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Guide to Listing your Rental Property on Trade Me

Finding the right place to advertise your property for rent is crucial to success.

Finding the right place to advertise your property for rent is crucial to success.

In a country where property is in such hot demand, it’s no surprise that renting out a home is a great way to supplement, or even replace, more traditional forms of income. From studio flats on your property, to city apartments, to fully fledged houses, it’s time to get your property portfolio working hard for you.

As a property investor or landlord, we’re willing to bet you want the following things from a property listing site:

  • An easy process – you want to get your home onto the rental market quickly, easily, while still getting a professional quality listing.
  • A large and engaged audience – the larger the pool of rental hunters, the faster you should be able to find the perfect tenant for your property. You'll also want to know that, once uploaded, your listing isn’t just going to gather dust - you want a site that is known for having users who are ready to make moves when the perfect property comes up.
  • Bang for buck – ultimately, you want to find quality tenants fast so your property can start making money for you. This means you need to be confident you’re getting good bang for your buck when it comes to getting the word out there about your home.

Now, we may be biased, but here at Trade Me Property we reckon we’ve got all of the above covered, and then some. Read on to find out why kiwi property investors love listing their properties with Trade Me, and read some of the frequently asked questions we receive.

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Renting a property with Trade Me Property: FAQs

1. How does it work?

Simple! Follow the prompts to create your listing, choose the listing type you prefer, then potential tenants will get in touch in whatever way you tell them to.

2. Is it easy?

Our members tell us it's easy to list a rental on Trade Me, and we’re continuously listening to our customers and making improvements to keep things as easy as possible!

3. What information do I need?

Just some details to give potential tenants an idea about the property. You can also upload up to 20 photos and 1 video to show it off in all its glory!

4. How long does it take to list?

It typically doesn’t take long, it really depends on the details you wish to include and if you need time to collect the information. But don’t worry, you can always save and finish the listing later!

5. Will a lot of people see my listing?

Yes! Trade Me is New Zealand's number one property website. You can rest assured there are thousands of Trade Me members looking at rental properties every day! If you want to maximise your reach, you can choose the listing package that works for you.

6. How much does it cost?

See our full pricing here. Prices depend on the amount of rent per week you’re asking for.

7. What happens if I don’t find a tenant?

Listing durations are up to 56 days. Closed listings can be relisted – within 45 days of closing.

Relisting is free if Bronze is selected – Silver and Gold relists have a reduced fee.

8. How can potential tenants contact me?

Interested renters will be able to enquire directly via the email address in your listing. They may also call or text if you choose to include additional contact information and preferred contact times. If you opt in to receive digital tenancy application forms, some tenants may even choose to send a comprehensive application form via our partner, Renti, when they click “Apply for this property” on your listing. Learn more.

9. What if I can’t see my listing?

Check your search filters to make sure you aren’t filtering your property out. Depending on the type of listing you chose, yours may appear higher or lower in the results. Otherwise, on occasion a listing may not appear immediately – check back soon and contact us if you’re still not seeing it.

10. Where can I find information about renting out my property?

We’ve got you covered! Check out our property investor guides here.

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