Tips & insights

Whether this is your first time filling a position, or your fiftieth, we're here to help you streamline the process and get the most out of your ads.

Job market insights

The latest on what’s happening in New Zealand’s ever changing job market.

Feature article | 3 min read
Why are so many people wanting to work in Whanganui?

What's making Whanganui desirable to job seekers - and could similar opportunities help your community draw talent?

Feature article | 6 min read
10 top tips on advertising your seasonal contract job

It’s time to start looking for valuable seasonal workers to help with the extra mahi needed over summer.

Feature article | 12 min read
How SMEs are coping in the current economy with staffing

A pulse check on SMEs and their biggest concerns.

Sourcing candidates

Get your listings in front of the right people.

Feature article | 3 min read
How to optimise your job listing

Attract more attention for your listings by making them short, concise, and informative.

Advertisers advice | 5 min read
5 tips for hiring diverse talent

The more inclusive your job listings are, the wider the talent pool you will be able to attract

Feature article | 4 min read
Generation Z – the new workforce knocking on our doors, but are we opening them?

Grace Fox from HainesAttract shares how to better understand, attract and retain this new generation of workers.

Screening & selecting candidates

Spend more time with people, not processes.

Feature article | 8 min read
How to judge a job application in a ChatGPT world

Tips and tricks to navigate job applications with the use of ChatGPT.

Advertisers advice | 2 min read
Making rejection less stressful: tips for Kiwi employers

A how-to guide for giving applicants a positive experience, even when delivering the not so great news.

Advertisers advice | 2 min read
Breaking the ice: contacting candidates through Scout

A guide to making contact through Scout, our candidate database,

Securing the placement

Surface your best candidates.

Advertisers advice | 3 min read
4 types of benefits candidates are looking for right now

Let's talk about company benefits.

Feature article | 8 min read
Creative recruitment

In a tight talent market, employers are getting creative with added incentives for job hunters.

Advertisers advice | 4 min read
Must know salary negotiation tips for NZ employers

Negotiating salary with candidates can be tricky. However, it’s important you get this right, so we've got some tips.

Post placement

A clear path to winning business - from working remotely to building great company culture and retaining your best talent.

Feature article | 8 min read
Employers who support their staff’s mental well-being

Our latest data shows the importance of mental wellbeing support in the workplace, here's how to embrace it.

Advertisers advice | 5 min read
How training and development can help with staff retention

Training and development can help new hires stay in their positions, we found

17 May 2023

Advertisers advice | 5 min read
How to build company culture: tips for Kiwi businesses

Company culture is more important than ever before to Kiwi job hunters. So, how can employers ensure they walk the walk?