Property renting advice

Renting a property is an experience nearly every Kiwi has at some point. So, whether you're moving into a flat with your mates, or looking for a long term family rental, we're here to help you make the right choices.

Finding a rental property

Finding the perfect rental property takes time, but it's research worth doing. Here's some advice on how to locate, shortlist and secure your rental.

Renting Guide | 3 min read
How much is rent in NZ?

Don’t overpay - check our data on the average rent in New Zealand before you sign your lease

1 December 2023

Renting Guide | 3 min read
How much can my landlord increase my rent by?

To help take the stress out of renting we've rounded up a simple guide around rent increases in New Zealand.

31 August 2023

Renting Guide | 5 min read
A guide to renting a house in NZ

A start to finish guide to property rental in New Zealand.

Living in your rental property

Getting your keys isn't the end of the story. You've still got to meet your obligations, and manage your relationship with the landlord or property manager.

Renting Guide | 2 min read
Landlord inspections: what to expect

They’re not as scary as you may think.

Renting Guide | 3 min read
What's in Store for NZ's Long-term Renters?

Long-term or life-long renting is a new reality facing many Kiwis, but what does the future hold for them?

Renting Guide | 5 min read
What are Landlord's & Your Obligations in NZ

What to expect from your landlord, and what they will expect of you.

Living with flatmates

Finding flatmates, interviewing flatmates, co-existing with flatmates. There's a fair bit to think about when sharing a home with others.

Renting Guide | 2 min read
What is a flatmate agreement?

The legal difference between a tenant and a flatmate.

Renting Guide | 1 min read
Questions to ask New Flatmates - Renting Guide

“Are you a nice human?”

Renting Guide | 2 min read
How to write a flatmates wanted ad on Trade Me

Tips to help you find the perfect fit.