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Whether you’re new to the workforce or want to upskill, learning vital digital skills will help you feel confident.

Last updated: 17 April 2024

Introducing Digital Passport, a revolutionary platform equipping all Kiwi with the digital expertise to lead the charge in their employment journeys. Digital Passport is completely FREE and delivers crucial learnings through engaging, bite-sized videos. With relatable presenters, Te Reo Māori translations, interactive slides, and quizzes. Our courses cater to all learning styles.

Once enrolled, you’ll receive weekly updates, from job-hunting advice to tech tricks and scam prevention tips. A dedicated support team offers personalised assistance, available five days a week, ensuring you're never left stranded.

Digital Passport offers two main courses: Digital Skills and Job-Ready Skills.

Digital Skills Course

  • Master computer fundamentals, hardware, and software basics
  • Navigate the web safely and efficiently
  • Leverage social media for branding and networking
  • Create compelling content through image and video editing
  • Publish videos on YouTube with confidence
  • Harness the power of AI tools for productivity and creativity
  • Collaborate effectively using platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams
  • Organise digital documents seamlessly
  • Conduct flawless video conferences with Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet
  • Utilise Trello for efficient project and personal organisation

Job-Ready Skills Course

  • Craft standout CVs in a competitive job market
  • Harness social media for effective job hunting
  • Ace online interviews with confidence
  • Understand and safeguard your interests in contracts
  • Navigate your first 90 days at work successfully
  • Embrace diversity in the workplace
  • Adapt to change in dynamic business environments
  • Prioritise self-care amidst challenges
  • Manage finances wisely for stability
  • Resolve conflicts with diplomacy and professionalism
  • Thrive in remote work setups for optimal productivity and balance

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