CV & Cover Letter

Our free CV and cover letter templates make job applications easy. Experts offer tips on what to include and how to write a winning CV and cover letter.

Tips for nailing your CV

Master the art of CV writing.

Careers advice | 6 min read
How to write a great New Zealand CV (with free templates)

A good CV can make all the difference to your job hunting hopes. Check out our must-read advice and free templates.

Careers advice | 7 min read
How could ChatGPT help with your job application?

How can it help, and should you use it?

3 May 2023

Careers advice | 3 min read
How do you write a CV for a career change? (with examples)

Looking at a career change? Here’s how to tailor your CV.

Writing the perfect cover letter

A good cover letter is key for landing an interview.

Careers advice | 5 min read
How to write an NZ cover letter (with examples and templates)

Along with your CV, a cover letter is essential to any NZ job application. Let's get you started.

Careers advice | 2 min read
How to tailor your cover letter (with examples)

Sending the same cover letter in different applications might seem quick and easy, but is it damaging your chances?

Careers advice | 6 min read
What to include in a NZ cover letter (with templates)

Here’s everything your cover letter needs to contain.

31 March 2023