained every step. He taught me how to gain respect from my big pushy/ stubborn clydie x. He broke Guinness into saddle and i was very impressed with the finished product- he is really soft in the mouth and walk, trotts, canters and jumps after only 4 weeks of training with Dan. i would HIGHLY recomend Dan to anyone, thank you so much for your time i have learnt a lo! :)
chazley (43 43 positive feedback)  Mon 19 Sep
Dan has done a wonderful job educating two of our home bred horses. When you have bred your own and have ensured that all their experiences are positive it is hard to let go and trust a trainer to complete the job. I put my trust in Dan and was rewarded by two safe, happy and willing horses. Dan was great to deal with, honest and very talented.
closchmo (65 65 positive feedback)  Sat 17 Sep
I sent my freshly broken horse to Dan after he developed a rearing problem, Dan was great with this cocky youngster who needed to be put in his place, he got his respect on the ground and taught him to go forward. Dan encouraged me to go see what he was doing and participate on the ground and riding, he gave me some solutions when things were'nt going to plan which has given me more confidence, thanks Dan will keep in touch.
pr0shr (125 125 positive feedback)  Thu 08 Sep
Oh if only I were single, Dan is the perfect man, easy to talk too and a master at dealing with the horse. My horse was tense, nervy and waiting for things to go wrong, by the end of the day clinic she was beginning to soften and was following Dan around like a little lamb. Now I can catch her in the paddock, and we are both learning to trust each other by using the techniques that Dan showed us, She now treks with her head that low too the ground she almost falls over herself. Fully recommended
jufri (506 506 positive feedback) Address Verified Feb 2013  Tue 06 Sep
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