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Selling your car is easy, fast and safe

Get your vehicle in front of 250,000+ car buyers every day at the #1 place Kiwis sell their cars.

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Listing a car with Trademe

List your car in 3 easy steps

1. Car details

Enter your number plate and we'll fill in the general details of your car.

What else will you need?

2. Listing options

Choose to sell your car however suits you - set an asking price through a classified, or sell by auction.

What's the difference?

3. Description and photos

Show your car off with great photos and a detailed description, giving the best impression to buyers.

Need an example?

Why sell your car with us?

Keen buyers

Get your car in front of thousands of real buyers. The average car listing can get over 1,000 views*, which means you're more likely to get it sold quickly.

Sell quickly

Get your listing on site easily and quickly. With over 300,000 cars watchlisted every month, you're in the right place for a speedy sale.

Get what it's worth

We can help work out the value of your car and make it stand out from the crowd with selling tips along the way.

Give buyers peace of mind with Background Check

Background Check is designed to give buyers peace of mind when checking out your car, and it's an easy way to show you're a trustworthy seller. The best bit? It's free.

Included in background check

Stolen vehicle check

Checks whether or not a car has been reported stolen to the NZ Police.

Included in background check

Damaged import check

Checks if a car has been flagged as a damaged import by the NZTA.

Included in background check

Re-registered check

Checks the NZTA motor car register to see if a car has been de-registered and then registered again.

Ready to sell your car?

Find your vehicle details

Or enter your vehicle details manually
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