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Whether this is your first time filling a position, or your fiftieth, we're here to help you streamline the process and get the most out of your ads.

Job market insights

The latest on what’s happening in New Zealand’s ever changing job market.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Employer & Job Hunter Intentions Spotlight

Insights from our 2022 Employer & Job Hunter Intentions Report

Discover | 3 min read
Ask the experts: Christian Brown

Christian Brown from Madison Recruitment shares his insights on the job market landscape.

Jobs market likely to see big changes in the coming months

Q1 job market update.

6 April 2022

Sourcing candidates

Get your listings in front of the right people.

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How to hire staff: An overview

Check out our tips to make your recruitment process a success.

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How to write brilliant job ads

There’s an art to writing great job ads

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How to post a job ad on Trade Me Jobs

Need a hand listing your role on Trade Me Jobs? Check out our easy step by step process below.

Screening & selecting candidates

Spend more time with people, not processes.

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Breaking the ice: contacting candidates through Scout

A guide to making contact through Scout, our candidate database,

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Tips for conducting a job interview

Getting ready for some facetime with your candidates? Here’s how to prepare.

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How to conduct a phone screen interview: a guide

Here’s how to get it right.

Securing the placement

Surface your best candidates.

Feature article | 8 min read
Creative recruitment

In a tight talent market, employers are getting creative with added incentives for job hunters.

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Must know salary negotiation tips for NZ employers

Negotiating salary with candidates can be tricky. However, it’s important you get this right, so we've got some tips.

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Getting it right: how to offer someone a job

You’ve found your candidate, now it’s time to get them onboard.

Post placement

A clear path to winning business.

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How to build company culture: tips for Kiwi businesses

Company culture is more important than ever before to Kiwi job hunters. So, how can employers ensure they walk the walk?

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Flexibility and balance key for job hunters

Flexibility and work/life balance is becoming more important than salary to job hunter, according to our survey.

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Retaining high performing employees: a guide

Your top talent is crucial to the ongoing success of your enterprise. So how do you make sure you keep them?

Relationship building

Make every interaction count.

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How to communicate with candidates

Communication with candidates during the selection process is vital. Here’s how to get it right.

Covid-19 and your business

Advice and insights for navigating New Zealand's Covid-19 outbreak.

Feature article | 5 min read
Adapting to new ways of recruiting post Covid

New ways of working Level 4 lockdown this time round.

Feature article | 4 min read
Hot topic: Immigration

Ben Hansard, Licensed Advisor from Malcolm Pacific Immigration, shares his insights on the NZ landscape.

What does the wage subsidy extension mean for your business?

Find out how you can apply for the Government Resurgence Wage subsidy.

19 August 2020