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Whether this is your first time filling a position, or your fiftieth, we're here to help you streamline the process and get the most out of your ads.

Job market insights

The latest on what’s happening in New Zealand’s ever changing job market.

Feature article | 2 min read
How to bring your employees back into the office

(And what you’re legally able to do)

Feature article | 4 min read
Why company culture will help you retain your best people

Recruitment adviser Kate Ross shares the secrets to fostering culture and unlocking employee retention.

Feature article | 4 min read
Legal experts answer your questions on annual holidays

What employers need to know

Sourcing candidates

Get your listings in front of the right people.

Advertisers advice | 2 min read
How to write brilliant job listings

Make your listing stand out on Trade Me Jobs! Check out our easy step-by-step process for writing great job ads below.

Advertisers advice | 4 min read
How to hire good staff: An overview

Check out our top tips to make your recruitment process a success for small and large businesses.

Advertisers advice | 2 min read
How to post a job ad on Trade Me Jobs

Need a hand listing your role on Trade Me Jobs? Check out our simple and easy step-by-step process below.

Screening & selecting candidates

Spend more time with people, not processes.

Feature article | 8 min read
How to judge a job application in a ChatGPT world

Tips and tricks to navigate job applications with the use of ChatGPT.

Advertisers advice | 2 min read
Making rejection less stressful: tips for Kiwi employers

A how-to guide for giving applicants a positive experience, even when delivering the not so great news.

Advertisers advice | 2 min read
Breaking the ice: contacting candidates through Scout

A guide to making contact through Scout, our candidate database,

Securing the placement

Surface your best candidates.

Feature article | 3 min read
How SMEs can attract top talent with career growth opportunities

Job hunters told us they value career pathways most - so how can SME employers talk about this in job interviews?

Feature article | 3 min read
How to attract and keep brilliant but burnt out candidates

Learn strategies to attract and retain brilliant and burnt out talent. Includes insights from the Trade Me Jobs Report.

Advertisers advice | 3 min read
4 types of benefits candidates are looking for right now

Let's talk about company benefits.

Post placement

A clear path to winning business - from working remotely to building great company culture and retaining your best talent.

Feature article | 4 min read
What to do next after an employee quits

There’s no changing their minds, so what is the process?

Feature article | 5 min read
7 questions to ask when your valued employee quits

Employee just resigned? Here are the 7 questions you should ask. (And tips to persuade them to stay, too.)

Feature article | 8 min read
Employers who support their staff’s mental well-being

Our latest data shows the importance of mental wellbeing support in the workplace, here's how to embrace it.