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Property News

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Top property listings in August: lockdown special

Luxury mansions, classic villas, and panoramic views took the top spots in August.

8 September 2021

How Level 4 affects my current house sale plans

You were all ready to put the house on the market and then Level 4 lockdown happened. What do you do now?

25 August 2021

Property prices see largest increase on record

New Zealand property prices saw unparalleled growth in July.

19 August 2021

Property Price Index

Providing buyers, sellers and agents with insights into ‘for sale’ price trends by property type and property size.

Property prices increase by double NZ's average salary

The average asking price for a house in New Zealand reached an all-time high of $846,900 last month.

10 September 2021

Wellington house prices jump nearly 25 per cent in one year

Wellington house prices sky-rocketed in June, seeing the largest annual increase on record.

23 July 2021

House prices grow by a record-breaking 17% in one year

The national average asking price saw its biggest YoY increase of all time in May, increasing by 17% to $820,950.

8 June 2021

Rental Price Index

A comprehensive monthly insight into the rental market covering price trends by type and size of property across New Zealand.

Rents remain at an all-time high despite lockdown

Rental Price Index - August 2021

16 September 2021

Rents see biggest year-on-year growth ever, up 10% in 12 mon

New Zealand rents saw their biggest year-on-year increase of all-time in July, jumping by 10%

26 August 2021

June sees New Zealand rents take off again

After remaining stagnant for three months, New Zealand rents climbed to new highs in June.

28 July 2021