Careers advice

Whether you're just starting out on the employment ladder, looking for that next big career move or trying to improve your work-life balance, we can help you get where you want.

Covid-19 and your career

Advice and insights for job hunting and boosting your career during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Careers advice | 3 min read
Expert job hunting tips for NZ’s Class of 2020

Some tips from graduate recruitment specialists.

Careers advice | 2 min read
How to upskill yourself

A guide to levelling up.

Careers advice | 1 min read
Dealing with restructuring at work

Some advice on how to approach a workplace restructure.

Writing your CV and cover letter

Want to know how to write the perfect CV or cover letter for your next job application? We’ve got all the advice you need.

Careers advice | 6 min read
How to write a great New Zealand CV (with free templates)

A good CV can make all the difference to your job hunting hopes. Check out our must-read advice and free templates.

Careers advice | 5 min read
How to write a cover letter (with examples)

Along with your CV, a cover letter is essential to any NZ job application. Let's get you started.

Careers advice | 3 min read
How do you write a CV for a career change?

Looking at a career change? Here’s how to tailor your CV.

Searching for jobs

Don’t take a stab in the dark with your next application. Make your job hunting more efficient with our comprehensive tips.

Careers advice | 3 min read
Where to look for holiday jobs in the summer of 2020/1

If you’re a student looking for summer work experience this summer, where do you turn? Here are some expert insights.

Careers advice | 4 min read
The top 10 soft skills employers are looking for in NZ

Soft skills are becoming increasingly important, but which ones do NZ employers value most?

Careers advice | 3 min read
Why do I keep getting rejected from jobs?

Let’s work out what’s going wrong.

Your Job Profile

Get your Trade Me Job Profile up to date so recruiters and employers can approach you with exciting opportunities.

Careers advice | 1 min read
How to create a Trade Me Jobs Profile

A Trade Me Jobs Profile lets employers come to you, and means you can download a professional looking CV in seconds.

Careers advice | 3 min read
The importance of your online presence when job hunting

Your online presence could be a great asset or a big problem in your next job hunt. Here's how to get it right.

Careers advice | 2 min read
Profile success story: Vanessa Garcia

Vanessa landed her developer role through her Trade Me Jobs Profile.

Preparing for interviews

Sweet – you’ve made it to interview! Now it’s time to get ready so you can put your best foot forward.

Careers advice | 3 min read
What to do on the day of your interview

It’s all about getting yourself in the best possible mindset.

Careers advice | 1 min read
Should I tell an interviewer I was made redundant?

You can even turn redundancy to your advantage in job interviews.

Careers advice | 7 min read
Most common NZ job interview questions (with answers)

You can't predict everything the job interviewer will ask, but that doesn't mean you have to go in clueless.

Managing your career

From job progression to work-life balance, we’ll help you build a career you’re proud of.

Careers advice | 3 min read
How to cope with job loss

Some advice and insights

Careers advice | 4 min read
6 steps to future proof your career

Competing with robots doesn't call for any Jedi mind tricks, just some forward thinking.

Careers advice | 2 min read
How to write a return to work letter after maternity leave

A simple guide to getting these letters right.