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Trade Me Renti partnership cuts through admin for landlords

A streamlined tenant application process for private landlords.

If you’re serious about running your property rentals more efficiently and want your tenant search or renewal process with existing tenants to be more streamlined and painless for all, then the free property rental software company Renti is a no-brainer. What’s more, it’s 100% free when listing your rental on Trade Me!

What does Renti offer?

It’s all about making the renting process as easy as possible for both landlords and tenants. You’ll have a number of features at your disposal, with more to come. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Application processing 
  • Background and credit checks
  • Realtime notifications to tenants and landlords
  • Automated reference checks

Renti is providing private landlords with the ability to aggregate applications and send them to tenants. This includes a pre-application form for listings.

“It’s all about bringing the applications together in one spot so you can make decisions,” says Chief Product Officer, Gabi Scott-Lister.

Any kind of tech to help speed up the application process is incredibly useful when your nicely presented property is attracting at least 20 or 30 tenants or more. And Renti will help make sure that you’re asking compliant questions to tenants, says Gabi.

Renti was set up to minimise the hours spent on administration, says Gabi, leaving landlords more time for the important stuff like meeting tenants and seeing if they’re a right fit for the property.

And tenants like a good process, Gabi explains, “A lot of us are renters at Renti. We understand how demoralising it can be to apply for a property. We want it to be more fun, and as easy as possible to get into a property.”

A suite of new features

Renti has some great features already available to landlords, and they are continuously working on ways to improve the tenancy process for everyone. You are able to do credit checks through Renti and, for a fee, background checks. You’ll also get a handy dashboard for tracking and processing applications.

The platform also has a utilities connections business – free to both tenants and landlords – and works with tenants to help hook them up to electricity and power companies at the best rates, something tenants really appreciate.

How to opt in

It’s easy; when listing a rental property on Trade Me, just answer “Yes” to the question, “Would you like to receive digital tenancy application forms?” This allows Trade Me to provide your email address to Renti in order for you to receive digital applications from applicants, at no cost to yourself. 

If you’d like to stop receiving digital applications for your listings, simply navigate to your rental listings and click “Edit listing”, and then select “No” to the same question above. This applies to all your rental listings.

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